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If Japan is happy about Hollywood GitS, why aren't you?
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Japan's taste is shit, you should know this by now.
Because the nips are documented to have shit taste.
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>I know them Japanese cartoons better than native Japanese!!!!

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Which girls prefer it up the ass
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up the bum no babies.
Sounds perfect
Why would any of the monogatari girls not be on the pill?

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So Elfen Lied just destroyed me internally. I never knew that an anime could strike my feels so hard.
Did this anime do that to anyone else?
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>Elfen Lied
Fuck off, newfag. Most of us grew out of this shit when we turned fifteen.
Are you the same guy false flagging in the Konosuba thread?
what do you recommend then? SAO? Lol

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>Highest grossing anime movie
>nominated for multiple oscars
>absolutely BTFO Overrated Away

Miyazaki on literal suicide watch

>romance beated deep plots about nature and humanity
how will he ever recover
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He's retired anon, he doesn't have to recover.
>No Oscar nomination
When you're up against talking anthropomorphic, endearing animals Made by Disney. Culturally enriching story of adventure, growth and friendship Made by Disney and Seth Rogan as a Sausage, you have no hope.

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>mc is weaker than the main girl
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But that is fine and enjoyable as long as it doesn't devolve into
>but *I* should be the one to protect *you*
Fucking shirou
Kek but doesn't it usually?

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Could Yui ever support a harem plan?
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Yui will never support that fucking plan
I guess she's all about the monogamy.
Even Nana would be okay with a harem before her.
As long as gets to bear Rito's firstborn

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New thread, new chapters.

Today I'll be dumping Chapter 10 (aka Vol. 1 pages 89-96) and Chapter 11 (aka Vol. 1 pages 97-104), because Chapter 10 has no dialogue.
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Building No. 10
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Box: Building Blocks
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> Door: *Click SFX*

> *firm grab SFX*

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I unironically loved this show
I hate how quiet they said it. It was disappointing to listen to.
watched it a while ago, thought it was funny, all around decent

Just checking but this shit is dead now right?
Flip flappers threads are over and there's no more?
I don't think I got the memo but there wasn't a thread so i just assumed.
Oh by the way this isn't a flip flappers thread it's actually just a LWA thread but i also wanted to get info on the state of flip flappers
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A Flip Flap thread just died, they had a good run but I guess this it
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It was a good run. Let it die.
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Ok so it's over.
Just one last thing.
This was the official Best Girl right?

Why do people like Gabriel?
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I believe in God Almighty so I naturally believe in one of his Angels
She's cute and fluffy I guess, nothing wrong with that.
The problem only arises when you say you like her more than Satania or Vigne.
because prone-boning her when she is trying to healslut and hearing her attempts at stifling her cute squeals sounds like fun

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Tomo chan anime when?
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when Misuzu becomes MC because she's objectively the best character
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misuzu pencil.png
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she is my favorite
When kyoani picks it up.

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Do you like lovecraft nee-sans?
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I bet Lovecraft would be more terrified of this chick than of personally meeting one of his own creations.
He only touched his wife through her clothes.
I don't see why this is a bad thing. Whatever else she is, she is a neesan.
>I don't see why this is a bad thing.
When did I ever imply such a thing?

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Is Shinka what boys want in a girl?
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She's what I want in a boy.
Shinka is what girls AND guys want in a girl.
Noway, I dislike her 3d personality.

I'm kind of disgustingly late, but I've been thinking about Madoka for a while. And I realized it's kind of trash?

It's not so bad it offends me or anything. And it looks really cool. But it's hailed as this amazing work with deep meaning and amazing plot, when it's mediocre at best. It's just the edgiest magical girl show, or at least the most obviously apparent edgy magical girl show, with nice action scenes, so people who normally wouldn't give magical girl shows the time of day decided to watch it, and assumed that it said jack shit about magical girl shows.

Is this just common knowledge? What's the stance on Madoka on /a/?
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I think it suffered from having a poor mc, which is a pretty big deal, but if you can get past that (which I did), it's pretty enjoyable.
There's a couple of plot holes but I don't think it's anything you can't fix yourself by thinking through it.
>It's just the edgiest magical girl show,
You need to watch more magical girl shows.
Immediately after that, I said that it's at least the most obviously apparent edgy magical girl show.

I think plenty of magical girl shows are edgier, but Madoka went full edge immediately.

I enjoyed watching it, but it's pure schlock. It's best not to think about it, and just enjoy the cool shit on screen.

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