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Spoiler dump incoming.
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no chapter this week clownfag
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Let's talk fafner /a/

I just started season 1 yesterday and it's pretty entertaining so far, although I feel many deaths are imminent especially these two.
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A new series/OVA/film has just been announced. Rejoice.
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If you're going to have a live watch thread, you're better off on /m/ because the ratio of posters who've actually watched it is greater there.
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Yeah. Like yesterday the Fafner thread on /a/ turned into a Gundam shitpost. What a sad state of affairs.

>Saki is lesbian girls playing Mahjong with magic powers they said
>it isn't het-shit they said
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That's why Taco-girl has the lowest power rating of them all.
She's like the only one who acknowledges the guy after a while, everyone else literally forgets that he exists and he gets like 3 seconds of screentime near the end of the show for the rest of it
Kyotarou belongs to the butler

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Streaming is gay, but do you stream the anime you downloaded from a home server?
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I put all the anime I've downloaded onto micro sd cards which I store inside of my anus for safekeeping.
I made a program that periodically checks feeds for new episodes from nyaa. It then downloads the torrent files. My client, rtorrent, downloads the actual files. I stream to my desktop using SSHFS and stream to my phone using sftp in VLC.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
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I am indifferent to it.

I'm playing the VN and I'm halfway through the Fate 9route. I just want to say that Saber is objectively the best girl in this or any other vn or anime
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good welcome to the club
You have shit taste play heavens feel
Nice blog.

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This was fucking amazing

The art, the story the visuals, everything was so perfect
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>dragged out mess that looks like a low tier OVA
Remember how this got delayed for 5 years for a mediocre product
Should had release it as one whole movie. Makes no damn sense to split the movie into three when you had so many years to turn it into one movie. Each part can't stand on it's own because it is deliberately left incomplete.

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What do you expect from the Blame! movie?
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They're adapting the Electrofishers arc, right? I wonder whether we'll see any of the iconic scenes from before that point, like Cibo's failed netsphere experiment, or blowing up the bioelectric president.
I just cannot get used to 3D/CG as a main use of animation.
Absolutely nothing.

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A harem anime about a cocky teenage protagonist and a dozen of waifu-baits is somehow the most popular anime of 2016.

Why are the most desperate and least original shows always the most popular ones?
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Self insert teenagers.

Thats all you need to know.
Who's your favorite harem girl? Mine is Elsa because she's so hot. She wants what's inside of him so bad.
Same reason why capeshit is so popular

You still haven't picked the one present that belongs to you, anon.
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Blonde claimed
i like chocolate

How can other studios even compete?
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KyoAni is better.
By making better shows.
What is studio white fox
is pic related worth watching if I liked KLK?

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>Hyped so hard over the course of 400 episodes
>Did absolutely nothing
>Became the sixth Hokage off screen

Is this the most over hyped character in shonenshit history?


>The third

No, The third at the very least beat Edo tensei first and second. He doesn't deserve his title but he did do something.
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>initial lesson to Team 7 is using teamwork
>never builds their teamwork skills
>never gives Sakura any training so she can contribute to the team
>teaches Sasuke how to use his signature move while neglecting to teach his other students how to use elements

Kakashi was a mistake.
>hyped as having copied a thousand techniques
>only ever spams raikiri, and later obitos warp shit

Yeah he was a sack of shit. Even at the end Gai completely shat on him.

The funniest thing is being made Hokage after losing the only thing that made him half-competent. Remember how the speed of Raikiri/Chidori could only be dealt with using a Sharingan?
Remember how great his rampage was? I'm talking about the manga.

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Dropped this shit when he started dating the teacher and still continued doing shit with all the other girls.

Kinda surprised the manga actually recognized what a cunt he's being though.
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>no oni chan, its nut ur fault
>keep using us as you please, we luv u big time
You are insane if you believe that anything will come out of this.

Maybe it's ending soon and pulling an Ah My Goddess twist?

Either way, that page sums up the MC pretty well.
Hated this chapter. It feels like the author is trying to pull some easy drama to stop the whole "KissxSis" thing altogether and completely settle the story with boring politically correct sensei route.

Fuck it.

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I just watched Tarkovsky's Solaris and can't help but ask myself this question. Is she some sort of replicant created ad nihilo from the living ocean, like the physical manifestation of his desire?
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It's Evangelion so no reason to overthink it.
no it's asuka
but it obviously also represents women and human interaction in general

has anyone seen the live-action deleted scenes btw? I don't know if it would drastically improve the film or ruin it. love the line about men calling themselves idiots as if it absolves them of blame, its just 2 real
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Well, Shinji WAS a god for a bit, so that is probably not beyond his power. But I think it fits better with my shipping the characters' development for Asuka to decide to return from the tang of her own volition.

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Whatever happened to Mirai Arise?
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It's flop.
> Whatever happened to Mirai Arise?
Same thing that happened to Despera, Aoki Uru, Cencoroll 2, et cetera. It's "being worked on".
so cencoroll is vaporanime?

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