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Why does /a/ like moms so much, don't you realize that they're sluts? At some point they a giant load deep inside them.
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>why do losers so pathetic that their own mothers abandoned them look for maternal figures in fiction?
How exactly does having sex with one person make someone a slut?
If virginity is so desirable, why are you alone?

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Post quotes from anime, manga or vns.
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I fucking hate Ueno.
The scene where she speaks to her in the ferris wheel, the one where she beats up Shouko are fucking horrible. She never even apologizes or shows a hint of regret towards Shouko only towards Ishida and in a really selfish way too.

I fucking hate Kawai too.
She knows what she did but blames everyone but herself.
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Thanks for your opinion I guess
you are welcome
why is she so fucking sexy

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I dropped it around here
Your pants?

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S2 when?
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This. I need more Airi in my life.
Sadly never

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Would you a whore?
Even if she's an Ara ara?
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Didn't she fuck old men?
Yes she did.
No matter how beautiful and dazzling a woman is, you must never a whore.

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Cute Kaichou
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damn humie propoganda
>ISBN 666-6-66-6
Fucking hell

> 666 students
> 6 grade

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I'm a little confused. Why did the vampires exist, and what purpose did they serve?
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Shapeshifters get introduced in the same arc as vampires with both being aliens, yet I never see people getting confused by them. What is there to be confused about? They are aliens like all the other races.
ayy lmaos

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Why did kyoani make the perfect female (ritsu) only to never make season 3
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You want to see her in college? She may be the best girl of her series, but Ritsu is the only Keion that has the exact personality to sleep around and that's definitely what she's doing as a band member in a college setting.
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it's an all girls college
Also listen to her character songs like 夕空ア・ラ・カルト, you'll know she won't sleep around
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dude all I see is "waka daka ching chong" I can't listen to that.

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be trapped inside PPD or Conrevo?
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What if Pani Poni Dash is just a dream by Earth-chan?
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Conrevo only if I get Kikko-sama as my mistress.
Or perhaps Concrete Revolutio is just a dream by a little genius girl from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Isekai in general as a concept really isn't that bad, I just wish they did more with it.
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"they" often do more with it (see: The Twelve Kingdoms), its just that you're seeing an influx of lazy cashgrabs

Watch most anyone made before 2010.

You're right that the issue isn't isekai in itself but more the bigger issue that anime is just nothing more than over priced commercials for shitty light novels that never get beyond establishing the core cast because people have stopped seeing the need to actually adapt the material so the anime can stand on its own
Re:Zero did much more with the concept, yet people call it shit, I mean, it's not a masterpiece but it's pretty much a good series.

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shit thread. delete
Maginot detected
Anzio will never win a tournament

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Who is the most loyal, beautiful, all around best Fate waifu there is and why is it Irisviel von Einzbern?
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Because oyakodon is the best.
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But she killed Shirou's real parents and his entire neighbourhood.
Taiga is secretly the best Fate waifu.

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Post kino worthy moments in anime.
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