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why was she such a bitch? and why did that make her so hot?
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She's just that good.
Because she's Momoka


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>when you thoughtlessly fuck up a ten episode fight and contribute to ruining what could have been the best arc
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Knuckle is awesome and so is the entire fight with Youpi.
Idiot literally did more harm than good.
why didn't he use the hand though

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New chapter is out. Dumping from last thread
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This is Lucy. Say something nice about her.
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>this is how japan sells cartoons to 11 year old boys
What the fuck is wrong with her face? Does she have Downs?
she's the worst character in fairy tail. i hate her.

Reunion SOON
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Episode 137: 反逆の覇王眷竜 – Hangyaku no Haōkenryū
(The Rebellious Supreme King Servant Dragon)
Sora and Edo were no match against Zarc's might. Inheriting the wishes of their fallen friends, Kurosaki and Kaito stand against Zarc.

Sora and Edo were no match against Zarc's might. Inheriting the wishes of their fallen friends, Kurosaki and Kaito stand against Zarc. Facing off against the fearsome might of Zarc's Supreme King Servant Dragon, Kurosaki and Kaito risk it all and challenge Zarc in order to save Yuto and Yuya! Will the two of them be able to create a miracle!?

Kurosaki Shun
Gongenzaka Noboru
Sawatari Shingo
Shiun’in Sora
Edo Phoenix
Kozuki Allen
Sasayama Sayaka
Jack Atlas
Akaba Reiji

Script: 前川 淳 || Maekawa Atsushi
Direction: 望月敬一郎 || Mochizuki Keiichiro
Storyboard: 西田章二 || Nishida Shouji
Animation Director: 宍倉 敏 – Shishikura Toshi
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Have a wonderful 2017.
Who can stop Zarc?

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Is Inuyasha worth watching in 2017 or is it too dated/cliche nowadays?
I never watched it when it was airing on TV and wonder if I should or just find something else...
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Um... if you can find a guide as to which episodes involve shit ACTUALLY HAPPENING it'd be worth a look, but this series was the fucking guru of filler.
It was entretaining, but it was filler and re ap galore
Inuyasha was bad then and it is still bad now.

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Did she really loved him at some point, /a/nons?
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>putting it in a rentable onahole

Poor Briefu

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Why do people like her? This bitch is literally evil. Like worse than Tomoko, Johan, and Revy put together.
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And Tomoko is half of /a/'s waifu. Some people are just into that.
wasn't her fault, she's just a victim
Makihisa did nothing wrong.

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Meme Magic.
You get a king and then you get a crimson

then you have a king crimson
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What is the best time loop story?
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Beautiful Dreamer
Mekakucity Actors

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Did they...fuck?
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and wasn't she underage?
Not yet

>and wasn't she underage?
Yes, and?
They went to college together

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>AOTY 2016 getting 2nd season in a few days
>People on /a/ still haven't watched it and won't watch this one either

It hurts, why do you people not care for good shows?
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There's not much to discuss, which is why you don't see many threads. It's a period drama that wrapped up its story quite nicely, and the second season will deal with entirely different characters so there's not much to speculate about.

It doesn't help the original manga runs in a josei magazine, which means that even less people here will be familiar with the source than usual.
>watching pretentious DEENshit

shiggy diggy
Noone is familiar with the source of half the garbage LN adaptations either and they're still being watched.

I understand that there's not much to talk about but the show was also not rated/watched/downloaded by a lot of people.

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who the fuck is (s)he?
is it ever explained in the novels?
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>is it ever explained in the novels?
>who the fuck is (s)he?
Koyomi, more or less
(gender fluid)
He's an apparition. Basically he's Araragi's own self-criticism.

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do you watch romance anime anon?
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I don't anymore since I got an anime girlfriend. We have been together for 8 years and I feel if I watched pure romance animes not romcoms it would be akin to infidelity towards her if I became to engaged into the female characters plight.
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All the time, because I'm sappy as fuck.
No, i am in one.

t. have a waifu

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This girl has bewitched me, how do I break off her spell?
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You grow the fuck up.
By embracing the better version.
You need to become her.

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