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Just started reading a few days ago, and so far, it is very good, in my opinion. However, seen this been mentioned on /a/ only couple of times. Why this is so unpopular?
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I hate how military discipline is pretty much non-existent in it. They're 19th century not-Germans and discipline is like this little thing on the side to occasionally remind you they're military.
Its is ok, though gets tedious later on. Dropped the manga, but would have loved anime adapting first arks.
Because it's not cute girls.

Mio is a better singer than Yui. Fact.

Azusa is a better guitarist than Yui. Fact
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Mio is a better girl than all of them. Fact.
Yeah, but Yui would be better in bed than either of them.
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Geez OP, how shocking that the two best are best

> losing weight makes your hair colour lighter
Who knew?
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maye it looks darker because it's greasy
Even the hair pigments lost weight
This sounds likely.

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A heart-shaped mouth again? An auspicious beginning to the Milky Holmes movie.
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I hate anime, but still watch it.
Didn't know subs were out, is it fun?

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The picture shows the final collage.

The current is a work-in-progress for the Top 10 of the collage:

1. Code Geass/Toonami FLCL/P&S/CCS Anime
2. Zamasu memes
3. The Case of the Missing Milky Holmes Movie Subs
4. Is that a Jojo reference?
5. Eva thing
6. Egao
7. KoG brings back 12M
8. hiro removes (You)s from 4chan
9. Bleach ending
10. ???

Any ideas? Feel free to tweak and add where you see fit.
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What a shit year
What a fun year
>3. The Case of the Missing Milky Holmes Movie Subs
>4. Is that a Jojo reference?
Literally who cares about those outside of its circlejerk?

What we have conceived unthinkable has happened.

A new novel from Antimagic's author... and it's illustrated by Rakudai's illustrator.


The plot description according to the site: "A group of last bosses from various world, lead by last boss administrator are supposed to save the world. But all of them are problem children and only screw around."

We've got an alien, fallen hero and other bullshit to make up a comedy novel.

Antimagic, rakudai and asterisk discussions welcome

them novel coming out next month
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>Antimagic's author
Might as well buy the first volume to check if it's worth following.
>no school setting

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Why couldn't she speak with Jiji even after getting her powers back?
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Watch the documentary
Jiji was able to speak thanks to his mana reservoir but that harlot whit cat stole it from him and snared him with a family
she didn't have power of disney dubbing

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Kumiko says this to anyone
what a slut

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The only worthwhile thing out of Irregular.
You can't deny that, fellow anons.
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No the tomboy was the only worthwhile part. And that older lady who showed up towards the end.
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That would be Leo x Erika.
Everyone but Tatsuya and Miyuki is pretty cool. Tatsuya is tolerable, as well, it's only Miyuki who is unbearable.

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Bro love is the purest form of love
Stop samefagging with your phone.
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Who is your top 3 girl this year?
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1. Hishiro (ReLife)
2. Kumiko (Hibike)
3. Shina (Stella no Mahou)
1: Yayaka
2: Nanakorobi Nene
2: Izetta

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>Show with a fucking A+ scenario writer in Urobuchi
>Interesting setting
>Great themes
>Great art style and animation
>More than just action schlock
Yet it only get 3 OVAs and a light novel adaptation, with it's sequel being canceled

Meanwhile this fucking shit known as Fafner
>Shitty director who ruined Psycho Pass and Ghost in the shell
>Isekai power fantasy themes
>Hideous Gundam Seed art style
>Action schlock AND Japan pandering

Has 2 fucking full series, an Ova, a full movie, and is getting a new fucking series, ova or movie.

What the fuck is wrong with Japan
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Are you from Reddit? You know we hate Urobuchi here right?
A thread died for this.

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Did One Piece always look this bad?
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Looks like precure is having some good episodes.
r.i.p justin new king of ...
Man, I just don't know what happened to Toei,
their older anime have been great, DBZ, Slam Dunk, OP, Sailor Moon, Dragon Quest, Angel Densetsu, Digimon, Hokuto no Ken...

but now days, their animation quality suck ass, they always hide behind we're training new guys, people are screencaping in the changes between frames, we have more people on each show than other studios
but how long does training new guys take? decades?
why screencaping changes in between frames in other studios' shows doesn't look as bad
why do smaller studio with fewer employees produce better quality animation

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I want to touch her butt.
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I want to touch her(his) hair.
s2 never ever
I want to take it Easy.

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Was Yagami Light just a very disturbed /pol/tard?
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He didn't die as horribly as I wanted him to be.
Spotted the animeonlyfag
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His death in the manga isn't that bad either.

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