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So much wasted potentional and shitty writing
A damn shame since I kinda liked the protagonist
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Thanks for your review
What would good writing be for a show like this anyways?
Look forward to season 2.

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Both are ugly.
Short hair and glasses is olev.
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why did she shoot him when he was already being kicked out of a plane thousands of miles in the air
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what if he had some hidden parachute?, or a nearby ms saved him? or what if it's only to add up to her edgy character?
they also forgot to secure the furniture.
Maybe it was a poorly thought-out attempt to intimidate the other passengers of the aircraft into giving her information about a mysterious masked mercenary.

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Find a flaw.
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not white
not white with a little ribbon either red or white

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ITT unpopuler opinion thread

Ruru was best girl and I want to shove her up my urethera
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HxH is pretentious hipster bullshit that thinks "deconstructing" tired cliches makes it creative.

Same bullshit you get with Eva, Madoka, and Re:Zero with a fanbase just as obnoxious
Re:Zero is garbage.
UNPOPULAR opinions /a/non

Okay, so how are they going to die with Guts being the only survivor? There no way in hell they're going to keep half of these guys alive by the end of the story.
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>end of the story
Griffith will fuck them all to death.
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Lets pretend for a second that Miura isn't jerking off to idol master and decided to finish it

Even the fairies?

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What's the appeal of sadistic girls?
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If you don't instinctively see it, you're just not M enough.
Being too passive and lazy to take responsibility for your own sexuality so you want others to do it for you.
A reversal of the loyalty dynamic and the anxieties that accompany it. Men naturally tend to worry about their women being taken from them. It's their nature. Maybe not in the same way as an ntr hentai might suggest, but the weaker and more naive she is, the more he agonizes over anything from terminal illness to her simply being "beguiled" away from him.

A sadistic girl who's stronger than you nullifies this entirely. You didn't choose her, but she chose you and ensnared you.


Nothing needs to be said, all 4 with fall into place.
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They should've named it SHIT.
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But it wasn't.

I just watched both seasons for the 2nd time. The drop in animation quality, music quality and complete change of cast for the 2nd season is so jarring that it's still hard to assess the quality of it. It was compelling enough after adjusting, but I can't tell if it's only nostalgia for the 1st season.

Please let me know how I feel about season 2 /a/.
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Season 2 is acceptable, but season 1 is amazing and when you rewatch it you'll only rewatch season 1
>hyped for s2
>subs group got dmca'd/series licensed in the middle of it and dropped
Fuck that shit.
I've only seen season 1 not 2.

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>don't ever watch the last episode of an Anime I like
>the anime is still going to me

Does anyone else do this!
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that's retarded anon, you must be joking right?
Pure, uncut autism.
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I thought I was the only one...

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De geso!~

De gesoo!!~~
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Cx Purple army
I got it bad for the police lady and the elementary school teacher that's friends with the beach nurse.
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How does /a/ feel about sticking dick into crazy?
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I cross the line at mutilating lustrous raven hair with a bottle of bleach. That's unforgivable.
It'll grow back.
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>yandere burned down MC's house

ITT: post the most 2000's anime OP you can think of
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It's actually an ED, but it sounds like it would fit better as an OP.

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Pic related is best girl. Ace wo Nerae is amazing.
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When did this become a thing (watching Ace wo Nerae)? I just got into this a week or two ago because someone here mentioned Ashita no Joe and when I went looking for that I found this beauty.

Are we really one mind or what? This is kind of creeping me out.
Subs when?
Here is what you do:
>watch 1st season w/ subs
>watch 1st season ignoring the subs
>watch season 2
It's can't be too hard, right? Ganbare oniisan!

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With C91 here, I will be spending the next month jerking it to Asanagi and 774.
I read this just now.
I know it might sound crazy, but let's start January off on a light note and reminisce about the time where the slut didn't end up as an amputee, buried in cement, or OD'ing as she hallucinates.
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Would /a/ consider TSF a happy ending? The appendices ShindoL released show some major NTR after the main story line. But considering the rest of his works, she got off pretty damn lucky.
After shits loke Emergence and Kuroinu gaining a lot of overrated popularity. I refuse to even enter in exhentai. Fucking shit. There should be more vanilla series with happy end.
Japan needs one hundred of nukes for each of those shit series with bad end promotion
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Purification is the second best fetish after gentle femdom.

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