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Why is Ping Pong The Animation the best anime of the decade?
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It just is anon, ignore all that come to this thread and call it pretentious, because it's not.
It's innately human. I haven't felt so much after an anime in a long while
Both ping pong club and shakunetsu takkyuu musume are better

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I just finished this, let's talk about it.

What was with that ending?
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Denpa OP causes brain cancer.

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Why do you do this
Asanagi made again yet another doujin about a franchise I don't care but at least she appeared in a page. Thank you based god.

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How many threads about your favorite things do you make every day to show your love?
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I make Shinka threads every day.
I only make threads when I have something really WORTHY to post.
Unlike 98% of the threads on this website, I am a thread connoisseur.

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>lincense picked up by kikeroll
Guess that's the nail in the coffin for loli lewd, men.
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Shut up, Kyoani aren't degenerates to make any loli, fanservice or harem shit. Their anime is art.
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If all manga universe are combined and there is a need for one true god of all, which manga character would best fit the role ?

My vote is for Grifith
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Even though DBS sucks, I'd have to say the overlord godhead thing qualifies.
what godhead?Whis?
Haruhi Suzumiya obv

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The most slightly underrated but by no means cream of the crop studio
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Name zero good shows made by this studio

They had some good hits.
JC staff is pretty nice, they've got quite a few of my favorites. Utena, Azumanga Daioh, Toradora, Railgun S, KMB. and more recently Flying Witch and Saiki.

Wow, this is fucking stupid
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Perhaps, but females love this type of shit.
>this is fucking stupid

That's a funny way to spell adorable.
Wow, you're fucking stupid

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What does /a/ think of this? Would I waste my time?
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You mean, you don't watch anime to waste time?
Best show out there
I wish someone would compile a list of all the comedy episodes of gintama so I could watch it and avoid all the shitty shounen drama

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well. who the hell do you think he is ?
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I know who the hell he is. The reputation of Team Gurren echoes far and wide. When people talk about its badass leader, the man of indominable spirit and masculinity, they're talking about him! He takes the blazing sun in his bare hands and endures the searing heat. A man's man sustained by strength of will.


jake from state farm
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>gurren lagann is almost ten years old

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best anime music of 2016
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Kabaneri OST
I'll get these out of the way

Tell me /a/ in your opinion who was in the right Zeon or The Federation
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Nazis are bad.
Only Gihreen was really a Nazi, alongside a few characters in the ovas. Plenty of Zeon fought for Independence.
ban all zeekposters

What do you think about Nekojiru?
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Despair but intriguing.
judgind by the pic, creepy af
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what're you talking about anon, nyako-chan is super cute

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Why do you hate Nana?
I really think she needs more love.
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They need to love their parents more.
What makes you think? The only person I see who is vocal about hating her consistently enough to be noticed is the ESL spicfag. That guy should be disregarded.

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Not anymore.
Some bitch he gave his powers for shits and giggles?
>Believing in that shit theory

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