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ITT: Good Girls
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You first OP
>ITT: Good Glops

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urara cakes.webm
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This show is really cute.

Really, really cute.
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Yeah, but it really lacks the male main character.
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boys are gross
Is this lesbians?

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So we lose all hope, dont we?
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where is it BabyRage
They look and sound like girls so it' doesn't make me gay r-right?
traps aren't gay

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What would you do in this situation?
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Enjoy it, because butt play is my fetish.
Super sensitive
context in pic?

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Did anybody ever analyze the ending and intro them to Madoka when it first aired? The whole series is spoiled in the song Magia and it's from Homura's point of view while the intro of from Madoka's
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It's brilliant!
>I won't regret making this sinful wish of mine

This basically confirms Homura knew her wish was selfish choosing to save Madoka herself instead of wishing her free right from the start.
The ending and intro switch in episode ten makes sense now as it represents the changing of the protagonists in the series.

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Is this Dezaki's true magnum opus?
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I want to FUCK Mariko so hard!
I downloaded this, should I watch it?
Why'd you download it if you weren't wanting to watch it?
Why would you question whether to watch it only upon seeing someone call it a great director's magnum opus?

Is there a better romance manga? Between this and Nana to Kaoru, Amazume is a fucking king.
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I could let a monkey slap a collage, and it would probably have better taste than you 8/10 times.
I read it until they got together and dropped the rest. It was decent but a long slog.
Kimi No Iru Machi (Town Where You Live) If you can handle the drama

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Literally Perfection
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her mom is hotter. I would be going out with fuuka but I would be thinking about suzuka
should I tell him?
he knows its just a low level bait thread

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burger thread
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Obligatory also.
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>training in bed

Chapter 233
>Preview: http://imgur.com/a/U3aom
>Translation: http://pastebin.com/nYHJ7ZaH

Chapter 234
>Preview: http://imgur.com/a/VmpED
>Translation: http://pastebin.com/XYYUBESX

Chapter 235
>Preview: http://imgur.com/a/twfzQ
>Translation: http://pastebin.com/g2MswHzP
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>Posting gookshit on /a/
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As a reminder of 4chan's policy on Korean manhwa and Chinese manhua on /a/, see pic related.

If /a/ moderation thinks otherwise, please make a reply with your capcode and we'll take the thread elsewhere.
>Androssi can use Yuri's technique
>Koon about to kick ass with his new technique

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ITT : Unnecessary or unjustified deaths
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His death was necessary to progress simon's character though. It was Nia's death that was unnecessary and pointless.
ITT: Unnecessary or unjustified lives
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MAGES. announced on Tuesday that it is producing an original television anime project titled Lost Song, which will star Konomi Suzuki and Yukari Tamura. MAGES. did not announce a premiere date for the anime.

The anime's tagline is, "That song changes even the destiny of the stars."

Can we stop with the "Yukarin is dead meme" now? She's alive and kicking.
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Sorry but if only Yukarin was Rin, but being the hag the meme is likely to go even further. They officially killed Yukarin by not casting the fitting role on her, a role she would have gotten in her heyday.

I don't like the meme either, but I'd say we just forget about her finally and focus on still relevant seiyuu instead.
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You will get your Konomi Suzuki loli and you will enjoy it.

Watch as her and Sayaka Kanada become the new hot shit.

Also, I think Yukarin might fit her. But we can't say she's not relevant anymore considering she still gets main roles and we should be setting the "not relevant" meme to someone else.
Yukarin is like the epitome of secondary seiyuu now. They cast roles on her which nobody really cares about, the same kind newbie seiyuu get usually. And I say it as a (past) huge fan of her - I'm not sure I even fanboy'd over any other seiyuu, but surely not as hard as I used to on Yukarin.

So he wants to resolve all of the contracts in the book, right?

Why doesn't he just use the names in the book to summon each yokai and then release them afterwards?
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Do people even watch this fujoshit ?
drains shit ton of energy. He may also not know how to call.
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IIRC, you have to know the Yokai's appearance in addition to their name to be able to summon them.

I do!

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Greatest love story ever told? maybe
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Clannad is better because it shows what happened after the couple got together.
Go watch honey and clover. It's realistic and considerably better written/directed/voiced/etc.

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With Lupin Part II being released on DVD today, lets have a good ol' Lupin thread.

Goemon film comes out next month in Japanese theaters.

Blue Jacket Blu Ray coming out in the next couple of months

Not to mention it's the 50th anniversary for the worlds greatest thief. How will you be celebrating?
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also I notice a lot of people come to these threads who want to get into Lupin but don't know where to start so here is what I suggest you watch.

(Green) First series - (Watch all of it}
(Red) Second series - (Watch some of it)
(Pink) Third Series - (Watch some of it)
(Blue) Forth Series - (Watch all of it)

once you've seen enough of the red jacket series, feel free to start the movies. all of the series is episodic for the most part so their isn't a main storyline that needs to be followed until you get to part 4. Anyway here are the movies you should watch in this exact order once you have seen enough of red jacket.

Mystery of Mamo
Castle of Cagliostro
Legend of the Gold Babylon
Fuma Conspiracy
Hemingway Papers
In Memory of Walther P38
Missed by a Dollar

when you're done with these, feel free to watch the rest of the movies however you like. I have left out some other good films but these ones are essential.

once you have finished with all you wanted to see, check out the Fujiko Mine spinoff series to see if you like it. It serves as a prequel to the green jacket series but it does have a main story as well as being episodic so you may need to watch all of it. Be aware it is darker in tone. Once you have finished that, watch it's sequel OVAs which is called Jigen's Gravestone. once you have finished Jigen's Gravestone watch it's sequel film Blood Spray of Goemon which comes out on February 4th.

Everything comes full circle. Hope this helps.
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come on people. Rupan Sansei
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