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>Kuga falls in love with another guy
>Kuga realizes that guy didn't really love her and wanted to only fuck
>Haru always by her said and supporting her
>After all things done
>She's slowly starting to fall in love with Hijiri
Why does the author hate Haru so much? And why is he such a betafaggot that just wants to support her.

God damn this sideplot angers me.
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Because harumi is more knowledgeable than you for he is aware that while kuga may look like the best girl, she is in fact a terrible frenchman
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He is right but why do I still want Childhood Friends to end up together.

Also undisputed best girl is Koyuki with Asahi on second.
Isn't he getting paired with the girl who can see when she's lied though?

I'd say it's not a bad deal, and the childhood friend route became a no go after the Iris Hunter mess. Both have hurt each other way too much.

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>spend 350 chapters trying to fight chrollo
>finally fights him
>loses spectacularly
what a fucking loser
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Jesus what a bland character
>is buttblasted after that
Since Hisoka lost to him, does that mean the Zoldyc family is just that OP?

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What is the most you've spent staying awake watching anime or reading manga before giving in to exhaustion or tiredness?
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Marathoned a 26 episode series up to the final episode and faceplanted on my keyboard as the credits rolled.
10 hours is fuck all
I marathoned Evangelion

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Hayao Miyazaki on sakuga:
>I hated animators with this mindset, they would fucking try to change my storyboard. I kept reading about this guy Kanada in Newtype so i just hired him to see what the buzz was all about. He is good but I didn't let him go sakuga on my movies. Sakuga was a mistake, and animators that don't follow my orders should be fired.
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>I kept reading about this guy Kanada in Newtype

>mfw when imagine Miyazaki reading newtype.

fake but I laughed.

Miyazaki actually admired Kanada.
fake & sage

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Post best moms!
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What about some BEST mom

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This is Nagisa.

Will you protect her?
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What do I get in return?
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Help her with her route, friendzone her then move on to other girls.

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Why does this look like it'll be cute and fun and not trashy garbage like Phantom World?
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good source
i dont usually pick cute girls doing cute things, but this one looks good.
Because the source material isn't yet another one of their shit tier light novels.
Seriously, becoming a LN publisher is the worst thing ever happened to Kyoani. And the fans keep turning a blind eye to it.

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Aniplex guy in 3,2,1
They can't be fixed. They'll kept half-assedly animating LN adaptions about battle schools and such forever more cause it brings in money or at least more sales of said LN they adapted.
Better scheduling so that QUALITY won't happen again.

Well, this has just gone extremely gay.

Just finished the Part 2 of Hokuto no Ken anime, pretty wild ride and was a major improvement from Part 1.

I assume it gets better? Although it definitely won't be the same without Rei.
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Right forgive me for posting at all, I forgot nu-/a/ only likes memeshit like JoJo, OPM and whatever new slice of life moeshit, carry on.

>muh pre-2000 anime

Also Otokojuku is better
>generic high school shit
>better than anything
Just because it's older doesn't mean it's not almost just as trash as nu/a/ high school shit

Thanks for confirming that nu/a/ is completely underage though. I really need to stop coming to 4chan.

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Is it good?
Seem pretty pretty desu.
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let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down let it down
No, it's kinda shit.
Well it's Bones, so you can expect pretty animation and shit writing.

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does something like a very nicely animated cel-shaded anime exist?
very nicely animated as in, it isn't animated on 2s or 3s or trying to imitate shoestring budgets hand drawn anime in any other way
because it seems to me that with the technology available in the year of our lord (2017 - 1/243) somebody ought to be able to produce good CG anime instead of trying to imitate something that shouldn't have been in the first blace
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Cassette Girl
BBK/BRNK kinda

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is taiga more cultured than you?
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Fedoras looks pretty good on girls desu
atheism is the opposite of culture
But atheists do have culture. On their fingernails.

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i still miss them
Underrated ED.
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S2 announcement any day now, I'm sure.

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I cannot stand in any film, game, book, anime, whatever; where people don't act like people. For example, Suburu constantly states the obvious and the other person, namely Emillia, just acts like they're surprised or say 'don't joke around like that' and I just pull my hair out like fucking hell.

>Subaru loves Emillia even though she's kinda shit
Alright, so he's crushing on her real hard, wants to get to know her, likes her a lot and is sort of obsessed

>Ignores awesome Rem who even proffesses her love for him
Again, she's sort of crushing on him, but she doesn't obsess thankfully, but he's so lovestruck with Emillia he doesn't see what's right in front of him

>"Nah sorry even though I can rely on you more than I can Emillia and you're a way more interesting character with depth and personality I just like this boring character lol"
And she's just accepting of it.

>"Yeah alright that's fair I'll just be your cucked bitch and help you love Emillia then while I look on wishing I could be with you."

The real fucking kicker was him going back to Emillia and acting crazy.

"Oh hey we have to go because I say so but I wont explain why and just expect you to come with me HURRY RIGHT NOW WHILE I LOOK CRAZY"
>Is surprised when she doesn't want to go with him
Alright I get that he can't tell her or anyone about the going back in time deal, but he could have at least said 'Oh hey, guys are coming to kill you, so please come with me', it would have fucking helped!

Jesus fuck episode 18 almost makes me want to stop watching it though.

>"You get a front row seat to watch the man you fell for become a true hero!"
Yeah, Subaru, add in 'and leave you in the dust and use you for your compelling abilities, while I try to get with this other girl'

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t. Remfag.
So far, she's the only likeable character other than Reinhardt or bitch-worship-my-feet's personal knight.
Rem is the only character that gets any kind of development besides MC.

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