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Do you like Kon?
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The director is a hack but the anime girl is alright, third best in her series.
"Con" is French for pussy.

I love the Kon.
I like Nono.

Me: Naurto, One Piece, Bleach.

Why? Because they are anime peasant stuff.

Desings aren't appealing.
Girls aren't moe enough.
Has more than 24 episodes/season = BAD ANIMATION QUALITY FOR SURE.

It is a shame most don't fully appreciate every KyoAni anime.
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>probably spent 5-10 minutes writing this bait thread
>will get deleted within 5-10 posts anyway
I feel sad for you honestly
early bleach is pretty comfy
Rather watch a long decent anime than a short one desu

Should I watch season 2?
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Akane was true villain of the first season
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Ikemoto is going to follow this right?
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Most likely, he's already drawn all of them.
Is that the first all-girl and all-boy team in the Naruto universe? It's always been 2 boys 1 girl.
But the manga only has a couple of background classmates from the anime so far

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who is your domfu and how would you worship her?
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By having her submit to the cock.
fpbp already.

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This is Eris, dwarf planet in kuiper belt. Say something nice to her!
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you've got some nice craters baby
Even though you're a dwarf, you're big enough for me qt3.14
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I'm sorry, but I simply can't find Eris-chan attractive. There's only room for one dwarf planet in my heart and that's Pluto-kun.

When was the last time /a/ reached a consensus?
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Every single day: Anime is shit.
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When we all agreed, "We cannot reach a consensus."
When we decided that your waifu sucks

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Why is she such a bitch?

Can't wait to see her entire world collapse when she finds out that Touma wants Taichi instead
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What did he said?
I truly want to discuss this show with /a/ but fucking spoilers man. Also what was the drama thing even about? it felt forced

>I'm wet
I mean, the question is if he did really say that or if it's just a translation thing

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ryuko vs satsuki.png
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How does one go from this...
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to this
But anon KLK was objectively the worst thing Trigger has ever shat out. It has no redeeming qualities other than 13+ rated fanservice.
Easily the worst post I've ever seen on this board.

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Is there a character more garbage than this pile of autistic shit?
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The main villain, whose billion bullshit powers somehow didn't include the ability to not have all of her screen time stolen by the living lorem ipsum.
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This. I was at first defending Altair but she's a kid throwing a tantrum with no redeeming qualities. The only reason she has fans is her design.
Even her design has stupid elements, and Troyca sucks enough that they're probably just flaws for real instead of intended to represent that she's a teenager's plagiarized character. The hat is front-heavy and oversized, needs special sections for the hair, said hair is a matted mess and the "pigtails" practically don't exist, the arm band can't stay on because it's too big, her skirt billows out too far, she doesn't wear pants, her shoes are stupid for combat and the spurs are useless, she has eight sheaths she never uses and can't reach well, etc.

I'm finally gonna watch Oreimo, how big of a mistake am I making?
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I never watched Season 2, but chances are you're gonna want Kirino dead by the end of Season 1. Also, Minami best girl.
Massive one. Fuck Kirino. Kuroneko best girl.
Are you a faggot? no mistake

do you enjoy making yourself angry?

When two people are in love with each other, they can have sex.
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pre-marital sex is a sin anon
When two people are in love with each other, they should avoid making any moves, cause misunderstandings, get cockblocked, never confess, run away, make million other people fall in love with them, trip onto boobs, apologize, cause drama, never properly explain things, have tsun attacks, stay in denial, lack confidence and never ever start a romantic and/or sexual relationship.
>tfw nerv gear sex will be real in your life time

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Well shit, did Cabron save the day or ruin the day?
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Ruined it. That thing will prove to be useless. Just wait and see.
OP samefag?
How new are you, faggot?

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Female obesity is so sexy!
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The best are when slim women are fattened up!
What in Tzeentch Blue balls is that thing!?!
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and pizza after pizza the girl becomes fatter

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whats your opinion on Teppu?
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It's the best, beats the rest
Never read it, what is she like a brocon or something?
Good, she should have won instead of the autist though, karate girl winning would also be acceptable

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