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>oh, he's kiddi-
>it's true
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why do people think this is watchable?
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Because Hito-chan a cute.
Fuck you. I liked.

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What determines a series popularity? For example, why is garbage like Infinite Stratos popular and a show like Trinity Seven obscure when both are harems?
Another example is why is K-On popular when something like Kiniro Mosaic not popular? Is it the timing of when a show airs?
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From the examples you listed? Yes. it's basically timing.
K-On was way better than Kinmosa.
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Liking Infinite Stratos is a form of bullying done to that fat guy who writes it. Nobody likes his waifu, Houki, and it made him SO MAD he tries to smear shit on every other character to make Houki more appealing.

There are anime that can match the artistic level of the 1995 version (without ugly ass cg) of Ghost in the Shell?
Cowboy bebop and EoE come near artistically, but don't really reach the formal perfection of gits from an animation/drawing point of view
Also ghibli movies look Amazing, as well as shinkai's, but i feel like in Ghost in the Shell characters are more human-like, when usually in anime they are portrayed in a more cartoonish style, with stilized tracts like enormous eyes and heads or worse.
Gits gives me a sense of maturity and solemnity that no other anime that i've seen gave me, i'm looking for other anime that can give me the same feel
Also gits (oshii) appreciation thread
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You should check out Boku no Pico, it's a hidden gem.
You are really enjoying 2008 don't you
Don't forget to check out Pico to Chico.

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Why don't we shoop in some anime characters to this already iconic image to make it more anime related?
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A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess.

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What would it be like dating a tomboy?
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hella gay
Sweaty and smelly, like a summer afternoon.
>you will never go on a date with your tomboy gf and sleep under a tree midday while the warm summer breeze hits you

quick little dump due to a /v/ermin posting a page without english typeset
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Just finished the first season and loved it. I'm wondering if people still talk about this show despite it being like 12 years old.
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Run before you get spoiled. I got spoiled. Run.
alicia is a slut
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This. Don't be me.

All you need to know is that S3 is the best season. Avoid everything Aria-related like the plague.

In about one hour I'm gonna start flooding your thread with Aria spoilers and ruin some serious magic for you. You've been warned.

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I'm in love with a puppet!
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I want to fuck a sumire.
This manga is very disturbing

How so?

Sumire is best puppet waifu.

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What ale your thoughts on LOGH?
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And I mean that.
Dont know. I find it rather mediocre, and i think it has problems with pacing and character development. It may be because i dont like sc-fi and very long stories.
Tell me what you disliked about the character development. Was it that some of the characters had already fully developed their personalities?

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Let's have one of these threads.


Chooses what you watch today.
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I guess I'm reading shoujo manga today.
>Hybrid Berry
Looks cute. Short read so I may as well check it out.
>Shiroi Kumo
Shit. I wasn't expecting feels.

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Are you ready for boku no pico 2.0?
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Those are some cute as hell boys, look like Yukimura from Haganai tho
>released 12 days ago
>not online yet

it's never coming

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Has a greater love story ever been told?
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>draw a girl
>like rabbits

10/10 a literal masterpiece
It's what's under the skirt that matters.

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Is Nausicaa the greatest manga of all time?
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no it's crap, i only watched it for the voice over and the voice over seemed fan made
The voices were better in the manga.
I think after the mid it got somehow too much.
Intelligent fungi, super psychic powers and AI stuff just grew over the story and left me kinda behind. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say.
Also why is she dooming humanity. It was them who created all the insects and fungi in the first place

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>Ichika isn't actually dense, and knows that all the girls want his dick
>Knows that if he picks one of the girls the rest will be pissed and he might be murdered
>Pretends to be a dense Harem protagonist to avoid his own demise

Is Ichika the greatest mastermind and top ruse-man in the history of anime?
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Sage for shit thread.
This thread is a ruse.
He's at least better than Ayato from Asterisk.

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You'll never be as cool as your brother
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You'll never play bass in blink 182.
My brother is dead
generic band

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