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Every time I watch aho girl, I feel dirty afterwards for enjoying trashy fanservice harem anime.
Part of me says I shouldn't be enjoying it because it's absolute lowest common denominator wish fulfillment otaku bait, but it feels so good!
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>feeling insecure about enjoying things
grow up a little.
aho girl is legit good though
Akkun hates all of these bitches besides flat and his little sister.

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It's another Tsugumomo thread!

Today's dump is chapter 101.

Link to our website: http://tsugumo.moe

1. I read up to chapter x. Why are there further chapters released here?
A. Because this is just translation and alpha speed TS.
2. Where can I get more chapters? I only read up to [current Batoto releases].
A. Website.
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is blue satania still kill?
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Text: Chapter 101: Review Meeting
Text(magazine): Oriobana's defeat... what happened!?
Nice, thanks for the TL as usual.

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Is Satania a well written character? Why does she overshadows pretty much all other gabdrops?

By the way, I think she would be a great girlfriend.
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The anime was amusing enough, and of course made better by watching with /a/. But otherwise kind of forgettable.
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This has nothing to do with what I asked
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She is prime bullying material, though the melon bred joke was done a bit too often for my taste.

Gabu is better.

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not what anime is about.jpg
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Anime is not about girls. It's not, nor has it ever been. Anime is a medium meant for exploring various stories and ideas in an imaginative, visually provocative way that would be difficult, if not downright impossible, through film. There's certainly nothing wrong with featuring cute girls in anime. But anyone who believes that anime owes them cute girls is cancer, who is trying to kill the industry. As proof of this, every bad anime in history has been solely about cute girls, whereas every good anime in history has not.
code geass
mobile suit gundam
love live
serial experiments lain
non non biyori
hibike euphonium
lucky shit
yuru yuri
kimi no na wa
strike witches
spaceship yamato
milky holmes
nodame cantabile
sakura trick
detective conan
princess principal
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I agree with you. The list of shit goes on and on.
>It's a "hmm, let's throw a bunch of shows out there and call them shit, then see if anyone gets triggered and bites the bait hehe" episode
>every bad anime in history is about cute girls
there's a lot of trash not about cute girls. But otherwise yeah, anime about cute girls tends to be throw away trash.

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You haven't forgotten my name have you /a/?
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Tits McGee.
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>tfw there will never be new mitsuhas

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What are you so afraid of Jiren? I thought you had surpassed the Gods.
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Is there an episode today? I'm out of the loop.
No episode today
Jiren would jump off the stage himself once he felt the power of Vegito Bruu

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At the least they got the girl right, she's cute.
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Im thinking she'll be like protagonist lv type character
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Blue-haired girls are always the cutest!
>off by one

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>New episode of Teekyuu today
>no thread
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cuz issa bad show
No subs.
>shit anime from the arseholes that ruined Berserk with their incompetence

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Whenever people talk about the "best" artists in the industry people always mention Togashi or other manga greats. Why is Boichi not considered one of the best? His art is amazingly good and a perfect mix between serious and funny. Everybody dick rides all the other big manga artists but I never hear people on here talk about how good Boichi's artwork is? The art on Dr.Stone only gets better every week.

>Pic related Sun-ken Rock
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Probably because he's attached to shitty stories like Sunken Rock. I've read Dr. stone and it's still not good.
Sun-Ken Rock is good. Dr.Stone is good. What are you on?
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I do hope Boichi gets more recognition

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What kind of ending was that?
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A bad one
I wish author jumped the shark and went for some over the top shit instead of this, really.
Oh I loved that manga. Is it over now ?

This season legitimately killed the franchise
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That is unfortunately quite true.
Am I pleb if my favorite SCZ song is the singing parts of Onsoku Over?

Yeah. Too much dudes and boring shit. Sad really, first episode was so good.

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Momoka winking.jpg
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>Girlish Number is only three seasons old
>Everyone has already forgotten Momoka because they've been cucked by girls from Winter/Spring/Summer 2017

Pathetic, sad, and depressing. I still love Momoka.
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Nah, Chitose is the way of life, or sexy-blue-hair-san.
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anime professor.jpg
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Kansai cake a best.
We just wait for Shura.

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I can't believe Minori fucking died.
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Really? I dropped this a few episodes ago.
Yeah, she died two episodes before the end. Pretty shocking, definitely hit me.

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>chuuni era in anime is over
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>new movie in 4 months
And nothing of value was lost.
I wanna bully the chuuni!


Last chapter of SukaSuka has just been translated.
It has been a wild ride, but that ending was glorious.
I hope that we will get sequel translated someday
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File: rJLdEEy.jpg (49KB, 490x700px)Image search: [Google]
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Full volume - https://www.dropbox.com/s/6b8wd5ms22g0vl1
Thanks anon
Awesome. Thanks OP.

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