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how do they get the drinks.jpg
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That's a big table
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No, it's just small people.
Wow 2deep4me
quality thread
goddam anno does it again

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Hidan replaces the MC of the last anime you watched or last manga you read,what happens?
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Steel Angel Kurumi
I can only see this being ridiculously awesome.
>Korean Zombie
He'll fit the fuck right in.
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MC is the dullest character in this show so it immediately improves. He starts sacrificing all the main cast in order of annoyingness, starting with the "wacky" character that inserts random English words into all his sentences. The show starts to become watchable.

Finally all that's left is the big-breasted blonde best-girl who was engineered to be the "fake" MC and has fake memories of her life. In this version though she and has all of Hidan's memories, so she figures out that her memories are fake since she's not a muscular guy that can turn into a skeleton.

Since Hidan is now "goddess" MC he now has the power to choose which world gets to live and which world gets to die. He chooses the other red world, allowing him to sacrifice everyone on our world to Jashin-sama.

He spares the hot militarily villain chick though, so he can waifu her. Then he makes the blond girl his daughteru and disciple so she can help carry on his work for Jashin-sama.

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tiger mask w.jpg
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Why the only manime being aired right now is so ignored by /a/?
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The response to this thread really makes you think.
not enough moe
It is made by Toei. Even though is probably the only non-shitty series that Toei has made in the last decade.

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Best girls never wi-
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Best girls win a fair amount of the time.

whys it always the blonde?
Are we having another Yokota thread?

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So I just finished reading this and I already miss all the characters.

Is anime version any good? I heard it started in the middle of the story or something.
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Yes, anime is inferior, it's always inferior.

I tell you this as someone who just stumbled upon the OVAs, didn't understand anything, watched the first couple episodes of the anime and didn't fully comprehend so had to binge read the manga to get what was happening. Utter shit that didn't have any sense unless you read the manga but maybe you'll appreciate it now that you have the knowledge of what happens.

After that read/watch Suzuka and then read Fuuka and come rage/laugh with us in the SEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOO threads.
go and fuck yourself seo, thats all i have to say.
It's crap, even worse than the manga, which is quite an accomplisment

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last supper.png
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this fucking manga
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She gonna die bros.
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so he is the traitor huh?
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06 058-059.png
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Dear god. I shouldn't have come into this thread without reading the chapter first but I saw that thumbnail and was spoiled anyway. This author is pretty creative and makes great use of his influences and references.

Don't worry, she'll rise again.

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Why is she so perfect?
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A punch in the gut was never more well-deservd.
Katz pls

Autumn is a very underutilized setting in anime. You see plenty of winter and summer, and lots of spring (gotta get those cherry blossoms in), but autumn is always forgotten about.
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yeah it's not too common is it
Fall is what people want to escape from.
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By the end of summer, I'm usually ready for cooler temps and changing leaves.

As for anime, maybe the warm hues of the reds and oranges make it harder to position the characters as the center of attention in a frame. I don't know why, but it does seem like there aren't a lot of autumn scenes compared to the other seasons.

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If the genders were swapped she would be considered a villain
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So you haven't watched a lot of shoujo I take it?
Diabolik lovers are villians, that's why they're diabolic.
Another worthless thread by a phone fag.

Is there any chance for this to return? It's really not gone right?
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I seriously doubt it. Does anyone even care expect about Saeko?
That's what I need man, I don't want to say goodbye
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Studio DEEN is now in charge of Season 2, Would you still watch Highschool of the Dead?

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-Kakashi clearly loved these kids but you can still tell he was a Sasukefag because he focused on him and kept trying to pawn Naruto and Sakura off on other people.

-Naruto genuinely cared for everyone else.

-It felt like Sakura only tolerated Naruto, just saw Kakashi as a teacher, and never saw Sasuke as more than a middle school crush.

-Sasuke just feels like he only tolerated everyone else.

And this makes it feel weird when we get to the end of Part 1 and Kishi treats Team 7's breakup as a tragic family breakup. You never feel like these people were more than coworkers(which is exactly what they were).
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After the Land of the Waves arc there should have been one more arc that focused on forging their bond as a team. Ironically this was supposed to be the Chunin Exams arc but they were split up for most of that. That right there lies the root of the problem and why they feel like just people who only see each other at work: They spend most of the series split up from each other and only come together when shit needs to get done.

We at least should have been shown them hanging out just bullshitting with each other.
This is why you watch Naruto for the fight scenes and not the character development
File: 1482099137540.png (1MB, 1691x1008px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1691x1008px
I agree with you on their "friendship" being kinda underdeveloped, imo Kakashi was heartbroken because team 7 reminded him of obito and rin.

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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Oh boy, a thread with no replies!
I'm going to take your thread's virginity OP.
I don't know, but I'm going to find out.
File: B_9ov4EWoAAlq68.jpg (54KB, 600x424px)Image search: [Google]
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Kanon, Mahiro Maeda.

File: Ideal Postarie and stuff.png (481KB, 1062x1200px)Image search: [Google]
Ideal Postarie and stuff.png
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Lady Dynamite: Chouno Yuumi (CV Suwa Ayaka
>Laser Alice - Namatame Ai (CV Uchida Mari)
>Mighty Muscle - Gouriki Haruka (CV Hayami Saori)
Lovely Teddy - Kumase Kawarin (CV Mimori Suzuko)
Crocodile - Wani Kuroko (CV Takedatsu Ayana)

Interesting stuff from the previous thread, and I still want to MARRY Marika.
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You should have put Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku somewhere in the OP
Yeah, my bad.
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>[HorribleSubs] Nobunaga no Shinobi - 14 [720p].mkv
Episode out and monkey being reckless.
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>Nene marries Hideyoshi when he's still just a lowly footsoldier
>Nene is Hideyoshi's most loved wife
>Her family connection helps Hideyoshi recruits lots of retainers
>Exchange 'love' letters regularly
>Gives solid advices on how to make the people happy after unifying Japan
>Petition a sacred dance to help improve health of her sickly husband
>Stayed by her husband in his deathbed until the very end
>Becomes a nun after Hideyoshi's death
>Build a temple to house her husband's tomb (and later her mother and step-son)

Nene is best girl of the Sengoku era too bad Monkey is a shit

>Unable give her husband any children
>Reluctantly tolerates her husband NTRing her with other women because he needs an heir
>Sometimes had to compete with Hideyoshi's 'favor of the season' concubine/mistress for attention even though she's the most loved wife
Damn, series seems too happy for those, though the violence was cute in its bloody way.Also, we get a new OP too starting this episode.
Nene really is the best. This series made her even better giving her TsunRei voice.

Kiss, Fuck or Marry?
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I forgot how atrocious the artstyle was. Jesus, this is like CLAMP only worse.
I liek trainz
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837KB, 900x456px
I got a kick from this reference.

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