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Fuck you guys. You faggots lied to me you said part 5 was the worst.
>Best Fights
>Best Stands
>Best Jojo
>Best Fashion
How the fuck is this the worst again?
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>How the fuck is this the worst again?
It never was. It was either animeonlies who never even read that part but wanted to fit in, or people who read the original English translation which was god fucking awful.

The only Parts better than 5 are 7, 8 and 2.
Hello my nigga. How are you today?
4 is better than 5. I'm still let down over Diavolo

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Which idol would you [email protected]?
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And only with the wetsuit on.
Yayoi my pure waifu.
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The forehead.

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4 hours to go

Ep 3 "New Life Begins! (Of Course It Doesn't Go Well!)"
Script/Storyboard: Yasuhiro Takemoto
Episode Director: Noriyuki Kitanohara
Animation Director: Kohei Okamura
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Where is the episode preview, i looked eveywhere and can't find it.
At the end of the 2nd episode.
So you can eat more of it.

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>Piccolo:"N-NANI !?!?!"

>Gohan:"K-K-KONO SUGATA ..."

>Kuririn:"B-BAKANA !"


>Goku: "haa...Densetsu no Super-Saiyajin ... (Broly flashback) ... mitai dana."

this will happen.
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>brolyfags reaction when Goku responds to Girly's transformation with "wow I've never seen anything like that before!"
Why isn't Monaka in the tournament? Goku is eager to see him again and him missing in the tournament will make Goku get suspicious and probably unmotivated

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So, since about one half of the readers on /a/ are going to drop the series tomorrow after the next chapter comes out...

let's remembering good old days!

What was your favorite BnHA arc when it was still good?
You can vote for up to four options!
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Sports Festival was the most exciting one.
I don't remember a time when BnHA was good.

At the start it was rushed as fuck and everyone excused the poor writing with "It's because the author doesn't want to be cancelled early". That's logic, but even now things haven't gotten better.

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>Little Witch Academia
>0 results

What the fuck? Lets fix that
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/v/ is leaking.
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Only other thread seemed kinda bait-y so good to have a real one.
How to spot a crossboarder: the OP

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So, the mayo chapter is getting adapted by the arc 2 manga artist:


Apparently when he first meet the person responsible for the serialization he personally requested to be able to do this chapter so he could draw Rem's smile.
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Nice comicbook
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Rem is so cute
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Cheeky Oni.png
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Read the guide

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Why was Cao Bin shafted?

Was he originally meant to play a more major role?

Why wasn't he in China with Guang Hong?

He clearly has a established character design and still competed in the current GPF; why was he the only character not to be explicitly mentioned/animated?

Does anyone have the old promo sketch where Cao Bin is in the background?
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Cao Bin's revenge for S2
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Who do you want in s2
Definitely Medo-chan and Johnny Weir. Joe Johnson would be a funny addition too, though not sure how he's fit in with men's singles. Who's the guy from the same country as Otabek again?

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Now with 200% more yay
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>people STILL think Ursula-sensei is Shiny Chariot
>Ursula-sensei is socially inept and everyone hates her
>Shiny Chariot is confident and beloved by everyone
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I don't think /a/ will survive the AMA.
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Who is the best JoJo and why is it Joshu~~

In other news, what the fuck is Jobin even doing? I can't wait for a flashback chapter to clear all these holes up.
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Gappy makes me happy
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brown goddess of destruction edition
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i wanna marry her.

>underrated potential waifu edition
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>hur hur no matter if he trains for 10 years or if he receive zenkais, Trunks having a base form four times stronger than Goku's if the plot demand it is impossible

People totally forgot how DB works

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Text spoilers in 6 hours.
Post predictions.
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First page is out
>autism over a characters skin tone.
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>Post predictions.
Oda skips Brook again

The Sun is the best idle.
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How is one supposed to have a discussion when you start the thread by posting absolute perfection?
I want to fuck Lala.
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There are people on this board right now that would bully Akko.
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Thought I´d make it a little more compact and colorful
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>When your roommates are an autistic retard and a drug addict

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