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I've been waiting and waiting for the English release but it's been like 3 days and it still isn't out, so I got tired and read the Korean version despite my amateur abilities. I ended up doing the whole thing line by line because my lingual abilities aren't stellar so I figured I'd just write it all down too while I looked it all up so you lot can enjoy it as well.

If you don't want mistranslations or anything, wait for the (un)official release from whatever group is doing it.

Page xx

Panel xx
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>I see, so you're concerned about bullying?
Sakurako Busujima

>Seriously, I just don't know what to do anymore...
>Don't you worry so much.


>Now I don't fully grasp the situation, so I'll say only this...
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>A concern like 'I can't figure out how to bully more effectively' just seems a little...
Sakurako Busujima
>But that bastard just refuses to be taken down a peg!
Text next to Iori
Text next to SB's speech bubble
>There aren't enough ways to get at him!
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Sakurako Busujima
>Despite how I might appear, I put a lot of effort into things.

>Like trying to be cool, or stylish,
>and things like finding a common hobby to talk about to try get closer to people,
>I'd even try to fix any of my own flaws if they wanted.


>No matter what, the hurdle of gender itself is just too much...!
>What even is this child talking about, I wonder...?

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It's Out!

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>Yuuma and Minato screaming attack names over stock footage
>Their gunpla are both repaints
>Yuuma's isn't even a repaint of one of HIS gunpla
It's shit bruh.

That custom Sinanju is pretty sexy though.
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After ep.1, I thought this series was gonna be all gundam character fantasy battles.
This episode was kinda shit.
i actually jizzed when sinanju used his boosters!
holy fuck
im so late!
10/10 ep.

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the P D.webm
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1. Evangelion
2. Card Captor Sakura
3. Any Kyoani series
4. Monogatari series
5. Fate series

1. Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko
2. Jitsu wa Watashi wa
3. Berserk
4. Tsugumomo
5. Shokugeki no Soma
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What a faggot
1. Code Geass
2. Death Note
3. Konosuba
4. Mahouka
5. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan
Back to your DBS general, Paco.
>1. Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko
Wrong. Kaguya deserves this spot. Kaguya isn't even a cute girl.

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>ywn be the target of female-on-male spousal abuse

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You know, I liked Masuzu with long hair more.
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Key art
Is it ecchi?
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Who knows

This looks like shit.

How come they did a worse job after so many years? Wasn't technology supposed to improve quality?
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Digital animation's clean look killed the fuzzy atmosphere of analogue animation. Plus CLAMP is god-tier at character design. Whoever did these new ones are shit-tier.
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That's not how animation works. Whether it's on cel or digital, what determines the quality of animation is:

1. Time
2. Budget
3. Talent

Now if you want to talk about the differences between cel and digital, here's what I would say:

Cel has the absolute advantage of real colors. Paint creates texture and variation that digital cannot match. However, cel is much harder to work with and much more expensive.

Digital has more effects available to it and certain effects are easier to pull off. You can also easily redraw or edit images with digital. However, digital lacks the color/texture of cel which makes everything look like it was colored using the paint bucket tool. Also, digital gradients look bad. Additionally, drawing digitally does not have the same level of naturalism in pressure and variation that you can get from real inks.

Combine these factors with the anemic budgets of current day anime and obviously most of it is going to look worse than its cel-era counterparts.
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>digital PC virgin
>hand painted celluloid Chad

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> Chiaki getting a spin off where she wins
> Confirms Karen wins in the main story

Feels good to be a Tendoufag
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>main girl wins

What a shocking development.
Aguri wins
This. Literally out of left field.

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This is Sadamoto's revisionary bullshit and you shouldn't believe it.
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Are you mad about the ending too?
I don't remember this character even being in the manga
I remember when the evangelion manga hadn't ended and people were comparing it to other long running manga like berserk, also with no end in sight.

Yet evangelion finished and people stopped talking about it. The same will happend with berserk fans. Miura knows this, and thus for all of us, he doesn't end the story. Othewise our pain of 20 years waiting will be for nothing.

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And we're back to our regularly scheduled tomboy antics
for today
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>implying it won't switch to a Carol chapter tomorrow
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Tomo please!
I hope so.

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What was the author thinking when they made this character, a 12 year old who likes dicks?
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He was thinking of sweet pedo otaku yen.
Of his own dick.
>there are young girls who don't want dick

How would a team of characters from different manga series work?
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this image triggers my autism in so many ways, as far as I know Kirito's powers are only in game, Mikasa has no business being there, Ichigo should be invisible, and a lot of characters use a different energy system that can't be equalized because they work differently , how do you balance them? hell Mikasa could just die if Ichigo rises enough his reiatsu

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I forgot I bought this magazine on a whim a while back out of curiosity since I think I got it for $1.
I looked up some info on it just now, and it's pretty interesting stuff.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone on /a/ has any copies of this magazine.
Also, if you have any memories or still purchase anime related mags and wanna talk about them, that's cool too.
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post pics my dude
File: 20170908_023015.jpg (2MB, 4160x2080px)Image search: [Google]
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Sure, nice quads btw.
I took a bunch of pics, not of the actual mangas in their entirety, but pages unique to the magazine and whatever caught my eye.

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What makes a good imouto?
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Loving her onii-chan even when he'd rather play games with strangers over the internet than play with her.
sounds a bit like wasted effort if he doesn't even care about her

>Causes several missions to fail
>Destroys any chances she has for friends and relationships by treating people like shit
>When finally shown the error of her ways, she goes into a coma instead of fixing herself
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Well duh.
Do you have any more blatantly obvious shit to point out for us?
How did she turn into this again? I knew a guy that witnessed his mother murdered by her husband by being stabbed to death when he was 8 and he never did anything Asuka did. He did have some issues with alcohol as an adult but was rehabilitated.

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Find me a cuter shark.
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fuckin done.
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