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Ritsuko Ikagi.....the truth is...

>"Dubs are superior"
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Ritsuko Ikagi.....the truth is...

>Hideaki Anno: Pointless, arbitrary mystery is fuuuuuun!

Ritsuko Ikagi.....the truth is...

>The Harem genre will save anime
Ritsuko Ikagi.....the truth is...

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Post people who did nothing wrong and still got fucked over
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his fault for summoning the king of cunts
What sense of the word 'wrong'? Mistakes or moral violations?
Moral violations yeah

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I wonder if Touma's brother knows about his feelings

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1: She's a girl!
2: She has a big forehead!
3: She's cute!
4: Cute!
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5. She's worst girl (besides Azusa of course)
Facts 3 & 4 pretty much says you are on the wrong board, read the kino
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thats 3 facts you idiot!

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Do you cheer up with anime?
Do you feel satisfied with life?
Do you feel happiness?
Do you just avoid reality a little?

What is your approach and reasons for animu?
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Put simply? It captivates my imagination.
I use it as a relief yes. its pretty much why I only watch slice of life and cgdct. everything seems happier in those genres

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Will Haruhi ever cheer for season 3?
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Why can't we all just admit that the spin-off is pretty much a season 3? It had endless eight in it as-well. So why can't we all just admit what we really want is a season 4?
I just want a trilogy of movies to end off the series desu
I want Yuki-chan season 2.

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ITT: God tier ability names
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Personally, I prefer the PACIFIST CROSS!
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What makes hime cuts the best cuts?
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>Japan is now taking girls who didn't have black hair OR a himecut and giving them both
How the fuck do you stop them?
Literally not even a good hairstyle.
This anime is a disgrace.

Not even a good shoujo

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New Tomoe Design looks alright. I miss the old Miko cut hair, but everything is basically the same.
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Tomoe Ass Small.gif
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Hopefully she still has the fundoshi. She probably does.
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Tomoe Fight Small.gif
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Is Sanageyama not among the greatest characters in anime history? Just out of sheer badassery?

Pics too.

(I'm at episode 13.)
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Not even half as badass as the wimpiest character in Gurren Lagann.
More like age 13
He canonically has a small dick

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Chapter 79 Korean Scans:

Database, Database, Just living in the Database
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The absolute fucking madman
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Why do I feel so emasculated by her?
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its the hairclip
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no girlfriend.jpg
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Because her whole design screams alpha bitch.
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I Kind of Dig Crazy Chicks.jpg
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Requesting Tharja cheering up my SI please.

Or anything cute between them.
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Reference Image #23.jpg
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Requesting this http://www.imgur.com/a/TWcXm or this http://www.imgur.com/a/NXxZd with Rias, please and thank you. Have a nice day.
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

I'd like to see her dressed like Chiyo: http://imgur.com/a/nPx4V with ribbons and preferably legwear included.

Or listening to music with earphones, being comfy on a bed or couch.

Or dressed like Mao (GJ-bu): http://imgur.com/a/l8tMJ

Or as a catgirl with a ribbon on her tail, wearing just a shirt and panties.

If possible, I'd prefer her drawn without her headphones for the specific requests.
Anything else cute/cutelewd is also fine!

Please and thanks!

Thinking about getting into anime. What do you think I should watch? Please make a good first impression!

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Most of Jinrui isn't as face-forward funny as the first arc with the bread and chickens, so don't watch that.
Go to /wsr/ instead please
Master of Martial Hearts

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>Implies the death of his childhood crush is what made him disillusioned with the world
>His whole character is commentary on the fucked up politics of the Naruto universe
>Meeting with Madara reinforced this idea
>Top-tier villian
>60 chapters later
>Kishi: "Nah I'll make him pedo waifufag"

For what fucking purpose?
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He was always one.

He literally decided to destroy the world because his middle school crush (who never liked him back) died to the person she actually liked.

Holy fuck, that may be a good reason to destroy the world
After Nagato, the motivations of the villains went fucking retarded.

Nagato's life was tragic as fuck and it seemed like fate just wanted to fuck him over as hard as possible.
Reminder that Obito, while having eyehax and tree genes, had to work for his power too.

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