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Post Husbandos
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he's always been great
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oops, forgot pic
quality taste

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Is Ajin the most underrated show of 2016? I can't believe nobody watched this.
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Because cg is garbage
nobody likes cg
I don't mind cg, so it was AOTY for me.

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Lesbian autist.
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too much time spent on her hobbies, she isn't unaccostumed to social etiquette, she is improving anyway
She's a lolicon who hasn't come out of the closet about it yet.

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You're favorite anime
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I don't understand how I got baited into finishing pic related. Everything about it was awful and not even in a funny way.
They really shat the bed on this one
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Because that ride was amazing, even if the anime itself is shit.

I want to incapacitate Aoba with mild physical violence, relocate her unconscious body somewhere secluded, and do the actions associated with human reproduction despite her not being fully into it.
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I want to be a police officer who sees you knocking out Aoba and dragging her off and follows you to the location where I see you fumbling with your XXXXXXXL sweatpants in an obvious attempt to rape her before I make my presence known and draw my duty weapon before telling you to apologize and then making you cry and beg for your life before I empty my clip into you and then rescue Aoba and take her home where I get a medal, a raise, and her hand in marriage.
Why the fuck?
I like you, anon.

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We should talk about the best anime and one of the best manga ever to exist, Aku no Hana.
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I actually liked it and didn't even mind rotoscoping, but what the hell was with that ending?

You mean the flash forward? Just like how every episode showed you glimpses of what would happen to keep you nervous the entire episode, the end of the season showed you what would happen next season to keep you wondering.

Alternatively, they knew there was no way they'd get a second season so they just threw all the shit in for laughs.
>Alternatively, they knew there was no way they'd get a second season so they just threw all the shit in for laughs
I have a feeling that this is exactly what happened, it didn't make any sense without knowledge of manga and it really impacted my enjoyment. It's a shame since the atmosphere was so good.

>tfw you wollc never have qt 3.14 goddess irl
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a best
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Noire pleases old men for shares.
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It's an awful realization.

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Would you study German if Germany invented anime instead of Japan?
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Considering I learned Japanese because of anime, LNs, manga, and VNs, then yes. I would have probably studied German.
>studying a dying language

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Look at the fish I caught
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Anime when?

its just one of those series that I simply don't see as a manga, like tsurezure children
>The sisterhood/friendship dance will never be animated.

Why stay alive?

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Fucking Ikuhara
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what show is this from? it looks old, how are they already using the term new-half?
holy shit what the fuck
It's from Sailor Moon.

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It has been just over 17 years since the Party Night occurred.

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Holy shit
>dat parapara

hold me

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Who was this character's target demographic?
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30+ female housewives according to Yoshida.
People who like retards.

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It's not so much if S2 of Sunshine is coming but WHEN!

So when do you think they'll make the S2 announcement? And will it be on the summer of 2017 so it can take on Touken Ranbu?
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Probably announced at the end of the First Aqours Live on February 26th. Probably scheduled for June this year. Probably gonna suck. Probably gonna watch it anyway.
They always make it at the concert don't they? And its going to be Touken Ranbu v Ensemble Star- LL has its big idolfag nonanime watching fanbase so they don't really compete for audienxe.
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How convenient that the best Sunshine also happens to be the best Lovelive

She's so charming!
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She's the best!!!
>only 1 IP
You're not a 4free, I can tell

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Japan discuss about what if part of anime title replace with "US Army(米軍)"

>進撃の米軍 (Attack on US Army)
>俺の米軍ラブコメは間違っている (My US Army Romantic Comedy SNAFU)
>米軍は衰退しました (US Army Has Declined)
>米軍に出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in US Army?)
>ご注文は米軍ですか (Is the Order a US Army)
>Re:ゼロから始まる米軍生活 (Re:ZERO -Starting Life in US Army-)
>この素晴らしき米軍に祝福を (KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful US Amry!)
>米軍という概念が存在しない退屈な世界 (SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of US Army Doesn't Exist)
>米軍のいうことを聞きなさい! (Listen to Me, Girls. I Am US Army!)
>人生相談テレビアニメーション「米軍」(US Army -Life Consulting-)
>米軍の名は。 (US Army name)

And many more.
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>響け! 米軍 (Hibike! US Army)
>no 俺の米軍がこんなに可愛いわけがない
Get your shit together, nippon

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