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Who is she cosplaying as /a/
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Joseph Goebbels
Pico from Boku no Pico
That's a picture of me. I was cosplaying as Anne Frank-enstein.

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is "s.CRY.ed" the most underrated series of all time?
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it's pretty good
It's pretty much the 90s style taken to its logical conclusion.
But it's not underrated. It's not even that obscure, and almost everyone who's seen it likes it.

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Who is the best Trigger/Gainax girl?
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ryuuko is the only girl i'd pee inside
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Debatable, but I choose this goddess

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Which one do you think it is worse, weird ass character design for the sake of being special snowflake, or bland generic character design for the sake of becoming easier for the audience to project itself into the MC?
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It's not either or, both extremes are bad. As with most things the best options tend to lay somewhere in the middle
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Weird character design

Who the fuck would dress like this IRL?
Super models

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Choose carefully /a/.
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>those elf hips
guild girl a best

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download (1).jpg
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Haha guys get this... I'll just put a mask on, nobody will know who I am! And all the fuckwits who watch this anime will think it's the most original and deep plot device ever!
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We all know it's you, Char, just stop already.
Jaden, its time to get of 4chan
it also had a voice masker and kinda fucked up what his height would be

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>It's been 32 years since the latest Vagadond chapter
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Is Vagabond a samurai yet? I stopped reading /a/'s Vagabond threads 16 years ago.
What happened to it? Is the author dead?
Couldn't care less since the fucker made Kojiro disabled. Why the fuck would you do that.

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So I'm 8mins26secs in when does it actually get good?
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>I'm 8mins26secs in
When it was called Utena.

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Post overrated trash

I'll start.
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Get the fuck out of /a/
Back to >>>/reddit/
i just finished this. bump while i write something.

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Omorai-kun chapter 6
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>Had a lunch with a former Ghibli animator. He told me it was REALLY hard to work with Miyazaki. Lots of them suffered from severe depression

>People quitting the job, making nightmares, being hospitalized, even thinking of ending their days... Crazy stories


Not quite the good guy he looks like eh?
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Stop making these fucking threads, this isn't /v/.

I hope you faggots sage this shit.
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>Not quite the good guy he looks like eh?
This is old news anon. Everyone knows Miyazaki expects the best.
If he didn't expect the best, he wouldn't get the best result.
It's okay because he'll make packaged ramen for you!

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What's a good battle shonen to read? Looking for something with transformations and named attacks. I've read Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter X Hunter, Shaman King, Fairy Tail (lol), a bit of Saint Seiya, Seven Deadly Sins and My Hero Academia.
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Fuck off.
Azumanga Daioh

that or Hokuto no Ken
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Gash Bell.

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One thing that I didn't understand in DragonBall is why did Zamasu wish to switch bodies with Goku and become Goku, rather than simply wish for his Zero Mortals plan to come true?
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He wanted to kill the mortals by his own hand.
More fun to do the killing yourself.

Think about it. You don't wish to have everything we in luxury for you -- you wish for money so you can buy it all yourself.
Use the catalog retard

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Hmm. Getting the raws took longer than I thought. Anyways.
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Chapter 125: Snacks

Nashimoto Yukari
Year 2, Class 1. Cooking Club.
A gluttonous girl. She has a crush on Sonobe-kun, who often gives her candy.

Sonobe Kazuya
Year 2, Class 1. Student Council Secretary. Wind Ensemble.
He often gives candy to Nashimoto-san in his class. He knows Nashimoto-san is on a diet.

After the next test, we're going on our class field trip.
Nasshii, aren't you going to confess to Sonobe-kun?

No way!! You're gonna be like this now that you got a boyfriend?!
But Nasshii, lately you two have had a good vibe...

Whooa whoaaa!!
It's nothing like that!!

Whooa whoaaa!!

[Side] It's nothing like that, but I wish it was.
File: 401.jpg (456KB, 1114x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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To be honest, I've also been thinking we have a good vibe recently.
Nashimoto-san, do you want some candy?

Like how he gives me candy, or when he gives me candy...
(Small) Oh, M&Ms! (lit. "marbles", they're essentially M&Ms, and I can't think of a good non-branded term for that sort of candy, maybe it's better to stick with "marble chocolate/candy"?)
(Small) They're great, right?

And his candy is so great...!!

Hey Sonobe-kun, do you give candy to other girls too?
Nope. Not really.

Sonobe-kun really does...
Why ithhat? *num*

Well you know, Nashimoto-san, because you're always hungry.
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Whenever I see you hungry, I just can't leave you alone...
R... really...?

Should I be happy about that... or...
Does that mean you think... I eat too much?

Not at all. No way, haha.

You *do* think that, don't you?! That I'm just a glutton girl?!
I don't think you're fat or anything.
What about a glutton?!

Sorry, sorry... It's just that you eat so happily...

This sucks!! I thought we had a good vibe, but he's almost acting like I'm his grandchild...

But you know, Nashimoto, that's the part about you

Kurihara-san... She recently got a boyfriend.

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I know we all want to fuck these two, but which series do you think will become AOTS? It's clear that these two are the best of the season and I doubt Maid Dragon will be as good as either of them.
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Replace Demi with Gabriel Dropout and you'd have an argument
>he posted it again
Haha, what a funny guy.
ayo mods wake up

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