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Favorite Anime couple
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I dont recall mahiro ever kissing nyaruko other than to escape thw VN hell when do they kiss like this

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Which of these underrated masterpieces was AOTY 2016?
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Flip Flap is AOTY and not underrated
Mob and Hibikek close second and third
Half of these are shit and none of them are underrated.

AOTY is Mob

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Has your waifu affected your life in a positive way?

> tfw always eat healthy and exercise a lot thanks to 'er
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That's easy and requires low effort.
Good work anon
> at the gym
> that last rep
> struggling to push it up
> remember her
> get that fucking weight back up and complete the rep
Sick blogs how do I subscribe?

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I'm here to save New Year's Day with a dump of the next chapter. Will SUFFERING last forever or will smiles be saved? Tune in to find out.

Ichizon/Seizon thread.
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>Yuri on Ice
>sports anime

There are actually people who believe this.
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>Paler than a Russian
It's a drama that's a better sport's anime than most sports anime only because of the choreography and attention to technical detail
Is it worth watching or is it truly gay shit. I don't want to regret anything.

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I can't find much about this elsewhere. Does anyone know why flcl flopped in japan? And if it wasnt a flop then why was it so unpopular over there but was more so in the west?

Obviously it was from adult swim airing it.

For example the reason why panty and stocking was not well received was due to the style and how it was more catering to western audience. Was that the same reason for this show? Or was it a different reason.

I see shows older than flcl that still get constant fan art being made by japanese artists and if I try to search for flcl stuff you'd be lucky if there was anything new made in the month.
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FLCL was only 6 episodes, that's all they could afford with the budget. It was an art experiment at best.
That is what I was led to believe that flcl was actually just the animators testing out new techniques so they threw together a story. I did not know they where tight on money at the time. Still though, you would think there would be some similar reception over at japan as it did in the west. Maybe it was just overshadowed by something bigger at the time
Overrated garbage.
Can't wait for netflix sequel so faggots get to eat the shit they praise so much.

Post yfw you watched the AOTY
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Here's my face when I watched the rubber up
FlipFloppers was mediocre tho

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Name a animu that is objectively better than it's source material.
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kara no kyoukai
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>the perfect loli doesnt exi-
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She's not a loli, she's the Red Man.
does OP think lolis are just anime girls in general?
If her tits are still that pronounced when she's laying flat on her back then she's certainly bo loli.

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>Accurate adapted designs, sakuga friendly
>Traditional backgrounds
>Takemoto directing (FMP, Lucky Star, Hyouka, AmaBuri)
>Thicc lolis

AOTS confirmed?
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Kanna spinoff manga soon.

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So this is... the power of Go Nagai
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Dude loved his monster banging.

Devilman Lady was GOAT
sauce ?

Do girls this hopeless actually exist?
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I hope so. I want one.
yeah ur mom lol
Yes, but think of the age she is and how much she changes at the point she is in the manga. It's like how you have tiers or pathetic, hopeless, or ugly.

Even as much as she could be one of those 3 she still finds reasons to elevate or separate herself from others rather than build any sense of empathy.

She may have gotten better but she' still a shitty person. In a sense still fucking hopeless.

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What you fuckers think of this?

I'm talking about the VN not the mac.
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Macfags not welcome.

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Shirou would have saved her.
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I wouldn't have even fapped to her pictures.
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Different standards.
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You mean:

>Shirou would have let her eat him

Shirou is a shit. I hate justicefags more than anything, but Shirou triggers irrational levels of hatred in me. Talk about an arrogant, self-righteous, completely powerless and laughable useless white knight.

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ITT: Garbage that /a/ tricked you into watching
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Guarantee some tard is going to tell you to read the LN.
I only watched it for the clock chick.
I regret nothing.
Boku no Pico

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