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>Makoto Shinkai, the rising Japanese animator whose heartbreaking, hyper-saturated films marry the delicate beauty of Hayao Miyazaki with the workaday wistfulness of Yasujirō Ozu,
- Indie Wire

>tfw Yasujiro Ozu and Miyazaki brought up in the same sentence as Makoto (hikkikomori otaku copypasta) Shinkai .

the best part is Shinkai didn't see any of this coming.
Now everybody expects him to land another big hit next time, but he has no clue how he actually did it.

We all now that they didn't plan any of this success out while they were making this movie.
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Make something generic that gives off a positive vibe. Profit from consumers that have seen less than 400 anime and don't know how generic the product is they are watching.

Pretty sure the guy who made it knows it was generic in the same manner than Miyazaki is aware of the shit that is put out these days.
>tfw Yasujiro Ozu and Miyazaki brought up in the same sentence as Makoto (hikkikomori otaku copypasta) Shinkai .
I think that's just a symptom of that writer's lacking knowledge of Japanese film.

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Anyone know if there will ever be another season of this?

kinda miss this show desu
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There won't be another season, there probably won't even be another post in this thread.

Such a shame really.
There probably won't be another one ever. Wasn't the one that was released a little while ago wasn't considered very good and it was considered that it should just rest now? It's had so many seasons and movies anyway.
Which slayer would you fuck?

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Who hyped here for season 2?
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You won't get many replies from contrarian /a/nons, but I'll happily admit I'm waiting impatiently for it.
Just how far would they even cover? I mean, it's coming out during what, 2018? Unless Murata turns on God-mode or suddenly gets a whole new division of helping staff, I doubt he's going to catch up to the end of the MA arc.
It's probably not going to reach the Garou fight huh?

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What is /a/'s opinion of Crazy D?
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He makes my D crazy.
Why is his D crazy?
Because he realized he is nothing more than a jojoke

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We all agree that hot spring episodes are always better than beach episodes right?
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We all agree that OP is a faggot.
Yes. And if they also play ping pong, the onsen episode becomes unbeatable.
Especially when they don't have giant flotation devices attached to their chests.

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Short hair loli Bat > Long hair loli bat > Teen bat > Oppai bat
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Does anyone have that Shinobu chart that shows all her forms?
>calling a complete Kisshot, Shinobu
decent kizu subs when?

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What was her problem?
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Needed a heavy dosage of penis.
Literally lack of dick inside her
I'm disappointed she didn't really get any actual screentime. Easily the best girl.

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>AOTY means both "album of the year" and "anime of the year"

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hey guys animetony mangatano here
this is truly irksome. in fact it is the most pressing issue in my life at this time
>animetony mangatano
not anime mangtano
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Fuck off /mu/

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How would you respond?
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"Neither of them gives a shit about you, kid"
>It is ok... as long everyone is feeling fine.
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By raw yen totals of Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, music CDs, novels in print, and manga in print, but not games, film tickets, digital downloads, and other forms of media sales:

1 Love Live! 8,048,798,040
2 One Piece 6,656,539,884
3 Osomatsu-kun* 6,390,467,716
4 [email protected] 5,385,359,888
5 Haikyu!! 4,508,140,510
6 Mobile Suit Gundam 4,368,473,005
7 Girls und Panzer 4,234,939,485
8 Assassination Classroom 4,216,044,680
9 Attack on Titan 3,845,406,579
10 Kingdom 3,844,859,484
11 Star Wars Series 3,627,055,636
12 Monogatari Series 3,372,664,826
13 Tokyo Ghoul 3,271,319,757
14 Detective Conan 2,862,527,019
15 HiGH&LOW 2,757,902,468
16 The Seven Deadly Sins(Nakaba Suzuki) 2,727,119,180
17 your name. 2,703,360,132
18 Kamen RiderSeries 2,668,416,616
19 My Hero Academia 2,596,513,416
20 One-Punch Man 2,005,169,078
21 Sekaiichi Muzukashii Koi 1,954,757,080
22 Harry Potter Series 1,934,633,401
23 ARIA 1,929,039,372
24 Terra Formars 1,913,547,397
25 Bungo Stray Dogs 1,878,804,092
26 Erased 1,831,704,636
27 Fairy Tail 1,787,213,253
28 Chihayafuru 1,779,308,558
29 Food Wars:Shokugeki no Sōma 1,763,517,268
30 Gintama 1,736,933,640

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How much is that in burger money?
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It makes me happy to see ARIA in there.

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So why don't we see many gun fights, especially stylish gun fights in anime? Would you watch an anime that revolved around stylish gun fighting as its main combat?
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Not as much room for pretty colours. Also doesnt allow much measuring up and clashing of abilities and skills since youre pretty much on equal footing with guns.
Would /a/ watch a Resonance of Fate anime?

Guns are jist boring

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describe anime.png
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I'll start.

Your Name: Typical Shinkai work but this time with body swap and happy ending.
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Code Geass: Edgey, but the completely well done type of edge and also jibun woooooo, CC best girl, something something.
code geass

it's a show about some japanese british twink guy named lelouch who takes over the world with mechs and chess and there's this green haired girl named CC that wants to fuck him (also she might be a clone or a robot or something like a rei) but he's too busy and then he gets stabbed in the stomach
Your Name: Keit-ai finds a way to body swap.

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Was this the sexiest show of 2016 ?
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No, Ani Tore XX was.
>Keijo exists
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3MB, 1920x816px
In a sense, but I'm gonna have to give this the overall sexiest animation project of 2016.

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Find a flaw.
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Ghibli face.
the soundtrack is some wacky late 80s shit
What ?????!
..Shikatte morau wa, my darling!

Is this one of the most underrated anime of all time?
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One of the most boring things I've ever watched I think.
The only anime I regret reaching completion. What a steaming pile of shit.
Why did you think it was boring?

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