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Let's start with the fact that she is canonly the most beautiful idol. Not only she is a supermodel, but also, she has heterochromia, a tear drop mark, a cute hairstyle and a smaller than average but not completely flat body. All of that is attractive.

Her voice is also amazing and she has a bro tier personality because she drinks even though drunk women are always the worst type of human life forms in real life, but this is 2D so she is still very nice when drunk, it's just being nice in a different way. At the same time, she is more feminine and delicate than many women.

Kaede is like a diamond in the sand of a desert, shining brightly in the night, reflecting the light of the moon in your eyes.

How can you disprove me that Kaede is not the best idol? I think you can't.
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I like Kirari
My favorite [email protected] to fap to, more so than my ex favorites Azusa and Ranko
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>tallest idol
>most deserving of headpats
For what purpose?

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I've noticed how hard it is to get replies on this board, but also that threads with K-On! images always seem to get them quicker and in greater quantity. Why is that? Is it the power of cute compelling you?
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That's cause Keion is the pinnacle of anime
hey it worked. nifty
but literally no one would like it if it wasn't anime

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This girl slaps your gf's ass. What do you do?
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She slapped her own ass?
Pick her up and give her a hug and maybe a kiss
That's cute, anon.

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So if Little Witch Academia flip flops can we finally nuke Japan again?
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Little Witch Academia = netflix so who cares
Netflix will keep it alive if it does well on there. So doesn't matter.
Who cares if it flops? We're already getting it.

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Marry Tatsuki

I don't care about the other two.
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Kiss Rukia, Marry Kukaku, Fuck Tatsuki

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Where is my girlfriend for tonight?
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In yo house
Anon, I...
But she's already dead.

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Is she the best girl?
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I want to kiss Shiemi.
she losses

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Why do Japs love giving quirks to characters? They also do it in vidya too. There's always that one character that's obsessed with a particular piece of food, an action like twirling the hair, or even just daft things they say all the time.

Do you think it adds any depth to the character or do you feel like it gets to the point where you just think "oh, so this is the quirky one"?
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Probably not usually
I used to think it was neat in one piece at first but then Oda just starting adding noises to the end of characters just because.
pizzabutt aint a quirk

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so no chapter is it late or are we on break also I guess general promised neverland thread
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Probably a late translation, can't find anything about a break online.

Also breakout when? I'm loving this series and how it's building to something bigger but I'm REALLY waiting for them to break out of the orphanage and how they do it. It'll probably be the best arc in any WSJ manga since Soul Society.
I need to see more of best girl Emma, I can't wait anymore.
i forget how long the manga said until break out but if not this volume then most likely the next but I don't see the keikaku shenanigans continuing for to long

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Why do you still follow the 3 episode rule when the 1 episode rule is superior?
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During a new season, I'll usually watch more than one episode before I drop because they only air once a week. Otherwise, I agree with you
I've always done the 1 episode rule.
Why do you still follow episode rules when the poster rule is superior?

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What went wrong?
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Jesus was misunderstood as well.
Nothing. His goal is to save anime when needed, even at the cost of being ridiculed.
Can't wait for more info on his new project.

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ITT: Worst Girls of their respective series
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This Shit Crap is the best girl in Japan?
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ITT : Ending never ever
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My tears will never dry.
Wait what even happened to this?
Don't remind me.

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That opening was shit.
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Best OP of that year by far.
your mom was fked raw by that same opening

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