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Doing my annual re-read of Blame! and though of something. After Killy is incinerated, his repair process begins but it seems abnormally slow compared to how quickly he has been able to repair himself before. We see a timer in one of the pages and I think it's safe to assume that it counts Hours:Minutes:Seconds and one hundredth of a second. Going by this interpretation we can see that Killy has been sitting still there for at least 27 years. It was shown that Killy has the ability to turn on a "standby" mode of sorts but that required him to manually use a device against the side of his temple which he probably wasn't able to do since he was burned to a crisp and had been pupating? the entire duration of his repair process.

My point is this. Killy was probably conscious whilst he was being repaired and was stuck motionless for three decades and it's heavily Implied that Killy still has a human mind which makes his outburst afterwards a lot more meaningful. Killy loves shooting his gun and wasn't able to do that for decades. I'm sure that Killy fires his gun offscreen a bunch of times just to blow shit up, I would.
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And that experience is probably what led Killy to help out "Mori" who was in a similar position, fuck I love Blame.
>for at least 27 years
Count better.
But, yes.
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I know it says 127460 hours, but the line under that is cut off and I don't see the point of having the same number repeat like that. But the above number might've been cut off too. I don't have a physical copy to check and I'm only aware of one scan.

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Incest is wrong and immoral.
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I'm an incest fag through and through but Kirino is still shit.
Kuroneko/Ayase are far better.
Thus let me dump part of my Kuroneko collection.
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>tells a young girl to consider fucking her brother

Why is Momo evil?
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Spreading the love
Momo is an angel for promoting pure sibling love to uncultured earth swine
Momo is a selfless hero who is willing to share the D she craves so much.

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They said that your waifu is not real

Yes they are right
But it doesn't matter anyway
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Waifus are real
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Smug Idoru.jpg
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You said it, dancing rabbit girl.
That's right, anal queen.

Kino on the front page forever
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is that good or bad?
I'd like to think it's a good thing.
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small kino.jpg
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While I think the sticky shouldn't need to stay here until the death of the board, it's nice to see Kino whenever I come to /a/.

>tfw best girl barely gets any screen time
Truly suffering.

Are there more anime that do this?
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Also, cat or mouse?
But I remember Maka having a lot of screen time.
>Are there more anime that do this?
All of them. All of them do this.

Asuna's tits confirmed.

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this needs a thread every hour?
Repeating digits AND nip shots. Nice.

A QUALITY guy and his QUALITY waifu.
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How is iinchou so cute? I don't even like her archetype.
People are still watching this?

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Do you ever watch anime at a speed that is higher or lower than 1?
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no and anyone who does is a big goof
I watched Kouffuku Graffiti at 2x speed

What a fucking ending.
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I legit do not know how they're going to animate it in 2 cours.
I'm not finished yet, I'm only 21 hrs in and so far is very good, hopefully they will make an anime too.
It's a shame I don't have a PS4 or Vita and they don't seem to be making an anime of it. Itsuwari no Kamen felt like sequel bait by the end of it.

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Only best KyoAni girls in this thread.
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I hate how they made Ueno super attractive in the movie. She was suposed to be that homely girl that compensates by being boyish and extroverted.
All I see is a piece of shit.

>[Ohys-Raws] Action Heroine Cheer Fruits - 09 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4
>you will never sexually harass your captain in the middle of a performance
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Okay, but why are subs taking so long for this show?
Are they magical girls yet?
>it's an earthquake warning episode

TBS shows tend to have random delays for whatever reason. The worst part is that the subs themselves are shit too.

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Are we ever going to get a season 2?
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Probably not.
Just let it go anon..
Something doesn't add up here.

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Deen made a netflix collabo:
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There is another thread faggot. Stop shitposting your cartoons here Kike-kun.
i like this anime
stop making these threads

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Is Mai a well written character?
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She's okay.
Mommy Mai episode showcased her true potential as best big sister.
If she didn't have to share screentime with the other sluts, she could've truly been pretty great.
Fanservice aside, she was decently written.

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