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this might happen to you.jpg
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What if in your next life, you were reincarnated into a Japanese mangaka? What would you do?
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Die prematurely from a combination of overwork, stress and malnutrition
Definitely not a weekly series.
I'd probably write manga

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Daily reminder the highest-grossing anime movie in japan is a shoujo.
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You don't know what shoujo means.
Shoujo is a demographic not a genre newshit. This movie was targeted to more than young girls.
I only care about best movie and director.

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You can tell a lot about a person based on which 13-year-old yuru they would fug.

Standard-issue boring lolicon

Dumb normie who can't handle dfc

Actual real-life child predator. Only a criminal could want to defile something as pure and sweet as Akari.

Expert with refined taste and supreme sexual stamina. Chinatsu has the tight body of a loli with the devious personality of a top-tier semen-demon. Also her hair is fuckable.
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I would fug all four of those though, preferences are for fags
>sexualising the yurus
I can tell you're a fucking degenerate
What does it say about me if I like Chizuru?

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planetes fee end card.png
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Why not.
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>what if aldnoah zero was good?
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It was way better than IBO. Jesus fuck.
Aldnoah Zero is better than IBO. I'm 100 percent serious.
Aldnoah was good for a season.

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Why is manga so superior to anime in every way?
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janitors will eat your liver
For what newfriend?
Pleaso go away, newfag.

How is it even possible that the girls in this show make my dick harder than actual hentai?
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lmao this show is still going?
>liking 50 shades of Nami

One Piece is eternal.
Did you watch GOLD in theaters OP? I didn't cause it looked boring af

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I'll start with an obvious one yes the pic is VERY related

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Neko ^_^.png
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he was the only good character
I'd pay damn good money for this

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Does anyone here like Lupin?
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Is that a no?
The original manga is fucking great
Watching the Green Jacket series right now. It's alright.

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>kidnaps minors to be used in horrific human experiments and terrorist attacks
>major co-conspirator in terrorist attack on the leaf that resulted in the hokage's death
>major co-conspirator in 4th great ninja war in which manipulated purified souls to be used as weapons
>it resulted in over 40,000 deaths from the 5 great nations
>and the entire world almost getting eternally trapped in a dream world
In spite of all this for some reason he is allowed to go free and run the old orphanage he is from. Naruto even let him take in a bunch of mini Shin clones with artificial sharringans that were created by his old partner in crime who was also allowed to walk free.
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>crying about naruto villians getting gree passes
Pls leave
Fuck off
that's what happens when your story is written by a low test faggot with excessive tolerance

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Hayate no Gotoku 555 scan. Time to feel salty and confused edition
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What is your favorite Gainax?
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Kill la Kill
Hanamaru Kindergarten
1999 Gainax

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>only 6 episodes
>all of them are 10/10
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I couldn't find the sub, and the dub was hell.
Heard good things though.

sageing, but feel free to self-bump now
You can't sage anymore, fuckass

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Did you enjoy Reborn!, anon?
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the most anticlimactic final boss fight ever
I liked the character designs and powers, but the manga itself sucked.
The final two or even three arcs were terrible.

Agreed. There were some definitely cool moments, but the author had some terrible pacing issues halfway through.

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please don't bully or sexualize akko!!!! she's pure and innocent and does not deserve to be bullied or sexed
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Learn to use the catalong you underage redditor
>she's pure

Her chastity might, but not her lineage.

I don't understand why so many anons would want to marry such a disgusting commoner when there are far better girls who have a rich history of magical blood.
Witches are super sluts, and this is true.

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