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Don't mind me, I'm just the part the ruined the entire series
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It was mediocre but didn't ruin the series.
Stands ruined JJBA
Animeonlies leave.

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the virgin genius.jpg
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Chad has shown you the way. Now it is your turn to try and be like him as much as possible before 50%man takes the spotlight again next week.
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Is he /ourguy/?
ded elites

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One week from now (19:00 Japan Time), the new LoGH anime production is going to hold a special event and drop some new information:
>panel with new and old cast and the author
>new cast and staff announcement
>official PV unveiling
>possibly airdate announcement

So what do you expect to see? How will they adapt it differently this time around? Which seiyuu do you think or hope they'll use? What will the art style be like? Will they stick to classical music? Will Spartanians and Walkuren be replaced by mechs?
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>one week from now
I dont want to put any expectation.I need more information on how is the fanbase doing in japan though, their interest/purchasing power in this might be an indication of the anime production quality.
>their interest/purchasing power
Japan just got a brand new statue.

You can purchase it too... through CR.
After Berserk I'm redpilled when it comes to anime adaptation

Old OVA series is still great, no need for new short version, it's gonna be 100% Titania tier shit

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Ready for more sad imouto action?
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Oh boy here we go.
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Why do people think Madoka Magica was a genre deconstruction?
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It was a meme that got out of hand.
What's an example of a deconstruction? I'm still confused on what people mean by that.

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Would Astolfo make a good lover?
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the best
only if he does enema frequently
He was literally built for sex

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I just started watching Gintama but based on the first episode alone it's painfully obvious the show is attempting to make some kind of commentary on how westerners and modernization destroyed Japanese culture. Why do western people like this series so much when it portrays them in so negative light, basically as antagonistic animal hybrids?
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It was just a dumb excuse to have modern technology in the edo period. You're putting too much thought into this.
>Oonishi: Usually in manga, characters would head in the direction of wanting to overturn a system or wanting to change the world. In Gintama, it feels more like “Let everyone find their own small happiness.” Usually, if they aren’t happy with amanto rule, why not beat up all the amanto.
>Sorachi: But how’re you supposed to kick all of them out? There’s a lot of foreigners coming to Japan right now, so isn’t this telling all the foreigners to get out? I don’t want that, but rather to accommodate and embrace each other and live together. Can’t we have that?
>Oonishi: But some people would still want to eliminate others.
>Sorachi: I don’t want that kind of “one side falls” thinking.
I got that impression too, but as the series goes on there are a lot of references to western shows and the allusion of the aliens to westerners ends pretty quickly, you should continue.

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>The police allege that the pair had been doing this for a year as of July. The police also claim that the pair had earned up to 75 million yen (about US$687,150) through website ads from the scans.

>upload manga few days earlier than release
>make almost a million dollar

what the hell how is there so much money in this shit

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It's the most popular comic in the world why are you surprised
>earned up to 75 million yen (about US$687,150) through website ads from the scans
>what the hell how is there so much money in this shit
Do japs not block ads? Or do the guys get paid by page views so it doesn't matter?

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We can all agree she's best girl, right?
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why does every yuri uniform have to be red? Is it a reference to Carmilla? Do they all die at the end

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Boy, Girl and the Story of Sagrada 5/5

It was a fun ride
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Finally, that means next week will finally be a week without Soma suffering.
>(09/13) Sagrada Reset - 24
Subs are out, in case you are wondering.
And Subs actually on time

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What were the writers even thinking with this Elimination Chamber event? Terrible booking.
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>Terrible booking.
It's okay to try again
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Eh, could've been worse. Just be glad this guy wasn't in charge.
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Spent most of her time fighting for some emotionally unstable Womanbaby. Died for nothing too because the gods didn't use their trump card sooner. Say nothing nice to her.

>former antagonist has conflicts with new current antagonist
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I like thus trope when it's not to hype up the current antagonist
why is 2011 Kurapika so ugly??
stfu he is pretty and I want to kiss him

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So why is she still so popular despite being dead and MIA for 10+ volumes?
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Aoi Yuuki
She's hot.
slutty edgy character.

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ITT ugly girls that only a fucking idiot would wife
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That idiot must be me.
you're gay

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shipps fate.png
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I do not know much about Japanese fandom which are the most popular couples. So I would like to know what are the most popular couples,ships inside the fandom?
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Me X Saber
Rin X Shirou
Sakura X Shirou
Saber X Gil
Rin x Luvia

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