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It's been 10 years. How has EVA Re-Take held up over time?
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I remember masturbating to it if that helps at all.
The all ages version is still a pretty good if overly angsty read, the porn bits haven't aged well people have learned how to draw porn a lot better since then, the OST is still god tier.
I still read it from time to time and enjoy it. The story is cliche at times, but its a fine read.

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So theyre supposed to be all heroes... But you're telling me none of them can fly...?

This anime is bullshit
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Shortfuse can fly.
Yah I guess with fucking with his quirk a bit. But I mean standard super heroes generally fly , what's the point of them even wearing capes and shit
Most flying heroes have little to no explanation on why they can fly. And capes are just a silly staple of the super hero.

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What does orange power do?
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Lesbian stuff.
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it protects you from clowns, they're afraid of it

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It sure made me laugh, after all his talk about the situation, that shit came up.
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O;9 Was ahead of its time.
Rapid fire machinegun talk

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You now remember Charlotte
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I unironically enjoyed the last episode.
shame everything before that was shit.
I want to fuck Nao.
Last episode managed to feel like a complete story on its own

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Was she an exhibitionist?
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she's not, it's the suit.
It's more so an allegory for being comfortable with one's body
no she was just in a shitty show directed by a pervert
I want to be comfortable on her body

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hime tomboy trap.png
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Does /a/ like tomboy traps?
It's a boy
That looks like a girl
That dresses like a boy
That looks like a girl pretending like a boy pretending to be a girl, but it's really a boy!
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Just say you like men
That makes no fucking sense. But if you wanted a tomboy thread then you got it.

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With the increase of Anime to Hollywood movies, what movie would you want to see be turned into an anime?
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Highlander, with less memes this time.
Game of Thrones
Saving Private Ryan
But everyone is a loli and no one actually dies because of carbon coating.

Post cute girls wearing megane
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All megane are property of Chika
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Bad pairing.

Memes aside, is this a good show?
I'm considering watching it
What would I be in for if I did
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Yes. If you like dolljoints, doubly so.
I just read the manga and watched the "new" adaptation. It was alright.
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Cute dolls doing cute things and Our Gre/a/t Queen Suigintou being mad and meting out judgment and punishment to bitchy deceivers.
Make sure to watch Träumend, too.

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I'm not sure if you fuckers care or not, but this comes out next month and we just got a trailer for it.
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It doesn't look very good.
I don't agree.
Well, that was a fast confirmation. Why'd they even bother hiding it?

I'm expecting great action, if nothing else.

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Who the duck do these cunts think they are? Why the fuck did they have to come and ruin the group dynamic of our happy fun cute girls? Jesus fucking Christ I'm mad
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it's like a real workplace
Because the mangaka is a hack who can't naturally expand the story so he just durr add more characters.
She's right. Networking is a cancer on the job entry market.

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Is Tamahiko like the luckiest fucker in 1920's Japan? He was thrown away like trash, because of his injury. Yet, he ends up with the cutest, cuddliest, most loyal waifu money could buy. I mean he was on the edge of despair and probably would've sudoku'd himself if not for her. She gave him a reason to live and a damn good one at that.
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Well he needed someone to jerk him off given his right hand is a goner so yeah, good for him it was a cute girl
Taisho era best era for finding your waifu.
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Why settle with a handy? Time to make a soccer team.

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Dungeon crawl!
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This time I'll try not to be an idiot and skip pages on accident.
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So at the end, were Subaru and friends around for over 4 billion years or should I not try to think about it?
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shocked subaru.jpg
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She probably just fell asleep and awoke back to her new life, if that's what you're asking.
that is not the question you should ask, instead why was a commercial this good?
Commercials make the best anime.

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