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Why did they give Hanekawa the weird face?
And why is she so much lewder than in the rest of the series?
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>give art direction to a woman
>heroine loses her most important scenes and becomes nothing but a sex object

It's like pottery
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She's pretty lewd in the rest of the series
She's excited over making her first friend ever. She's so repressed after school starts that her lewdness becomes a well too deep for ghosts to escape.

Only 3 months for Zero kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho, /a/.

The PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ajGj4Trldc
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Yiff yiff.
you need to watch rezero before this
Looks boring as fuck.

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Are you looking forward for your new Isekai Overlord?

Konosuba is just a seasonal filler and Re:Zero already forgotten. There is new boss in town and he comes with the loli slave harem.
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MC that actually canonically has sex often not with his harem though
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So i finally ended watching madoka and i must ask.

What the fuck just happen?
Literally what the fuck was this?
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Lesbian version of Faust
Watch it again.
You want me to suffer more don't you? you guys betrayed me when telling me i should see the movie immediatly

Find a flaw.
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The dog shouldn't have been a corgi.
No cohesive plot, nothing was explained, last 2 episodes were the only good ones.
no character development
shit plot
the rest was ok

>When a character gives a speech that later inspires people to come together

These are always corny, but when they work, it puts a tear in my eye
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Long, drawn out fights, that the heroes win by sheer will and that let them surpass their own limits. Give them some cheesy lines along the way and you have my attention.
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Genius lolis. It's a shame this stereotype is dying out
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Looks like the secret is out, how will Botan win the Keibowl now?
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There's a much better TL in the archives. We're still waiting on the aftermath of Botan kissing Kei.
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Those translations were fucking awful
I believe in Botan.

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Find a flaw.
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His perfection is too great.
worse than cooler/10

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Post em
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That one was incredibly shit
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Is this kino?
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Hatoko a best. A BEST.

Tomoyo a shit. A SHIT.
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Mirei is the cutest.
That scene, yes.

Why are imoutos so shit? They ruin everything!
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Wrong. Puppy is an imouto but she the best girl.
Also that rat (male) looks sexy as fuck.
You mean rat (youkai).

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Chocola or Vanilla?
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The sister
Do we get the little sister in vol 3 or 4?

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I think we can all agree that Berserk is not what it once was. Sure, it's not totally awful, but it's not as entertaining as it once was, and I think it's most evidenced by the fact that it gets way better when the main cast is shoved aside and Guts is put back into focus, fighting back horrors.

I think it went wrong when Miura introduced Isidoro. It starts getting pretty Shounen-y, and you see a little bit of harem shit and little bit of "By the power of friendship!" stuff popping in. Really it starts with Isidoro though. Like every scene with Isidoro in The Tower of Conviction arc could have been scrapped and replaced with either Guts or Puck learning the information himself, or maybe even just someone more closely related to the story, like one of the other Prostitutes. He didn't actually contribute anything to the story aside from being a little kid who wants to be the greatest swordsman in the land and jokes about monkeys.
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I think he opened up the door for things like the worst Farnese and Schrieke, since it's hard to keep up Farnese's weird violent and sexual feelings for Guts with kids around. I'm also not a fan of Schrieke, although she helps bring in wider elements of the story into play, but I think if she had been ten years older, he presence wouldn't be so creepy since Miura decided every girl wants to ride Gut's... Well it's too big and too thick to be called a sword...

Don't get me wrong, even being stuck on a Boat forever hasn't made me stop, but it feels like some of the stuff I really enjoyed, namely Guts suffering, is kind of gone. Guts gets shoved in the background it seems in favor of the rest of the Goddamned cast and it only seems to be filler in the story. Like Maifico and Puck plotting to take over Elfhelm. A throw away plot if there ever was one and, right when we were about to advance the current plot (Let's restore Casca's brain!) they take way too many pages to resolve the Manifico/Puck thing instead of moving on to the reason anyone is actually there. Which is annoying. I don't mind an extended cast, but Beserk worked better when it only focused on three people tops.
You have a small but fundamental misunderstanding of the arc we're only currently in the midst of: Gut's character arc. Guts allowing himself to interact with others is really the main theme of the story, and always has been. His current party is an extension of what was laid down in the Golden Age.

Saying that Guts should go back to being alone is the opposite of what Berserk is about.

Oh, no, I don't think that Guts should be alone again, he knows that's not helping. I'm just saying I don't like this cast. I think that Isidoro hsould be gone, and more damaged Farnese/Serpico would have been better, and maybe an older Schrieke (would have made scenes like Schrieke falling over Guts naked less creepy). Like I said, I don't mind a cast, I just don't like this cast. One of the best things about Golden Age was Guts starting to open himself up to others like Griffith and Casca, and the rest of the Band of Hawk.

Is that really how the whole fucking franchise ends?
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What's wrong with it?
Yes. It's a massive disappointment.
Post some EUROBEAT

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Just have finished this show
Did I like it?
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I want to lick Nattsuns asshole and sniff her socks and cum inside her and take responsibility.
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I want to cum inside Hotaru's handmade plushies and then have her hug them and have the cum squeeze out all over her face

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