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Goku New Form : Goku conjures up spirit bomb with energy from all of u7 including the kais and beerus and absorbs it
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And he still loses to Jiren?
Yes. jiren is a former god of destruction who stepped down to protect and not destroy. His power is beyond goku new form
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Prepare your anus Son Goku

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How many of you all are reading this?

Chapter 24 was pretty hype
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Any golf experts here, how bullshit was this move?
>Using another ball to change trajectory
What, is this billiard with golf-stick now?
the reason pros put a marker down where their ball is is to prevent just such things from happening. It's a valid move, but obviously pretty ridiculous.

How do you feel about characters like this?
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Best girl after Lum and Ryuunosuke.
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Same character, same show, same episode.

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I miss her so much /a/
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I wonder if she's still sleeping down there

I really need to read this again. Loved the chapter with the giant mass washing up on the beach, surprised it even got an English release.

So favourite sister? I liked Gavril a lot.
Did we ever get to see Fran's nipples? I can't recall if it did in the manga

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Why is she such a shit? She's dragging down the entire manga.
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Chapter dump?
Fuck you OP. She is best girl and she looks very cute in that dress.
Hiramoto ran out of ideas by the time the cavalry battle began.

Tried to wash the horrible taste which was the live-action movie by rewatching Innocence and also some 2nd GiG.

Is ARISE even worth it? Its plotlines get a bit convoluted I hear.
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I never watched Arise but the manga was good. How is 2nd GiG? I watched SAC and enjoyed it.
Some say 2nd GiG was even better than SAC 1st season. I personally thought SAC S1 was the pinnacle of Production IG but 2nd Gig ain't a bad followup.

While not GiTS, PsychoPass S1 comes close in terms of feel, abeit its just bellow 2nd GiG.
Whil a huge fan of SAC, both S1 and 2nd GiG, i can't stand psycho pass.

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only three tickets home
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Was this photo taken right after N'Doul? If so, then why's Iggy smiling? Who took the photo? Where did Jotaro get it? Was it with him until the end of their trip?
>Who took the photo?
a stand

> [ /spoiler]
Good, only Jojo, Jojo, and Doggo deserved to go gome.
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I like how Jotaro kept the photo, but the Part 5 art style ruins it.

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This is the face of dissapointment and fear.

266 thread.
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>Hana win
Noo. Hiramoto you bastard.
where is the fuck is my MARI
Dump the chapter

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images (1).jpg
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Incubators don't grant wishes, wishes are granted through some mumbo jumbo regarding karma and magic.
Also a wish isn't almighty and it's still bound to the karma of the person that's making the wish, which is why Madoka can wish to become a goddess while everyone is stuck with bad deals that bite them back in the ass due to them being half-assed.
Absolute omnipotence (as proposed by Descartes) would be more convenient
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I'll try
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You keep up with ME
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(you) are the ones who have to keep up.

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>kills dad
>I don't want you to kill anyone, Lelouch!

How is this character archetype called?
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a hypocrite.
A spinner.

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020 - 20.png
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Zeldris can't catch a fucking break.

Korean scans http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/bB8WMmwO2Ww
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Why must best boy keep suffering?
Two new guys out of fucking nowhere
Translations starting for the dougle page with Zeldris.

…all right. I alone am enough!!

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would you a bunny girl?
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i would do a bunny girl(male)
Why do people do this
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More girl and less bunny, please.

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I wonder what the director told Chris Sabat when doing the Kuwabara voice

>just do your Vegeta voice, no one will notice!
It was more doofy than Vegeta
>le jokester Yusuke

I hate the English dub. They turned Yusuke into Carlos from the Magic School Bus.

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Why did this sell so poorly? It was a really good show.
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No. Also, regardless of source: Lame and pandering character design; mediocre character development; zero re-watch value; misleading rule-of-3; bad pacing in relation to the plot of the cour (adding pointless sequences yet leaving non-conlusive end); terrible CGI in most of the cases; lack of use of the aztec-/meso-inspired world that was the hook for many; etc.
>introduce yourself as an epic adventure anime set in fantasy Aztec empire
>lol joke. It's actually a long drawn out mystery that no one cares about

Only the MC had his backstory fleshed out because they just kept on raising red herrings to extend the problem. All the rest were treated as merely plot device

Fuck this shit. Give me the action
Also important: main char is absolute shit-tier, zero charisma and unpleasant to the point it's almost impossible to relate, project or enjoy individually.

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