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How do you deal with anons and artists lewding your waifu in such degenerate ways /a/?
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i masturbate to it
Depends. A wholesome and respectful doujin or picture and I deal with it by fapping, but unfortunately my waifu is the subject of a forced meme interracial scat doujin. That I just ignore.
Simple,they don't.

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pure grill.gif
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who's the best Shimoneta and why Kaijou-senpai?
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>> ywn be bullied by dickhead
I would love to give her a strap-on and let her go to town
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She sucks, she doesn't even commit to real sex. Also her childish "jokes" get annoying very fast.

Ana senpai is better.

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Why did they make Megumi so much superior to other girls?
It's not even fair at this point.
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Megumi a shit.
>nothing but bait and shitstorm day in and out.
Saekano was a mistake and should be deleted on sight.
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Megumi's okay but there's the superior Mayu from the superior work Koisuru Metronome. Admit it, Mayu > Megumi

You're a shit

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Praise me
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Someone write a song
Both Chitose and Girlish Number were shit.
What a shit opinion.

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What if S3 sucks?
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It can't be that bad, unless some third rate studio's behind it like with Yuki-chan
endless 8 was already animated, so it can't suck
If it's bad Kyoanuslickers will just convince themselves it was good anyway like they did with Nichijou, so it doesn't matter

Kinema Junpo listed "In This Corner of the World" as the best Japanese film of 2016, the first time an anime was number one since My Neighbor Totoro. Anno's Shin Godzilla was 2nd.
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Yes I am the only one who makes threads related to this movie btw
Shinkai and Kyoanu BTFO'd
>Anno's Shin Godzilla was 2nd.
then the list must be bad

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Dibs on Koito
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I wont let any of you sorry ass virgins touch me
If I can't look like Koito then I might as well be dead

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Let's face it, Garden of Words has been his best (and quite possibly only good) film to date.
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You've never watched Akira and Perfect Blue, haven't you?!
>has been *his* best

Still prefer 5cm/s
My bad. I've only watched Garden of Words from him, but I've heard nice things about Kimi no na wa.

What were they thinking?
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>laying in bed browsing /a/
>see this as nodding off
>lights on, assemble my Touhou plushie collection in my arms
>not sleeping tonight
Fuck you
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What are you, a little girl?

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Are there manga or anime about young college couple dating and having pure relationship? Just holding hands, cuddles and kisses?
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Golden time
Golden time
didn't they fuck already?

How does it make you feel, this guy is the one who will play

starts at 0:37

why didnt they get a NEET from 4chan instead of a guy like that, he's way too extroverted to pull it off
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At least black people will finally have something to cosplay as.
actually netflix is making it so i'm sure it'll be better than the japanese version
Black people have been cosplaying for years and are now doing it better than the whites.

Please go ahead and shut your dumb ass up now.

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> this is an eldritch abomination
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This is a more voluptuous and better eldritch abomination.
I want to fuck and impregnate Luhy!
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My man of fine taste! Cakethulhu could have used some more screen time.
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What happened?

What did kyoani mean by this?
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Wanted to show us where Shoe Itchy is going to lick, kiss, and rub his dick on

Those thighs are reserved for Reina though. Shoe can kiss her shoes.
Hide! You Footfag

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Okay so lets get this straight.
Onodera-chan is best waifu, and everyone who thinks otherwise is jus a baka.
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Nisekoi is trash

You're right though
It's over anon. She lost
Kill yourself op

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So... No more sensei?
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I can finally drop this shit
>you will never kissu your sissu

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