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I will miss drunk Kazuha.
Season 2 when?
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i will miss this this qt
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I want a full version of that song Nanami sang in her CD debut.
so is Kazuha a pillow seiyuu?

Holy shit this was amazing. Are the new seasons going to be nearly as good?
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I hope so.
They will be inferior in literally every way except probably character design.

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No beta faggots allowed.
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What are you talking about man? I haven't read that manga for a while, has something happened with him? Last I checked he was insecure about his lack of a girlfriend, got turned into a cactuar, was consistently outshined by sinbad, ren and alladin, and half of the fanbase was chanting that he would be ntr'd by hakuryuu.

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If tsundere is the worst dere, what's the best dere?
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Deredere, of course.
Well crafted tsundere is the eternal king. Oversaturation of poorly executed tsundere doesn't change this universal truth.

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These girls are huge sluts, why do you like them?
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Because they are huge sluts.
You answered your question.
Only Miyu and Kuro are, Ilya is actually pretty pure.

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Well? What do you do when you have a daughteru?
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She's a spic?
She's a demon, not a spic. Just the comparison is insulting to demons.
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Hit her and kick her in the face.

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Let pretend for a second that Griffith didn't had that autistic fit after Guts left him and he still lead the Band of the Hawks, in which Guts came back a few years later. How the actual fuck are they going to repel the Kushan army that is going to invade Midland? If they somehow manage that, how would they deal with their supreme emperor, who is basically god compare to all the stuff they went through?
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I'm sure Guts would take on half the army by himself, while all the named characters take out the leaders.
Griffith did absolutely nothing wrong
How did Griffith ever win a battle before Guts joined, anyway?

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It's literally nothing. Gintama is the only good thing. (Konosuba fags gtfo)
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Ai Mai Mii you dumb nigger.
Little Witch Academia comes out so I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
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Good opportunity to finally reduce my backlog.

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>villain has a team of X number enemy who goes down one by one until the final fight
>fight is decided by who has the most new power
>protagonist also has some demonic like hidden power
>power of friendship and believe
>people getting revived all the time
>plot points takes forever to happen
>training arcs
>ki/mana/chakra/powerleveling is 'just accept it' logic level
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I got you OP.
How much glue have you eaten in the past day, OP?
more please

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i miss this kaneki.
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why did he suddenly start wearing lasses
>Starting a TG:re thread
>Not even close to a new chapter
dumb fuck
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atleast we still have cool art

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Nico Nico Nii ~
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Idol anime is fucking cancer.
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A friendly reminder for all you depressed anons out there
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Thanks /a/ for wasting my time with this garbage.
two seaons, two ovas and a movie. all fucking shit plot and mediocre music
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Your fault for watching the whole thing while not liking it. No one forced you to be retarded.
You're the stupid nigger who sat two seasons, two ovas and a movie that you didn't enjoy.
>two seasons, two ovas and a movie. all fucking shit plot and mediocre music
anon why did you watch all of it

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So like, what happened to this?
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ban assault rifles
He should have used it to end Nui. It would have been a much better way to take her out of the picture.
"Muda Da"

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I got laughed at for calling this macross triangle. Apparently its 'delta'?
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Yeah its called Delta
>can't into basic pay debts
I had the opposite problem. Asked someone if "For Each Gundam" was worth seeing.

What's with the fucking trash ending in this anime?

I've been noticing a trend of many romance anime having garbage endings that just cut off, rather than having actual closure.

When you set out to make an anime, why don't you at least plan ahead to end it at a decent spot?
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>What's with the fucking trash ending in this anime?
Because you didn't watch the sequel in hell.
>he doesn't know what manga is
>many romance anime
90% of anime/mangas have garbage endings. And this is because either the authors or faggots, or the authors are forced by the editors to end it quickly.
Pic fucking related

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