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Will you be watching and why won't you watch it?
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I watched the first season.

Thought it was meh

Watched the 2nd season.

Thought it was bad

So no plans to watch the 3rd season.
Why do they have Seibah in this?
Is it confirmed? I only really disliked the second cour of S1, so I'll probably give it a try.

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Why is KyoAni aka KinoAni so much better as a studio than SHAFT, Trigger, Ufotashit, Dogakoflop, or pretty much any other anime studio out there?
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This is a shitpost thread, but their mastery of cute girls is something to behold

The only competition is Dogakobo, and that's only with a a couple of their flagships like Yuru Yuri and New Game
Begone, falseflagger. I'll humor you with a response, though: they put love and affection into their characters.
Posting in bait thread.
The response is simple: KyoAni is the only studio that provides us with the opportunity to consume ethically. Unlike the other studios you mentioned, they genuinely love their employees and nurture their talents.

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Dezaki. Takahata. Miyazaki. Shinbo. Watanabe. Tomino. Anno. Ikuhara. Smith.
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I hate this timeline.
Hacks on the third column?
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This is a shit bait even by /a/ standards.

Soooo are we just gonna not talk about this coming out today or are you faggots seriously gonna wait for a translation
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There's a fucking game?
i think youre the only one who cares about this OP
>video games based on anime
Christ. No thanks. not even coming out on PC

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What the fuck is his problem?
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Deku was born better and he's pissed off about that.
He was born with an incurable hate-boner that won't go away until he violently and passionately fucks Deku.
>tfw you're literally Bakugou but hates Bakugou
>Angry most of the time because people are stupid and does stupid shit
>Some of this stupid shit are better at you. Even worse, one of the actual shit is getting dangerously close to surpassing you
>Refuses help because you don't receive help from stupid shit

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Which rock would you rock?
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2D PV was 10 times better
The short TV one?

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Just saw this. Did I like it?
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7 YEARS since it came out, slow down time, jesus
it's already been 3 minutes since your posts

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We can all agree that Styko was best girl, right? S2 when?
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Gourai's so beautiful.
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I have heard mixed things about it. But it seems so shitty that I don't even want to waste my time watching the 1st episode. People have said that it is a shonen that "turns all shonen tropes on it's head". How true is this? Is it worth watching?
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>spoonfeed me please /a/
its not bad, if you hate the genre then don't watch it
also fuck off
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Is this what you want?
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>wanting to be princess carried by your waifu
How could they still call there self a man?
>not having a waifu that could and wants to princess carry you
You should want to princess carry your waifu, especially if she is big enough to be the one doing the princess carry herself

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Boku No Hero

Why is koichi such a much better protagonist and way more relateable than madman deku? Honestly vigilante is way more enjoyable than thw main series for some reason.
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>Gives up dream because missed placement test
>My quirk is so shit, a stranger I just met pointing out how to use it revealed its actually pretty strong
I love Vigs and I like The Crawler but I have to disagree
Ok ill admit hes a retard for never really exploring his quirk or using it to get to his test faster than taking a train but he feels like much more grounded and relatable guy to me than deku whos path has basicallg been paved for him ya know
He's at least trying to learn now

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Zero undressing.jpg
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Zero's and Yohei's adventures from last season was one of the most underrated show of the whole year.
What's even worse that just when it was getting good, there won't be any continuation..
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>when it was getting good
So you admit that it wasn't good.
Zero and Youhei's chemistry was nice. I was a pleasure watching their antics that season.
As in, really interesting and possibly really good. It was good fun ride till the end.

What are the chances of the Heaven's Feel movie bringing in a bunch of people that actually like Sakura?

Stealth Sakura appreciation thread
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I'm already passionately in love with Sakura. That erokawaii picture isn't helping.
Rin is already losing out in popularity and HF is not even out yet. She may make a dent in Saber's numbers, but I will be honestly surprised if it's anything more than that.
I guess it depends where the first movie ends. Sakura might probably gain some sympathizers from the scenes where her abuse highlighted, espcially the scene where Shirou confronts Shinji.

Also are they gonna show more weird dolphin magic? There's a dozen sex scenes with Sakura. How the fuck are they gonna explain those away?

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/a/... what are you waiting for... you're our last hope... GIVE ME YOUR POWEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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How about fuck off Goku. Go get Cell to help or something.
>10 million views on Youtube
Why does Vegeta have to be so tsundere?

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Nobody make a fucking move or the drills get it.
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You wouldn't dare.
File: SNIP.png (298KB, 900x900px)Image search: [Google]
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I warned you.
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Question marks.jpg
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oh...but are the drills at least untouched?

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