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In this thread, we talk about how the dicks of a Rock Human are actually really important to the plot and not just an anatomy lesson made by Norisuke.
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Narancia is so cute!
Yotsuyu's dick could be a plot point. Araki clearly loves drawing Damo and ever since his death every time he's been mentioned Araki makes sure to draw his face in the speech bubble, so he clearly doesn't want us to forget him, and if you look at things objectively he's been the main antagonist up until his death since he was responsible for like 90% of the bad shit that was happening to Josuke and he one who killed Kira and Josefumi in the first place. Minor silly stuff like the fired chicken and large fries stuff is actually seemingly foreshadowing, so Yotsuyu's dick coming off might actually be hinting at some kind of asexual reproduction. There are species of jellyfish and the like that are immortal and at the moment of death jettison off their junk which turns into a polyp and then grows into an adult jellyfish all over again after the main body is too damaged to continue on, and with how weird Rock Humans are and the focus put on Yotsuyu's dick I can honestly see something similar occurring, stupid as it sounds. Yotsuyu's dick fell into the sea, and the other Rock Human dicks are in unknown conditions. Aishou's is probably destroyed on account of being crushed by a bus, the twins dick's may or may not be destroyed and Damo's dick should be perfectly fine like Yotsuyu's. Alternatively we know for sure that even though they're dead they're still going to be major factors in the plot and for sure will appear in future flashbacks as we learn more about what the fuck is actually happening in Morioh.
Would Kira's bombs trigger in stopped time?

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>Next episode soon
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I was just about to make a thread as well.

A bunch of new info is out after the hobby show the other day.

Mika's upgrade. "Barbatos Lupus Rex".

The claws are made out of the rare super special alloy stuff as Grimgerde's swords for rip and tear attacks and the tail uses the flexible wire from the Hashmal with a new blade tip.

Also mace-chan returns and is all grown up.
Julietta's new MS. "Reginlaze Julia".
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And some more info on Bael as well as its colors revealed.
Apparently within the 72 frames it and barbatos are supposed to be sort of brother units.

No info yet on the purple gundam from the OP and whether it's Kimaris or not.

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Who is the most attractive Love Live?
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I hope Sunshine season 2 shows off Hanamaru's boobs more. Despite being so busty, she's drawn pretty flatly most of the time.
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Fucking dropped. Is this a feminist anime bullshit or something?
Did I get memed again?
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>girl craving men
fuck off retard
Lesbians are soooo second wave, anon. Get with it.
I'm more triggered by the fact that they're dating as a replacement of each other's unrequited love. This shit sounds like typical soup opera that female watches just to spite man more.

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damaged edition
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use the catalog retard
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fem broly .jpg
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how can something with such a pretty art style have such a shitty story

holy shit this is stupid
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Its a pretty generic jrpg story for awhile. It starts to get interesting after all of the main cast is introduced and the plot starts to go somewhere.
But I don't have high hopes for this. A1 could have done a much better job of this pilot than they did. In the game this whole section is covered in about 10 minutes. MC just meets Lyria, Hydra fight, then they steal an airship and fly off. None of the villager stuff or extra exposition. Could have done it all in one episode.
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What did you expect from literally an iOS game.

Will Koharu return to Four Star Academy, or will she idle in Italy for eternity?
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Kaede is dating Yurika!
Yume is talking to us.
Koharu will join superior DreAca 2.0

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I can't believe it's almost here
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I can't wait to stir up the pot!
This and the cream jokes are already old and the season hasn't even started.
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Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!

Succubus-sensei's VA is top notch.
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Underrated seiyuu ever since she got married
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I've only seen one or two episodes of DxD but from what I remember she was okay there
Is this your second anime, Hiyocchi is literally the most heavily used seiyuu of the last couple years

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Come on in and draw something for your fellow anons
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Requesting anything cute with my waifu.
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Requesting Kanna using the Makankosappo/Special Beam Cannon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVckuF7E_mw
Patchouli milking herself for milk tea please.

I'm really liking the kyoani anime, but it feels a bit different from the manga (which I started reading after the anime heh)
I mean, the manga is nowhere as cutesy and fluffy like the anime. Kobayashi is even more of lifeless wageslave in the manga.
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fuck kyoani
I love KyoAni's style when they are not using the Intagram filter.
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Healing is fine too

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Tsuneki is the new navel goddess
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What did they mean by this?

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Read the guide

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Sorry to start off with a nooby question, but my December amiami order is delayed. Is there a way to combine it with my January order? I've tried using the site's combine feature on my account page, but it doesn't seem to be working for this.

I'm a bit gun shy about emailing more esoteric questions to amiami's support after seeing that guy's order got canceled when he emailed them to praise them or whatever.
She gets too many fantastic figures for how shitty she is.
I know, I consider myself to have incredibly shit taste, but I still can't get into Miku. I just don't get how popular she is.

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Best girl
Prove me wrong.
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>Prove me wrong.
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>S-S-Stop this!
>You're making us all commit thought crimes!
>Visualizing this smut and filth!
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How is that proving anything ?

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Reminder Oda will redeem the 3 brothers.
Reminder Ichiji is stronger than Luffy.
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First for best girl and best couple!
So what if Ichiji is stronger than Luffy? Boa Hancock's stronger than Luffy and no one cares.
Those haircolors aren't so bad when they aren't wearing retarded clothes

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