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So can we all agree this is the best season in a long time?
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well this is the only Onihei looking thread, is the show homoshit or not?
No, but it's better than I thought it would be.
I guess I'll try it then.

What if Evangelion was released today?
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It'd be considered a masterpiece irregardless. Eva is timeless.
Maybe the actual message would be more understood before Waifushit and merchandising went into full blast?
What's up with this bitch MC
>daddy issues

Hey guys

I know we don't agree on things too often, but can we at least agree that Platinum Disco is the best Monogatari OP?
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no it's Kogarashi Sentiment
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Ringo > Bure > Rumba
patrician taste

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The Trap is actually straight.
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I want to intercourse him.
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When do they fuck?

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Rate my wife
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im gonna be the twintail
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tail red in bed.jpg
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im gonna lewd a twintail
>kiss anime
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Tailred 3.jpg
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I sure wish I as a cute loli twintail.

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Post a picture and we all create tags that would best fit said picture.

This should be an easy one.
>Bully,Tall girl,Domination, big tits, humiliation.
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tags: Fisting
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Vore, Rape, Murder.
>male: tomgirl, anal, ahegao

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It only took two seasons but we almost got our yuri end
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No more for you 2.gif
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Yes we did.

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There's literally nothing wrong with Himouto! Umaru-chan
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Nothing wrong that my dick couldn't fix.
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People who don't like this show are literal plebs
>baaaawww she doesn't learn her lesson

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Why no one translated the latest chapters yet. It golden
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you missed the thread were we did translate on spot dipshit
archive number?
do you think im your fucking dog?
get off your fatass and start mooving those fingers fag

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What the heck this ended! I just found out, and now I'm sad ;_;
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I want a S2
The previous chapter was a better way to end it.
I'm gonna miss Kon. Is there any news on what the mangaka will do next?

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Seshiji o Pin!.jpg
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So you guys had a thread about this (pic-related) a few days ago and I started reading it!

It's a fucking hoot! I love it!

Any chances that this might get animated?
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It's a miracle this still isn't axed, mostly thanks to all the other cushions it has.
Maybe if Ballroom e Youkoso is a success. Hopefully it'll also bring more interest to the manga. Sesuji should be safe from getting axed for the time being since Spring Weapon and Amalgam are both way worse and on the chopping block, but I don't think it's firmly safe for the future.

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What the fuck did I just read?
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A once in a generation masterpiece.
The hero we deserve.
Presumably you read あの娘は都市伝説。

But hey, I guess I can't just assume things by reading titles or anything.

If the quality was better, could it have been a better anime adaptation? Or it should had more episodes?
Also, Blazblue thread, Ragna will be always alive for me, Carl need friends and Jubei is still not playable
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I don't know anything about the source material, but I love Ragna. He's the perfect good bad boy.
Imai-san! Imai-san!
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I've always preferred GG to BB overall, but Tsubaki, Hakumen and Arakune are pretty damn great.

Guilty Gear anime when?

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leo eyes2.jpg
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I ended up putting Kekkai Sensen on an indefinite hold when it was airing and I'm just about to finally finish it right now. It's alright, I really love the world and the setting, but it really suffers from the episodic style in my opinion. How's the manga in comparison?
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>suffers from the episodic style
Only thing it had going for it. The Bones-original stuff had a little promise but fell flat (to the surprise of only the most gullible and naive).
To me it felt like nothing got developed enough because of it. They just kept introducing characters and then moved on.
Each episode is its own story as a result.

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