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Can we talk about Death Parade?
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It's on my to watch list. Seems cool.
it's good enough but nothing special
Be prepared to take it slow or you might burn yourself out. It's one of those shows that was well suited to watching weekly instead of binge watching.

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try 100%
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It really pisses me off that I have to post this anime

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I legit feel bad for Yugi. Not the pharaoh - just "base"/little Yugi. Nobody takes him seriously, his love interest wants a literal dead guy that inhabits his body and even when the Pharaoh goes back he still loses the girls and gets no respect.

Yu-Gi-Oh thread I guess.
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But he won the Pharoah's heart.

That's worth more than any duel.
He defeated the King of Games who even used all God cards against him.
And he is still viewed as the "lesser" one.

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Everyone's okay. How do you feel about this arc?
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Why won't they just fuck already?
Noragami is one of those manga that has it all, a cute and likable heroine and interesting premise and decent cast and great art and a pretty good anime adaptation - and still manages to be largely forgotten.
I really wish it was weekly. I love Noragami but even I fell behind because I end up just forgetting about it when a new chapter releases. Last chapter I think I read was when Bisha freed that little girl.

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why do they always crop for blurays? I hate that. At least let me fucking choose.
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oniisama e BD looks really really nice.
Because retarded Americunt casuals can't handle the grain of the fact that it would have black bars at the sides because of 4:3.
One of the best would be Outlaw Star.

Be honest, would you have made the sacrifice?
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Would have been killed long ago in my first battle

But yea I totally would have
If i was as fucked as he, i think i would.

But before he puts himself in that deplorable state, i think i would give up the idea of the sacrifice.
Anyone would if they were tortured like he was.

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Why was the original Naruto series so much better than Shippuden?
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Familiarity breeds contempt.
It wasn't, they're at the same level, nostalgia is fucking with your head.
Because it had actual character development and interesting fights.

Eyehax were limited and were ony used on special occasions instead of being passed around like candy.

Naruto had to work for his respect instead of being some super god child winning everything.

>tfw Neji was right all along

This show was pretty crappy

Why does /a/ like it so much?

All it really had going for it were the visuals but that's not enough to make up for the awful characters and uninteresting plot.
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>Hating Hyouka the masterpiece
You're new to anime aren't you?
>awful characters and uninteresting plot
that's correct

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Because they need some love too.
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Evil girls are the worst though.
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Evil Ara.webm
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Would you let this cute surgeon operate on you Anon? Don't lie.
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I'd rather operate on her, if you know what I mean
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>Not wanting the greatest head in your life
All you have to do is make extremely specific and detailed requests.

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since it's his birthday, lets discuss his work, including my personal Favorite film, Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro. the guy has been working in animation for over 50 years. what does he mean to you? What do you like the best? What was the 1st thing of his you ever watched?

also Nausicaa is shit. stick to the manga.
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I like the one with the dead children.
since when is tortoro about dead children?
really am amazed there wasn't a thread already dedicating this man. Even /a/ would at least acknowledge him on his birthday.

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Meet your new isekai overlords, love and adore them.
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I want a Spore-like isekai where the MC get Japanesetrucked and reincarnated in a monocellular organism that will grow until he conquers the galaxy.
Nigga that's fucking Kawaii
Why is slime so popular? One of the worst WNs I've read.

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Hi guys, I've heard that the breaker will come back on january the 8th of 2018, is it fake or a true new? if it's true what do you think about it? What happens with trinity wonder? What will happen in the new season of both manwhas?
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How the hell could they possibly fix this fix? S1 was great and then S2 got shittier and shittier.
Oh look another "rumor" thread. Link or you're full of shit.
explain anon, S2 had its moment but agree it wasnt what I was expecting

Today is Strawberry Day (1/5 ichi go).

Post berry.
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This is my wife, Irisviel von Einzbern, and my daughter, Ilyasviel von Einzbern.

Say something nice to them /a/!
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I want to pour my hot semen into both of their wombs.
Oyakodon is the most patrician fetish.
fuck off kerry

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