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How would you describe this character?
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Kyon but well written.
A little fluffy, a little stuffy
Brown color scheme.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.
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How are you this fast literally every single time

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Member Beyblade?
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That's not a real Beyblade.
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How about this one?

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What are some theories you have about the destinies of some of the characters?
Bonus points for characters that aren't Guts, Caska or Griffith

Do you think Miura's style will improve again?
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Do you think Rickert will be the one to ruin things for Griffith?

I think after that slap, Griffith certainly fears that. There's little doubt in my mind that he did send Rakshas to kill him.
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O-okay.. No Berserk thread tonight..
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>Not realizing that this latest hiatus is so Miura can master digital art and reach his conviction level again and he will comeback with 4 finished volumes that cover Skull Knight's backstory

Are you guys even paying attention?

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Why is she so perfect, /a/?
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I don't think she's perfect.
she's beyond perfect.
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Why was Dezaki consistently able to produce top-tier girls?

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My friend who is a highly esteemed film student and scholar of animation believes these are the two best pieces of commercial Japanese animation from 2015 and 2016 respectively. Would you agree?
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I haven't watched the second yet.
Miss Hokusai is excellent
>a highly esteemed film student
Blogging on youtube does not make you highly esteemed.

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>tfw that one doujin finally got scanned
What's her name /a/?
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What doujin are you talking about anon?

Cute girl from the pic you posted is Fujiwara from Kaguya wants to be confessed to

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You are a kid and a lady with green hair invites you to a walk with her.

Would you agree?
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i was a stupid kid so probobally
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>no shota Lelouch onee-san CC doujins
Why is life suffering?
Yes If she offers me candy

do NOT sexualize the Keions
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I can't help it.
I'm going to bury my face in Azusa's armpits!
there is NOTHING sexual about this image.

they are cute girls at the pool helping their friend take off her shirt so they can go play in the pool.

end of story

What do yall think of the ED?

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Garbage, just like the show.
Best of the season, just like the show.
Neutral, just like the show.

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>SAO series still continues
>I'll write one more big arc

The Ride Never Ends.
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SAO will never die.
It really went downhill after Munsu died.
Why do Japs have such shit taste in anime?

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Not much happening today
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[TN: Title is 'departure']

Yoshinaga Noriko
Year 2 class 4 Wind instrument club. Takano-san's best friend. She's secretly cheering for Takano-san and Sugawara-kun's relationship.

"Riiiing!! Riiiing!!"

"Nnahh? Who...?"
"It's me. Onizuka"

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Today's the start of the school trip.
"I'm heading out"

"Be careful, onii-chan!! Especially for that woman!!"

"Be careful, huh..."
"What's Minagawa-san gonna do?"

"I don't know...!!"

It's Toujou-san.
I should try calling her out.
But I might be bothering her in the morning...

We were able to talk recently...
"Morning, Toujou-san!!"

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So biiiig

"Oh man..."
"I'm so excited for this"
"I get you"

"So like when this happens,"
"There's music flowing in your head, right?"
"I get you"

"So like the music playing in my head now"
"Is like han-han-hahahahahaaaan"
"What the?"
"I dunno the song name"
"I get you"

"Is my first plane ride"
"Seriously? Me too"
"Same here"

"We're not gonna fall out of the sky, right?"
"Don't say anything sinister there"
"You guys are way too nervous. Haha..."

[Rumbling sfx]

[Screaming sfx]

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>most powerful witch of the last 15 goirllion years
>most self-confident model for young aspiring witches
>decides because of some shit tier reasons to become beta asf

Literally shaking from all of that rage right now. Just hold me, senpaitachi....
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She looks exactly like who needs to be blacked or getting the facial abuse treatment.
is second this
I like Diana the most but I'd rather have sex with Ursula than Diana.

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with garterbelt.png
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Use it wisely
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>Keit-Ai with Garterbelt

How does it work?

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Cool a shuriken, thanks

*slaps that biscuit out of her hand and sits down looking sad*

Get that biscuit out of my face kid...

*stares melancholically into the distance and sighs*
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