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Sena is the best Oreimo girl, fujoshi are always the best girl.
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>she will never be interested in your dick
>she only wants to see you get fucked by other men

worst girl

best is saori anyways
Fucking no
Better than Kirino at least.

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Why is Soul Eater so great
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It's one of my favorite shonenshit's. Probably because it has a pretty good artstyle.
I have a lot of fond memories of it
I love Maka so much, I want to hold her hand and cuddle up to her on a cold winter day.

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new chapter is out I'm gonna dump it, because.
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What is your favorite Sekirei? Mine is Musubi.
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Holy shit I need to finish this but Musubi and the lesbian chick who took care of the sick girl was the best as well
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Pidgeot and Blastoise are tied for the best.
Blastoise. But they're all great.

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This is a vile vampire. Punish it while you can!
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Ur flat
Pachira game when?
Seismic is a faggot
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Post cool looking manga with no English translations.
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Cute replies doing cute things.


can vouch for both of these. Sono Musume has a bit of yuribait but it's a nice volleyball manga.

So that's it? They confessed their love to her and she just leaves them hanging? If this anime was supposed to make me want to read the source material then it had the reverse effect, I don't give a fuck about this series anymore if she just keeps jerking them around.
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Well she chose the 3DPD route i guess. Those boys will never understand the love of 2D pure boys.
It's literally in the title, anon. Did you seriously expect a proper romance?
>baby's first reverse harem

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Only in anime can a 10/10 girl like Shinka struggle to find herself a boyfriend.
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She's a lesbian, genius.
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>despair at having all your embarrassing shit revealed
>cute boy who clearly likes you reveals he also had a "dark past" solely to comfort you
>call him a retarded loser
Would Shinka be 10/10 if she wasn't 2D?

The more I read this, the more I realize that Catholics arent actually humans, let alone christians.
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go away mudslim
>forced to sing
>do things not even a whore would do
>family and fiance watched


What is this pose trying to convey?
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"Goddamnit, I stepped in some dog shit! Better wipe it off... I'm gonna murder that prick who keeps letting his dog shit in my yard.""
Fuck off to tumblr

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Would anime be better if the official language was chinese or korean instead of japanese?
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Chinese is awful because they use sounds instead of words. I don't know much about gookspeak, it sounds very similar to japanese. Japanese is cool as hell so it's the best pick.
NO! japanese is the cutest sounding language, korean would probably be at least acceptable, but chinese would probably be unacceptable (no offense to any chinese people reading this)
Chinese sounds like garbage and not in an amusing way.

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ITT: highly acclaimed directors who have never produced a good anime
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ITT: newfags with zero ability to discern good from bad
The creator of BeeTrain. Never seen a studio consistently make bad anime like they do. Its like they go out of their way to ruin shows.

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Describe this girl in one ASCII character.
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(It's her tight butt hole.)

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>Coalgirls: So what kind of encode do you want anon?
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more like >Tenshi
Why they keep doing it?
But Coalgirls are dead

Why wasn't this as successful as Star Driver?
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Protagonist wasn't nearly as fabulous.
It was boring as shit. It was like a nice looking box with nothing in it.
Sounds like Star Driver.
But as this anon said >>151574254, no fujo appeal.

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