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Do this. You guys aren't chicken are ya?
Another anon said /a/ sings is dead.
Little witch academia ending.

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Which loli from an anime or manga is most lovable?
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The next loli to be posted will be mine and she will gag on my balls for all eternity
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Find a flaw.
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Lack of Tohsaka's anus
tv edit dimmed all the good fight scenes and make you pay $300 for a bluray in which they aren't censored

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Sense delivered for once.
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S3 when
Does anyone have the Serendine one?
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Domestic abuse is not a joke.
Speak out against lion-beaters.

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Casca is adorbs
Reminder that Golden Age and lost Chilrdren arc are the only good ones.

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It's Takashima Yuna's birthday today. Everyone pump your fists and cheer to give power to the Hero so she can stand back up and defeat the Heavenly Gods!

In other news: Dengeki Bunko has chosen YuYuYu/WaSuYu as one of it's promoted titles. It will be featured in a stage event in March.

A TV program promoting YuYuYu was broadcast in Kannonji today. No particular detail of what was said on it yet though.

Nogi Wakaba is a Hero will be coming out one day later this month, on January 30th.

YuYuYu Four Seasons radio show will be on January 16th.

Second NoWaYu drama CD here: https://mega.nz/#F!kEcXzarR!gPLXIVubNLOS0Qj8jLxn7w

Pastebin here: http://pastebin.com/2wvjCyrV
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Reminder that if you believed that Mob Psycho had the best animation of the year you're a fucking hipster and should kill yourself. Yuri on Ice was the best animated show of 2016, probably the decade even. Get over yourselves Mobfags
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I agree and I'm also a Mobfag like OP.
ask me anything about Mob Psycho 100 if you don't believe.
Both are shit so who cares?
One is shit(no pun intended) and the other is a good sports anime born to make history.

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First Youjo Senji now this. /a/ truly has the worst taste when they shill a series before it airs.
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Yes, how dare people like the source material. It's not like it's been a manga for years and people have had time to read it and find out they enjoy it. Truly, anyone who likes anything is a shill.
/a/ was "shilling" that as soon as that came out
and by "shilling" I mean an occasional thread maybe every other chapter
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Nekopata anime kickstarter has reached it's $500,000 and will now be a 60min long OVA
How does this make you feel?
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Steam weebs are a bane on existence.
Nice but I'm probably going to pull my $300 before the end.

Also this.
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>he's not watching anime ironically
Who's the weeb now?

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What was his endgame?
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Kyon's dick
Being a tryhard cool guy
Fuck haruhi or die trying

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Is she going to tell her the truth?
Salty cunt
Doubt it, she might take it as Nakano just fucking with her even further.

Azuma is super butt-blasted right now, and she really thinks that Nakano was not honest with her to begin with, so anything that she says right now will be taken in the worst way possible.

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Two heroines that represent the cheerful kouhai archetype. One got forgotten and undeveloped, the other became one of the best parts of the spin off.

What gives? What is the secret to having a character succeed in the eyes of the fandom?
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Utaha a best. A BEST.

Eriri a shit. A SHIT.
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>Utaha gets rekt in the main series
>Utaha gets rekt in her own spin off
>Insecure Utahafags throw dirt on best girl
Kill yourselves.
Utaha a best!

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Hopeman OVA came out today, time to wait for someone to rip it.
plz no drv3 spoilers
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leaving before spoilers, but bacon hands best girl
You're gonna hate V3 then

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Remember me?
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Yeah, Grimgar was great.

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I think this is a good place to ask about this

This bundle is about to end, and i would like to know if the volumes they provide here are of better quality than the scanlations we currently have.

Also, if someone already bought it, could they provide some links?
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Beeter go back to bumping your /wsr/ thread m8
nothing else i can do about it
I'd pay $8 for the volumes but $17 for the artbook is too much for me, especially since I haven't even read Blame in the first place.

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