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There's no one name Akari on the chart.

*grabs you by the throat*

Don't fucking speak to me ever again.

ITT: Seiyuu babbies
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I don't get it but Nui is cute cute CUTE
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characters who are only good because of their seiyuu
/sp/ please go

Best OLINE in football
Best back up QB in football
Top 5 WR
Top 3 RB
Best Offensive coordinator in the NFL

>final episode is a recap

For what purpose?
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It was barely an episode, let alone the final one.
>big bad fight is in episode 10
>literally two episodes of awkward stumbling to find a second conclusion point
>no more Matoi forever

How do I continue to live?

Rolling Girls was AOTY
Prove me wrong. Pro tip: any second/third season doesn't count and you can't
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I want to sniff that sluts denim shorts and stockings and wank off with them.
>Prove me wrong
It's like you want this thread to die with two replies.
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Flip Flappers exists

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What you guys thought about this little series? For me, the whole story and characters were pretty intersting and very fun to watch, however as many good stories it had to end after short while. Why such series has only one season, but things like Highschool DxD has 4...

Flemie was the Best Yuusha.
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still mad about bunny girl betrayal.
I really liked it and the outcome was obvious on the first episode they entered the chamber although for it being about killing a demon lord I'm gonna be pissed if there isn't another season where that happens.

rokka no sales

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I want to lick Chiya's armpits
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>airs on TBS
The subs will be delayed right?
is this yuri?
Based JC staff

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What do yo think about Baka Test?
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Hideyoshi was best girl, best boy, and best Hideyoshi.
You misspelled "pink slut"

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I'm enjoying this series way more than I though I would.

But fuck man,why do the translations come out so fucking slow?
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It's basically weekly now, when they started it was completely erratic, sometimes going over a month without releasing anything.

Anyway the group doing it is one of those group that aim to be big, they have many series under them so dedicating themselves to catch up with Kengan Asura's RAWs seems unlikely.

Only solo efforts is dedicated to catch up with RAWs or when a group is particularly intetested in a series.
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The pure violence is great and Karla too
Yeah, really enjoying it. It's like Baki if baki didn't take 50 years to do anything.

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it was a shit anime
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Go fuck yourself with a rake

Isn't the manga supposed to get off hiatus soon?

Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.
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Reminder that the show as a whole wasn't very good, skipping the first episode accomplishes nothing.
The first half was good. Go kill yourself.
>tfw skipped first episode then dropped it like a hot potato when it caught up to that point

Fuck man, it was really good too, why did they have to ruin it with zombie shit? That elevator scene was 10/10 material.

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Bravo A-1
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Have you praised our guy,lord and savior by visiting Kiri Kiri Basara today?
>Bravo A-1
You mean "Bravo Chiyomaru" right?
You do know this is just a big advertisement for the VN, right?
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Show had something going for it from around episode 3 to 10.

Then it went off the fucking rails into Tesla fanfic territory.

Shows like this make the mistake of trying to explain away every plothole when it's much better to just maintain the aura of mystique and leave things to the audience's preference.

Most half-assed ending since Mayoiga no question.

Can't believe it was written by Shikura.

>A-1's face when

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nothing compares to papa gino
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Best boy
Papa Gino sounds like a good place to get pizza
I want Gino to fuck my boipussi

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So what do you think would be the first words out of her mouth once she awakens
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The minute she recovers her mind, she will finally feel the orgrasm from the eclipse raping and cum with the force of a thousand suns.
Calling it now.

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Has gone to meh tier.
>no one defends
They're like everyone's favorite SoL studio.
Put SHAFT and Madhouse into whatever tier and put DOGA KOBO and Trigger in must protect tier.

how's the taste of your fellow countrymen?
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North Korea's a big Terraformars fan I see.
Chad is.
CR doesn't do business with North Korea and Cuba.
Tf is going on in Africa?

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