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Which of these is the best anime film director?
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Why is Shitkai there?
Obviously Miyazaki is the greatest. With Isao Takahata in 2nd and Mamoru Oshii in 3rd.

You wouldn't a Revy
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She's the best
Yes, you don't stick your dick in crazy.
but shes perfect

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What went wrong?
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The whole second cour.
Wouldnt it be easier to discuss what went right?
I will start

Hitler Shu.
I really don't know why people disliked Hitler Shu, he finally manned the fuck up and did what needed to be done, even if he was still a wimp on the inside.

They should have kept him like that so we could have Hitler Shu vs Evil Government as the last conflict of the show.

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New translated chapter is up
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Why? what is the point on having so much development between two characters just to throw it right into the trash?

>ITT: foced endings
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>ITT: nerds who got upset that she didn't wait for MC to wake up and moved on with her life instead
Stay mad.
His friend literally became a lawyer just to make justice for Satoru.

Shit even the fucking teacher waited 15 years for him
Nigga achieved his objective, thats what he wanted.

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Has anyone else seen this?

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sadly yes, i couldn't sleep after i saw it nor could i belive that it could be considered anime
Good lord
I'm still surprised that I slept fine after watching it, especially since I watched it right before bed.

Slowpoke here catching up with leftover stuff from 2014+. This show was
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Its alright, seems like the BD had some scene change. I remembered one that I liked more in the broadcast rather than the BD change.
Yeah it was pretty okay. Definitely not SHAFT's worst show, I mean it was about 10x better than mexico city actors and shitgatsu no lion
I liked it a lot, not sure why people hated it. Maybe they picked it up just because it was Shaft and didn't realize it was a comfy CGDCT show.

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Is that may?
THHIICCCCCCC looks like shit
I think It's serena. She literally followed him to another season.

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Kyochuu Rettou Chapter 16 Part 2
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Dumping it all now. Here's a link and some music.


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ITT: Animes that never happened

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imagining kaiji like this kinda fucking me up right now why didn't this happen and also is part 2 of zero really the end
No. FKMT said he was gonna make a part 3


K-On is the story of a boy's struggle to find his place in a female-dominated society. Those who decry it as mindless merely fail to understand the deep sociopolitical themes.
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He fucks his sister.

I'm pretty sure Ritsu finds herself easily in female society
Here's your ......................

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This nigga is the king of procrastination
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He's got that vacant autismo stare

I know cause I see it in the mirror every morning
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Is 2017 gonna be the year?
Taking all bets.

>The K-On anime turns 8 this year

This show is getting old
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Yes it is.

But that's life you see, you can't hold Kyoto Animation to their earlier projects forever. They were small fish in an ocean when they released K-On, it was that series plus the popularity of Haruhi that would inevitably launch them into stardom.

And as time went on, they got more and more successful and rich. Yet the drafts for these old shows were stored away in a closet, gathering dust. Inevitably the series will be forgotten to all but a couple of people who were actually there to see it in all it's charm. Unfortunately they too will pass on and the spirit of K-On! will be left to roam our humble planet forever.

Of course this doesn't apply to Haruhi as Tanigawa has painfully noticed by this point that P A C H I N K O S and KyoAni teasing the weebs too much will eventually force him to switch off the fucking TV and make another novel, letting Kadokawa licence Haruhi to KyoAni so they can make a third series.

But yeah, R.I.P K-On!
Is it really that hard to shit out another Haruhi book? The guy is a native japanese speaker; that's half the struggle.
>Lucky Star turns 10 next year
How time flies.

Also, what's Kakifly up to these days?

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Is this show a meme?

I kept hearing praises about Gunbuster, how it's one of the best pre-2000 anime, how it pioneered the "mecha existentialism" genre and all that good stuff.

I finally got around to watching it, and it's just bad. Mediocre at best.
I'm not bashing the art/animation, it's pretty impressive and aged rather well. I'm not even going to bash the mecha design, even though every mech besides Gunbuster is a some bland humanoid robot that fights with a fucking electrified stick.
The OST is great, but everything else about it is just garbage.

If they were going for the 2deep4u/existentialism themes, you would think the characters should be well-written, with a lot of inner-monologues and overall character development. There's nothing like that in this show.
The characters don't even have any personality besides one-two traits they keep shoving in your face in every fucking scene as if afraid the viewers will forget about them.

None of the character interactions even fucking matter, because any conclusion reached in said interaction is going to be disregarded in the next scene anyway. Onee-san switches between respecting and despising MC every 10 minutes without any reason to flip her switch whatsoever.
MC falls in love over the course of 2 minutes, just because she shared a drink with some random guy and "he looked cool I guess" to the point where she fights spooky aliens to avenge her first love.

This show is garbage.
Coach was the only well-writen character.
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Its about boobs physics you faggot
It pioneered the good ol tit bouce
I don't know why the fuck you thought it was supposed to be like that, or who told you it was, but it's not. It's a fucking tennis anime in space.

You've missed the point completely and now you're yelling about a problem that doesn't exist.
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Gunbuster is a shameless otaku cash grab that Gainax made solely to recoup their losses from The Wings of Honneamise. It is nothing but a trashy hentai in disguise. There are even official porn games of it.

>Wings of Honneamise
Literally the greatest anime film of all time. A truly beautiful and ambitious film, tastefully done and with a good message.

>Gurren Lagann
All bullshit that panders to waifufags with no standards.

What happened?

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Does he ever let his hair down in the anime?
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dont kid me...
Yes, in S2
It's a boy, except his mom forced him to be a trap because she's crazy.

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