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Where are my peeps at?
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Any reason or gradual decline?
To the bookwalker script guy - here's a few reasons I could think of why they're banning you:

- Timing between page requests - this one is obvious, the requests shouldn't be too quick in succession, you should also try introducing some random delays to make it look like someone is flipping the pages
- Useragent and HTTP headers -also obvious, by default Python sends its own useragent with no other headers which makes it dead obvious a script is being used. Try to make requests look like a real browser, with cookies, referers and everything.
- Other requests - when you use a real browser, every time you open the reader you download bunch of shit like scripts, images and stylesheets, they could detect scripts by searching for requests that suspiciously don't download any of that and just go straight for the license request and images instead. In this case remember about HTTP headers as well.

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Don't fuck with me.
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Shut the FUCK up, hopeman.
>looks like I've got you at gunpoint, bitch, too bad for me PLOT is gonna kick in and stop me from gunning you down

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This is a cute Japanese idol
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>This is a cute punching bag

i'm still confused
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Cute guns doing cute things.
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except that one. that gun is a rapist

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So is this the real OTP? did KYH just get NTR'd?

Accel World thread
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Why can't the MC lose some fucking weight?
it seems that's how Haru sees himself since the other characters describe him as about the same height as Taku.

The guy has serious self esteem issues
>season 2 never
>instead, filler movie that takes place after the end of the series that isn't even out yet

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Who was this character's target demographic?
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Masochists, virgins, dogs, Dekomori, Shinka clones, hairclips the list goes on.
Why are you so autistic? Why do you make thread about this bitch every single day?

What the fuck is wrong with you seriously?
my dick

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Post an anime without posting it!
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Hard mode: shows with 25 years or more doesn't count.
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Shingeki no Bahamut.
I know for a fact that other people on /a/ watched this with me, but I can't for the life of me ever get a thread going
I have an strange relationship with that show. Its not that is my favorite show or something, but I think is the show I watched more times (If I don't count all the times I saw Dragonball and Seiya on TV when I was a kid).

IT has one of the best equipment building, if not the best, of all high fantasy anime

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I haven't watched anime since this melodramatic shit aired, but I just noticed that they played Rydeen during the school festival thing. That is simply fantastic.

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Real talk, this anime is fucking trash. I am still upset that /a/ had me watch two seasons of this garbage.
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Posting the unedited version
not a feetfag, but I would rub my dick in her feets and cover them with cum.

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>Bonds with people only make you weak and tie you down
>You must only focus on yourself and gain power
>Only power can change the world
>Memories and Love are only chains

Literally why was he the villain?
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But the wasn't
Because he's just following the same philosophy version of the Dark Side, only lamer, because at least Sheev Palpatine was competent and cool.
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Sasuke confirmed a Randbot?

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Best hair of 2016!
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I didn't expect Macross to pull off a "good girl stuck in a bad show", but they unfortunately managed to surprise me.
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Mikumo is far beyond 'just' good.
Well, I was speaking in general terms. With Delta it was more like best girl in a trainwreck.

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How does /a/ feels about the new incoming madoka movie?
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Thanks OP, didn't knew about this! Can't wait for the fourth movie.
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That shit won instead of Usagi or Ojou.

I wanna kill myself.
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Now that brings me back.

You should at least have posted best girl.
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Who else wanted this retarded bitch to die a slow and painful death?
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Fuck off Reina.
she might be the best thing in Euphonium . i went from hating her to loving her character in half a season BRAVO KYOANI

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>I've had to reassess my stance here and there, but now I'd say One Piece is right under halfway finished. I mean it this time. *laughs*
>Interview with Eichiiro Oda December 30th 2016

So One Piece should last until at least 2037, maybe the early 2040s. Jebus Christ.
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If you don't like it, then stop reading it.
I love One Piece, anon, but I don't even know if I can live for 20 more years.
Luffy would want you to see him succeed
Do it for Luffy

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