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My name is not important... What is important is what I'm going to do. I just fucking hate this world and the human worms feasting on it's carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred... and I always wanted to die violently. This the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can. It's time for me to kill... and it's time for me to die.
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That's nice and all, Tanya. Now put on that dress and smile.
I want official German dubs for Youjo Senki
Nice poem, anon.

I just finished TTGL and I thought it was pretty good, but I feel like I'm missing something. The show felt like it ended after Simon killed the Spiral King, and it kept going after that for no reason. Then after the Anti-Spiral were defeated, it seemed like it was setting itself up for a whole different arc, but ended instead. I didn't watch the movies yet, but I read they were just adaptations of the show.
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congratulations you're smarter than 90% of /a/ in 2007
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It's kind of the theme of the show, about how revolution goes in cycles and how every end is only another beginning.

The Lagann-Hen movie is worth a watch as they basically reanimated the whole thing and changed the ending.
Now watch Parallel Works.
And this thing:

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5 cute facts about maki:

- She's a girl!
- She's a tomato!
- I love her!!!!!
- Maki!!!!!!!!!!!
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made my evening, thank you

>not a single maki on the catalog

Why did it have to end?
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Could've gone for a few more chapters showing them dating openly.
no highschool sex

It started quite quite lewd and then softened to focus on the relationship. Isnt the author an Ecchi artist?

I didnt want it to end...

Also; anime adaption when?

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Why is this show so boring /a/?
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Because the other girls bring it down. Satania should do a truly devilish deed, and kill all the other girls and make it The Satania Show.
Because you have shit taste.
Because it's very repetitive
>haha gab said something snarky with a deadpan expression
>haha raphiel predictably bullied someone with a happy expression
>haha what's her name acted like a generic and annoying straight man
90% of the jokes
Satania is the only saving grace of this show.

Why do people like this disney shit? This is not true anime
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No one likes it outside its circlejerk tho
Because they secretly want anime to become more westernized.
>not true anime

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What was their best work?
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I seriously couldn't believe it was them.
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There's only one good answer to that.

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>KyoAnifags kept harping about Koe no Katachi
>Sakugafags kept circlejerking about Naoko Yamada
>She doesn't get anything

Well what now?
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Maybe next time?

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What is the worst anime /a/? Pic related
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this is gonna be good.

>"b-but i love funny middle school sex jokes! y-you just hate fun!!"
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smug 3.jpg
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Whatever your favorite anime is.
This garbage

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Is it bad that I first read it like that?

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I hope that Anna gives Ayame what she deserves.
Bloody prude needs to be Anna'd.
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I wish that happened too but life ain't fair.

People like Anna need to know pain in order to become proper people is what the author believes in. People who can't have healthy relationships cannot be loved; only tolerated when they live life correctly
How? she's dead, anon
So in the show, Anna's mom wanted to make these new underpants mandatory for all kids and they would monitor arousal levels 24/7 to ensure no kid is sexually excited. I guess it makes sense for guys, there can be some sort of boner detector that works on a pressure sensor, but how would that work for girls?

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>Attractive character design
>Relatively strong for her role
>Feels genuine love for Sasuke, and actually helped him
>Literally did nothing wrong in her youth
>Amusing character on-screen
>Possesses strong, hidden ability
>Intelligent and clever, as well as resourceful
>Actually did something useful in the Fourth Shinobi World War
I don't get it, /a/, why is Karin such a hated character? Pic unrelated
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i like karin too OP
We should be friends, anon
>genuine love for Sasuke
Yeah, right

ITT: Shows you would go back in time to wipe from existence if you could for the greater good.
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I would do it for /a/.
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Why are guys so triggered by shows for girls?

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>Isekai story where the MC was already exceptional in her original world
What exactly is the point of doing this?
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It couldn't possibly be the name at the top of the image.

What about an Isekai story where the main character is an amateur magician, is summoned somehow to another world. mistaken for the chosen one because of his talents which he uses to earn money and fame? Meanwhile the real Chosen One shows up, is pissed they aren't getting the fame and decides to release a dragon to kill him and the entire city.

File: kuzu no honkai.webm (3MB, 720x404px)Image search: [Google]
kuzu no honkai.webm
3MB, 720x404px
>tfw no cute girlfriend to do this with.
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Is this rape?
just keep browsing image boards im sure it will help
btw give sauce
Only on California college campuses

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