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After all these years, Anal is still 100% pure waifu material. Why hasn't anime produced a better girl?
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There is nothing pure about anal.
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Wasn't the whole point of the series that Menma was more pure and angelic than any other girl?
Only because she died.

She'd have grown up to be the sluttiest girl in town.

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Is it cringy if I use the pillarmen theme as my alarm sound?
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Yes. Kill yourself jojobronies,

Also, Kira did nothing wrong.
No I use it for my workouts.

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>A fucking harem anime show
>Never ends in a fucking harem route

It's like you want all the other better characters to emotionally suffer.
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Polygamy is banned in Japan.
Try reading better harem series like Umi no Misaki, etc.
Harem is just a means to an end most of the time. Usually the author has a heroine in mind and utilizes the harem fantasy to appeal to different fans and generate a competitive atmosphere. Even if you don't like the designated true love interest, you can stick around for another girl.

For harem end, you go for stuff where its plausibility is well established.

You wouldn't
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Wow, Calcifer has a cute body now
Think of all the doujin scenarios she could be in.
But what's the point of doing lewd things to her if you can't see the expression on her face?

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What were the worst girls of last year? I'll start with an obvious one.
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t. bully
OP's pic not related.
>hating qt Rinne of justice
Real life bully detected.

H-Hey /a/non over there, will you join my band?
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I'd be right happy to!
you're not htt so no thank you
Childhood friend loses in a title named after another girl, right?

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Before I go further down the rabbit hole on this fucking anime I must know
Does she ever get fully naked?
I remember once someone posted a particularly interesting webm of Hotaru being dominant and basically having her way with Kokonotsu
Was that real or was I dreaming? Does that actually happen?
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>Does she ever get fully naked?
>Was that real or was I dreaming? Does that actually happen?
She's fully naked right there.

Unless you're asking if they actually SHOW her completely naked, on a TV broadcast show, which if you can't figure out on your own you may be a bit dense.
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Why did best girl have to be brown?
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For questions like that, the answer is usually tokenism.
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I don't think so though, because even without the brown, she was unique looking and completely different than all of the other characters.

That has nothing to do with anime tokenism.

Noob questions here, hopefully some one can help.

So ive recently started watching anime, and have learned some things that are confusing to me. If i understand correctly, most if not all anime is an adaptation from a previous manga.
Now this is where im getting lost. Now theres light novels, and manga, the diference being ones strictly words? And manga is a weekly comic strip? So the manga volumes you can buy are just a collection of a couple months worth of weekly comic strips collected into a volume?
Then in order for an anime to get a second+ season there needs to be a certain amount of manga chapters completed?
This is where im getting lost. A lot of the animes ive been watching lately only have 1 season, with no announced plans for a season 2. People in the comments say there are enough chapters in the manga for 2 or more season, and that light novels are still being written. If no second season of an anime will be released i would love to read the manga of it. But to continue the story, do i need to wait for enough chapters to be collected into a volume and published as a single book?
Im so lost, and google is definitely not making any of this clearer.
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I don't know which of your questions you actually want asked, so I'll answer the last one.

No, you don't need to wait for more chapters. You just read until you can find no more translated chapters.

Something to note, though, is that sometimes the anime will take a different plot from the manga because the manga doesn't have enough material/who the fuck knows.
Thanks, i gathered that much i think.
I guess all thats left is what the fuck is the difference between manga and a light novel?
A manga is basically a Japanese comic book, yeah. They differ from American comic books in that they're mostly in black and white and are written by a single author.

A Light Novel is a novel that's written in a simplistic style (think Goosebumps). Light Novels generally have illustrations spread throughout the book, every 20-30 pages or so.

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Whoaaa. That was close
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Interview partner

"Oh, what a coincidence to meet you here"
"Hey there"

"You free now?"
"Uhh yeah"

"If it's alright, could you help me out with an interview?"

"Hi there. We're holding a couples only event right now"
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Comic 1
Boys and Girls only

"Here you go"

"I wanted photos of these couples only sweets"
"So tthat's it"

"You must not think of these as frivolous events"
[Poster right] Couples only Hot spring trip plan
[Poster left] Couples only escape game
"The public demand for these is growing right now"

"And then there are swapping events"
"Those are for hardcore people"

Comic 2


Done eating -->


"This is the first time I saw someone put the straw on their tongue and suck the juice out who isn't joking around"

This is Urd, a goddess second class. Say something nice about her.
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She's cute and I want to do lewd things with her.

I'd Urd and her mom at the same time.
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You're better than all the girls except Skuld.

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Suited girls?
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How much do you love your waifu?
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if dubs, you're waifu is now mine
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a perfect smile.jpg
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the MOST

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After all this time, I'm still in love with Chitose.
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She redeemed herself in the last 2 episodes, but she's still a bitch. One of the good characters from last season, though.
I miss Momoka.
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>that filename

Good to see you, anon

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Japan is a rule-based culture, so the entire country is basically a big rule-meme.
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