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Comfy thread for comfy anime. Horriblesubs is out.

OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX6jNy0gFME

ED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmkTXmS8k5Y
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first for AOTS
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Second for best girl
Is this going to be 13 episodics, or are we getting a cohesive plot?

I hope we get some military intrigue stuff to justify the spiffy uniforms.

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What do you want out of R3? What will make you say "This was worth waiting 8 years for"? And what would immediately ruin the series for you if it happens?

+everyone acknowledging how great Lelouch is
+Lelouch having a reunion with Kallen
+Cornelia/Ohgi/Suzaku getting BTFO again
+Lelouch having a reunion with Nunnally
-Orange dying
-Lelouch starting off dead and not having been the cart driver
-Lelouch being resurrected just to die again at the end
-no keikaku doori
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>everyone acknowledging how great Lelouch is
Nah I still want him to be a bit of an ass
>Lelouch having a reunion with Kallen
C.C. and Lelouch are traveling together and probably have been for the past 5 years
>Cornelia/Ohgi/Suzaku getting BTFO again
I only want Ohgi to get shat on, Cornelia is pretty fucking cool, Suzaku meh his character wasn't that bad
>Lelouch having a reunion with Nunnally

I just want some good twists that make logistical sense and don't feel crammed into an episode. Most importantly I want lelouch to go back to his old narcisitic ways.
best girl shirley coming back from the dead, winning the lulubowl and putting CCucks in their place
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pls more.jpg
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"This week, TV Asahi broadcasted a special three-hour program entitled, “Voice Actors General Vote, as Chosen in Earnest by Popular Voice Actors: 3 Hour Special,” or, “Voice Actor General Vote 2017.” It celebrated the all-time best in the industry."


1: Kōichi Yamadera
2: Masako Nozawa
3: Keiji Fujiwara
4: Miyuki Sawashiro
5: Tomokazu Seki
6: Mayumi Tanaka
7: Minami Takayama
8: Ryusei Nakao
9: Toshio Furukawa
10: Akio Ōtsuka
11: Megumi Hayashibara
12: Toshiyuki Morikawa
13: Hidekatsu Shibata
14: Junichi Suwabe
15: Kotono Mitsuishi
16: Akiko Yajima
17: Yoshiko Sakakibara
18: Kiyoshi Kobayashi
19: Yoku Shioya
20: Shigeru Chiba
21: Noriko Hidaka
22: Akira Kamiya
23: Kaneta Kimotsuki
24: Yuji Mitsuya
25: Hiroaki Hirata
25: Sumi Shimamoto
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>only geezers and hags
>5: Tomokazu Seki

I'm happy with this.
>3: Keiji Fujiwara
Hope he isn't gone yet.

>less than 4 more days before Diana's episode

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filthy commoners are not allowed in this thread
There is nothing to be all
about, it will be great.
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leyline images.jpg
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Let's discuss things that actually matter

Just marathoned Vagabond in a single day reading nonstop, just couldn't put it down.

Anyone want to discuss it or have any insight on it? I ended up enjoying the Farm Arc a lot more then i thought i would after hearing about it.
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I liked the farming arc as well, but much of the hate it gets is due to the slow pacing and the frequent hiatuses around that time which neither of us experienced. It's a great manga imo, among my favourites. I did not like the choice to make Matahachi the narrator, though.
It's a fantastic ride with obviously great art and good arcs. I don't want to sound like a fag, but it really made me think too. One of my favorites and will reread it all when it is finally finished (whenever that will be).
Did you become invincible under the sun?

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Why did we like her again?
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What she said was all true, 100%.
that one web,
We don't. Hatoko a worst and is a normalfag scum.

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suki-sensei is obvipusly best, the others are just extras, why is she not the main girl?
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I wasn't expecting much from this show but the girls are all cute as fuck. That took me really by surprise.
Hikari is incredibly cute. This first ep set my expectations for the whole season, and it's a simple enough format that they shouldn't fuck it up
The show really took me by surprise. I was expecting Monster Musume levels of wacky and fanservice, but I got a cute overdose instead.
Glad I picked it up.

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Even if you hate Umaru, you have to admit that her design is very cute.
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Her MILF form is cuter
Gabriel is better than Umaru though.
Gabriel Dropped is a cheap Umaru rip off.

Would you be mean to Noel?
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No, because she might genocide my entire country.
Do not bully the Wotos.

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In 2002, Shakugan no Shana became the first 'modern' Light Novel.
In 2005, it became the first anime adaptation of a Light Novel.

For many years, Shana reigned supreme as the queen of anime. /a/. Japan. She dominated everywhere. Shana was the face of anime if ever there was one.

But the influence of Shakugan no Shana wasn't a good one. Her series poisoned the anime world in a way that no franchise ever has before or since. The damage caused by Shakugan no Shana continues to this very day.

It's been five years since the last material was released - since Shakugan no Shana III finished the March of 2012. I think it's time the world said goodbye to Shana, and anime was released from the shackles which bind it.
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Why would anyone care what you think?
Commit the kill yourself.
>In 2005, it became the first anime adaptation of a Light Novel.
Not even close to being true.
But the era of the Shana clone has already ended, long ago. Even that which replaced her, the Kanahana Domination Period, has waned.

This show is an insult to life itself.
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>normies hate it

This show is great. Plep filter.
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I'm still going to enjoy it somehow.
>Cant even say why it is bad and just parrots other hipsters

Hand Shakers = best original of the season HANDS down

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AOTY: Handshakers

God tier:

Intrigued tier:

Touhu tier:
Urara Meirochou

Great tier:
Ai-Mai-Mi - Surgical Friends
Nyanko Days
Gabriel Dropout

Good tier:
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Idol Jihen

Meh tier:
Akiba's Trip The Animation
Youji Senki

Shit tier:
Schoolgirl Strikers

Dropped tier:
Spiritpakt (it was actually decent, but chinese shit gets old fast)
Yaoi no Exorcist

Also rejoyce! Today is THE DAY where two most relevant shows this season will air competing in absurd humor - Maid Dragon and Konosuba.
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Are...are you actually blind? Are you using a screen-reader right now?
Please don't bump this bait thread.
Please elaborate.

You like girls with big hats?
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A girl's quality is proportional to the size of her hat.
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Why is /a/ intimidated by strong female characters?
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The most weakest class against cock and/or anal sex.
All I see is a damsel in distress.
>intimidated by anyone from SAO
I think you meant to post Shinka OP

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Do you prefer anime or manga /a/?
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Sometimes I want to read manga, and sometimes I want to watch anime.

Depends on the genre.

But I prefer manga overall.
Manga, I like moving through at my pace

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