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japanese cold user.png
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>get a fuckton of money
>instead of renting a small home for a small % of it and open a bank account or at least rent a safe box in one she keep it in a fucking bag and live like a fucking homeless

This dead bitch is dumb as fuck
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She didn't graduate high school. You expected her to be intelligent enough to do that sort of thing?
If you are intelligent enough to take your own father's dick and buy drugs you are for renting a house

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Here we post girls taller than the MC

A big post for big girls.
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>tall girls
>the most headpat-worthy
How does this happen?
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comic dfc.jpg
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Thank you Saphir, thank you.
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Who is this sodomite?


This post was brought to you by captcha, destroyer of fun
Best wife.

So this was aoty for 2016 huh?
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It was Flip Flappers

/a/ decided
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i'm not watching a show for cucks
ITT: Normalfags and casuals

Explain idols to me. What is the appeal to them outside of singing girls in cute dresses?

Is it because they come in groups and you can pick and choose? Are their personalities realistic and endearing? Is it the design? Are the songs actually good? The story good? Or the games actually fun? Tell me why it's so popular when other anime have done the same?
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They're cute little virgins you want to waifu

Except for Honoka who is a JAV slut
So if they didn't sing and dance would they still be just as popular? It has to be more than that.
2D are a gateway to 3D real life idols which is way more addicting and destructive.

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No one else pumped for this short?
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Ep is 4 minute long.
Damn, I thought it's going to be normal length

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>This thing appears before you and tells you to make a wish

Wat do?
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I can't get over how cute he looks.
I wish I was a magical girl
I wish I was a Kyubey

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maxresdefault (1).jpg
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Episode 1 is released on Amazon Japan.
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Oh forget to day, usual place will stream it in 20 minutes later.
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ITT: anime men will never understand
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Beyond human comprehension
Because it's made for children
To be fair the part with gendo saying something unknown to her really was mysterious and hard to understand

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ITT: Anime characters you can beat up in a fistfight
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Anti-bully ranger!
File: main_kizu_c1323_t2-1024x576.jpg (71KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
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Easily I could beat his ass. Probably couldn't kill him though.

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Winter 2017.png
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So what are you actually sticking with this season, /a/?
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I intend to watch LWA, Gabriel Dropout, Urara, and Konosuba all the way to the end.
Anything else I might put down based on how it goes.
I just don't know what to watch. Everything looks ugly.
Little Witch Academia and Ai Mai Mi because I like them, Rakugo, Konosuba and Maidragon out of obligation.

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Red haired anime girls are the biggest sluts.
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Red haired girls tend towards being aggressive, but I'd say that pink haired girls tend towards being actually sluttier than red.
File: 1419454915357.jpg (99KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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N-no. They are very pure.

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What's the best tablet for reading manga? I can't stand doing it sitting at a computer.
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ipad or you're a poorfag piece of shit
Just get something cheap.
I use an e-ink reader. You can use Kindle Comic Converter for the conversion.

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I fucking died.
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this nigga.jpg
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They really have nothing better to do.
the chapter 61 is in the archive if anyone want to typeset it.
I kinda hoped they would unexpectedly date.

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I watched episode 1, is it worth continuing?
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Are you new to anime?
Actually yes
>is it worth continuing?
watch a better show like yuki yuuna

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