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Typical Onsen.jpg
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I learned so much about the importance of bra fitting well on varied breast forms.
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a wonderfully educational anime

Would have been so much better if any of the girls were hot, other than the new girl.
I loved the monkey

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JoJo, I'm Part 5.
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You're a cute guy
The manga really does look like shit without its colors.
Half the fight panels are incomprehensible lines in black and white.

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This is Izumi Shimomura and she will accompany you for tonight.

Say something good about her
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She's cute. CUTE!!!
No. That's an Ajin. Ajins are not humans. Do not fap to Ajins.
and who is going to stop me?

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Why doesn't this show get any love on here? Is it too mature for /a/?
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Because it was simulcasted on Amazon Prime, but only for the UK.

Not only were the rips mediocre and delayed to fucking hell, there were no other alternatives to watch it.
Are you retarded
>too mature
More like too boring

Rakugo is "mature" too and it gets plenty of discussion

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With Saiyuki and Peacemaker Kurogane getting new anime, I'd like to take a moment for us to look back and talk about all the old shows we used to enjoy, hate, and put up with from the past. What was his name /a/? How well or poor would these shows do if they aired today? How did you put up with doujin circle passwords in moon and dig around through aarinfantasy to figure out how to get BL VNs to work on your PC?
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Everyone was obsessed with this but looking back on it, it was stupid, ugly and edgy but we ate it up.
>the plush elephant episode
Holy shit
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Never knew if this was canon homo or not. But it was between his brother and the megane, right?

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Can we have a revenge thread?
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Neko a best. A BEST.

Aki a shit. A SHIT.
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so, /a/. did you ever get revenge on your bullies?
neko is cute too

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Why is Kana Hanazawa in every show again?
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What's this from?
Done with her album
Because she's the best seiyuu of her generation

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I just finished watching this.

I feel charmed and lonely at the same time. How can I express this feeling? I want to tell story but I'm mostly into sounds without vocal elements.
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You guessed wrong, there's a board for that and it's called /y/ you fujoshit.

Get the fuck out.
I just googled fujoshit

im a guy
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>I just googled fujoshit

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This is a 15 year old
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Fluffer of the season?
I'm okay with that
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Let's settle this once and for all.
Panty or Stockings?
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>Would you prefer the herpes-ridden whore or the fat diabetic slob?
Muh nigga.
Both honestly.
Just imagine fucking Stockings's pale fat ass whole Panty is pegging you

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I'm still mad
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Silver a best. A BEST.

Orange a shit. A SHIT.
So did the novels end in the same way as the anime?

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This any good?

I've read that the beginning parts feel kind of aimless and impenetrable but the premise sounds neat.
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It's a spectacle. It's something you're supposed to look at and be amazed by. It's not a story that's supposed to fascinate you with its intricacies and twists.
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People rave about it, but I don't really see why. The designs are pretty interesting, and Nihei is good at the architectural stuff. The story and characters feel kind of empty, though. It's mostly a lot of walking. I don't regret reading it, but I also don't feel the need to revisit it.

It's okay if it's your cousin, right?
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Incest is my greatest fetish thanks to anime.

What fetish did /a/ gain after watching anime?
>Having a fetish
Im a degenerate
>Picking cousin over a full blooded sister.

Cousin is the weaker form of incest.

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Babies, all of you.jpg
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>there are /a/nons so young that they were in high school when the Higurashi VNs came out
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I was just starting elementary school
Shut the fuck up grandpa
You should have read episode 1 in kindergarten. It would have been really scary for a 5/6 year old.

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Was he autistic?
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He was next level
He was just bored.
What's with the recent flood of Initial D posting?

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