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Yes, another SAO thread. I'm the OP from the one from a couple of days ago.

This thread is NOT about how Bad SAO is and how only normies watch it.

Its about SAO vs. Little Witch Academia (I picked that because it's a low profile anime that /a/ seems to like). /a/ clearly thinks SAO is horrible (say 3/10) while Little Witch is decent (say 7/10). (Yes, I realize they're in completely different genres, and that is intentional.)

Advantages of Little Witch:
- no self-insert muh boy Kirito bullshit
- pacing is far better than SAO
- Fun characters, especially Akko
- I really can't think of much else because it's such a fucking mediocre anime

Advantages of SAO:
- actual serious themes: depression, killing in a game, the entire Konno Yuuki arc.
- Better developed and more realistic characters. Come on. Compare Sinon and Yuuki to Akko and Sucy. Little Witch is a fucking children's show
- Chicks are just higher quality. Just think of muh guy Kirito's entire fucking harem
- while SAO may be cliched, at least it's not Hogwarts
for fucking 5 year olds

I'd put Little Witch at 7/10 and SAO at 8/10. Why does
/a/ think SAO is so much worse than Little Witch?
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Little Witch sucks ass. The writing is good awful, most of the conflict is settled neatly with slapdash solutions, and the characters are thin and not fun to watch. 3/10
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Does SAO have best girl Diana? I thought so.
LWA: 1
SAO: 0
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Go back.
Those chains don't look good.
Seriously why can't things just be as good as Bleach/Naruto again? A-1 always does this shit. All their productions look the same.

Does Keijo deserve another season?
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Fucking yes
It needs hmanga
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It deserved more manga. A second season wouldn't have covered much. It also deserved not to have any quality. I don't think any group has even ripped the last two BDs yet, so we can't even know if they BDs fixed the QUALITY

This is a japanese guy.
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This is a handsome japanese man.
I'd fuck
would smash

What was Kokos endgame?
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She is loco, so is her endgame.
Threesome with her shota and musclegirl.
Just finish watching. She achieves it.

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Sucy appreciation thread!
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She needs a very good cosmetic dentist stat. Those jagged teeth are fugly and throw off her otherwise cute emo look.
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What do you guys think about this series?
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i think amano is open, she's open
I want her to sit on my face
Painfully repetitive.

Painfully thick.

What a waste.

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>scene in America
>everyone speaks Japanese
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>greentext thread pretending to not understand the context in which fiction is made and presented to the viewer
>not pointing out the absurdity of irrelevant shit in fiction for the fun of it
Fuck outta here weeb
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>character makes formulaic threads when he doesn't find any to fit his needs in the catalog because he's bored and has no proper hobby or interests
I hate this cliche.

Smiles we couldn't protect
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how life goes.png
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Well, I just finished this show, so it's appropriate.

Also what the FUCK happened in the ending? Why is Aion still alive?
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Somehow managed to only just finish watching this show. Holy shit, it's perfect. Will anything top it?
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Neon Genesis Evanjellyon.
Yes and it's called Space Dandy.
Samurai Champloo

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How did they make a gambling junkie so pure?
Why was the S2 ending so cute?
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S3 when?
Never because DUDE WEED LMAO and the sales for both seasons were shit. The only reason s2 happened was to promote the live action movie.
Season 2 was ruined by the second arc, shame

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what is the seasonal meme show that im going to see spammed on my board 24/7 for the next 4 months?
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You already know the answer, OP.
Dragon Ball Super
>my board
uh, wrong

What went wrong?
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I feel like it lost the plot at some point.
Allen is probably still stuck in the past in the manga and the author writes chapters quarterly.
It moved away from Lenalee/Kanda/Bookman and all the already established characters and instead started focusing solely on super gay Noah flashbacks and introducing new Noah character.

I feel like Allen took his body back last chapter, but it's been months so who knows.

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They really can't draw feminine hands in this show....
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Go away.
>telling people to go away
go away
>implying it's her hand

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What are your expectations from season 2 now that it's nearly here?
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A good direction, since that hack was kicked out.
I expect to have no clue about what's going on, since I forgot almost everything from the 1st season, and can't be arsed to rewatch it.
Fuck off Matsumoto is a budding talent

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