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>kidnaps minors to be used in horrific human experiments and

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>kidnaps minors to be used in horrific human experiments and terrorist attacks
>major co-conspirator in terrorist attack on the leaf that resulted in the hokage's death
>major co-conspirator in 4th great ninja war in which manipulated purified souls to be used as weapons
>it resulted in over 40,000 deaths from the 5 great nations
>and the entire world almost getting eternally trapped in a dream world
In spite of all this for some reason he is allowed to go free and run the old orphanage he is from. Naruto even let him take in a bunch of mini Shin clones with artificial sharringans that were created by his old partner in crime who was also allowed to walk free.
>crying about naruto villians getting gree passes
Pls leave
Fuck off
that's what happens when your story is written by a low test faggot with excessive tolerance
Naruto is /a's favorite anime

you fuck off
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Can I stick my dick in?
Will it hurt?
Vore, horny now.
Kishi was just an autistic dude in love with his twin brother. He doesn't know how human beings work.
Please return to your containment general

He got mindfucked by the most garystu character in the series, he made him turn his life 180
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Wait a minute, Anon. Are you suggesting that Naruto is a poorly written series?
He'd been mindraped into being good, making him a non-threat.
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>most garystu character in the series
>not madara or sasuke "yeah sorry" uchiha

Itachi was literally Sahringan asspull no jutsu guy, if I remember correctly he introduced almost every Sharingan jutsu in the manga.
He was one of the most powerful characters in the manga, and he wasn't even interested in seeking power and shit, if he wasn't born in the Uchiha clan, dude would probably be a florist or some shit, at some point he got ill, and didn't even bother to find a cure.
All other super powerful characters in the manga, were that powerful because they trained every single day, and increasing power was their main goal in life. Even Hashi said he is the most talented ninja ever

>You are done Itachi
>Not so fast, I didn't want to use this but you don't give me a choice
>Proceeds to asspull some sharingan jutsu which perfectly counters the power of his opponent
yeah the words have been so overused they've lost almost all meaning but itachi was an actual gary stu
>kills parents
>mass murders children and the elderly
>tortures little brother
>tells him to be hateful and to kill his best friend
>never actually tells konoha about madara
>the reaction of all the good guys interacting with him is to zealously suck his dick and treat him like a wise mentor figure
worst character in naruto tied with obito and sakura
>trained all their life

That's Itachi. Madara was given the rinnegan along with Kabuto mods and would have been flattened by Guy without his 10 Tails bullshit. So was Sasuke with Sage of Six paths chakra. Eventually the later become so powerful that no one could do shit about the fact that he was an international criminal after which he was forgiven for reasons; they spend so much time making the people who wanted this cunt dead look like they were in the wrong and because he was the author's pet he survived so much shit like the Great Snake Escape that he never should have survived. Madara made the five kage his bitch; there was no character development or anything. It was just chapter after chapter and episode after episode of Madara beating the Kage; they even had an OP dedicated to it, and the only purpose the entire thing served was to make Madara look awesome.
Itachi killed a bunch of traitors in a ninja setting. I see no problem with this.
parricide is universally considered one of the worst crimes you can commit you sub-nigger

it also only addresses one of my points but what else should l expect from itachifags
Izanami was bullshit, but Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi were cool when they were introduced because he was the only person using them. Susanoo wasn't horrible until literally every Sharingan user had one.
No. Fucking treachery is. There's nothing wrong with killing your father if your father's an evil, dangerous cunt. And this evil cunt was going to endanger several more people by potentially destablizing the village. Even in the softer modern world the penalty for treachery or a political coupe is generally death; so much as involve yourself in an attempt to kill a U.S. president and your life is over. But in a pre-modern one like Naruto's? You'd be drawn and quartered.
>muh state above family
conglaturations on being a literal communist shill, cocksucker
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>Naruto: sand kid, we cool! you killed people but being alone and shit feels bad, so I let you go. no prison, just go with your bros that destroyed my hometown
>Naruto: you killed my master that was your master and my father's master, and my other master, and my town, so prepare to d--
>Naruto: oh... you poor thing... you are crippled! then okay! I shall let you go with your emo waifu. Sacrifice with revive bullshit-no-jutsu? Then I will never forget you!
>Naruto: Coolguy, you killed Neji and thousands of ninjas, but your cool! Why? Because you are the best friend of my other master that you tried to kill because of your waifu! You also had the same dream as me, to be the president of hypocrisy. You know, work my ass, being son of a genius, with a monster inside and destiny is better. Sorry Neji
>Naruto: hey monster! I forgive you for killing and destroying towns because we were bad to you because we never asked your name!
>Naruto: Sasuke, stop being emo or I-? You want to mate the girl that I had the hots since I was kid? The one you tried to kill when you were blind? Fuck yes bro! we good!!!
>Naruto: Orochimaru, you can be on your lab doing weird experiments with no restrictions

Those aliens deserve to win and end that world
>muh family right or wrong

I bet you support nepotism too. The Uchiha were criminals and were punished as such; well, not entirely. Everything they did to potentially tarnish their name was white washed per Itachi's request, so they were remembered as victims instead of as the traitors they were. Even buried in marked graves despite being dishonored dead.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 6

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