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Search for "/a/" in multiplayer filter, password is always rage.

>How do I play?
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Not anime or manga
play bemani games
I hate this game.

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>>Blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her... wherever...
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Man, shit really hit the fan in this ep.
At least we finally got to the good smelling fluffy bunny.
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A nice show to watch with your little sister
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>read the maga
>expect cute
>get loads of cute
>get some unexpected lewds
>more cute
>get nausea and sickness
>nothing but suffering afterwards

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Why is Archer black? It don't make no gotdamn sense
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He can be whatever he wants to be.
Black = stronger
Overusing projection magic darkens your skin and turns your hair white because magic circuits or some shit
here's EMIYA (alter)

What did you think of it?
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Did that ever actually come out?
Didn't Kojima work on this or some shit?
I thought the people who paid for this deserved it.

also in second place is YAMEROOOOOOOOOOOOO Saber
Third is crying Saber
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Surprisingly accurate. I expected worse from /a/.
>OP is /a/
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Best saber is lion saber

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Which anime has the best birthday episode?
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Is this the loli thread?
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I'll assume it is.
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Then post lolis.

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>scene in America
>everyone speaks Japanese or Engrish
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>when the writer clearly has no idea how other countries work
>anime takes place in a world where Japan doesn't exist
>characters follow Japanese customs anyway
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>scene in California
>gun shacks on the beach and gun vending machines

Raildex you wacky wonderful world.

Literally case closed after 23 years.
Ranfags won.
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No one reads DC?

It ended?
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No, just that the main ship is done and everyone can move on with their lives.

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There's literally no such thing women hate each other .
>between girls
>posts girl and horse
Name one good girl bromance in anime.

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Ep 22: The gang is heading to Abos (Bahamut ground zero)
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Who cares, S2 sucks
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Jeanne-Sofiel fakemon is gathering allies and invading the city.
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download (1).jpg
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>there are people who cheered for the little bitch Vegeta
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because its boring that goku always wins
Goku has more losses than wins.
I demand proof

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Where's the next cycling show at?
Long Riders and Minami Kamakura club filled a such sweet spot few seasons ago.
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Your stuck with gay bulge cycling. Also gas all llama merchants.
What the fuck does that mean.
The live action segments grew on me towards the end. Also the strange 5 seconds of smooth animation in the OP.

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Where were you when Kyoani didn't do it again?
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Phantom World had meh production values for a KyoAni animu.
Production values are all that kyoani has.

what is wrong with the picture?

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>It just wasn’t proper to let a girl sit around in wet clothes, even if she were mechanical. Having figured she’d need something to change into, Oscar picked up one of his own bathrobes, which he thought reasonably clean, and headed toward the bathroom. It had been so long since he’d had anyone else in the house using the bath that to knock on the door completely slipped his mind. He walked right in to find her not yet changed.
>“A-ah, s-so…rr…y? Huh?”
>Oscar was so overwhelmed he could hardly find words.
>“What on earth?!”
>The image of the naked woman coursed through Oscar’s eyes. She was far more captivating, far more beautiful than any of the Renaissance nudes.
>Drips fell anew from her golden locks, these of bathwater. Her eyes sparkled that perfect blue which no brush would ever capture.
>Below them, her full lips, her delicate neck, her prominent collarbone, her round breasts, the feminine curves of her figure. In contrast, the artificial arms that extended from shoulder to fingertip on both sides of her body seemed alien, as if they’d just been stuck on.
>Though covered in scars, every inch aside from those arms was clearly of flesh and blood.
>Every soft swell of her body told the story. This was no automaton, no doll–this was a human being. In the utter shock of his shattered beliefs, Oscar found his eyes scanning her naked form again and again.
>Violet's tone was harsh. Oscar, who had until now stood frozen in surprise with those eyes locked on her form, finally seemed to grasp the entirety of the situation he’d put himself in.
>“Ahhh! Aaaaaaaaahhhh! AaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaahhh!”
>Ironically, after all this, the only scream to be heard came from Oscar himself.
>After all but emptying his lungs with the scream, Oscar, both red in the face and seemingly half to tears, demanded of Violet, “You were human all along?”
>Violet was wrapping a towel around herself as she answered. “Sir, you are really quite impossible.”
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It's quite likely that this scene will be cut in the anime anyway, since adapting the novels in chronological order renders this scene moot.
The novel is garbage
I fail to see the issue.

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Did everyone forget about the comfiest cooking manga and best girl Kotori? Chapter 47 apparently is overt about Kotori's feelings too.
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Is sensei fucking her yet?
Haven't read the newest chapter because CR, but I think she's getting closer to realizing she wants to be a part of their lives permanently. I could see the mangaka letting Kohei marry her again once he moves on from Tae.
No one gonna dump 47?

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