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What other characters can be improved by doing this?
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all of them
All of them
All of them.

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I forgot this had an anime. Is it any good?
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These things never are.

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Do you think Anno can ever return to his former glory?
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No, although, Godzilla was good.
did you see the new godzilla
Not yet but I doubt it is Eva tier.

Bek bek bek.
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go to sleep fairy
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Hey /a/ What are they dancing to?

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What is even the point of Rikka?
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To increase your internal inherent desire to bully chuuni.
shes a qt
to be yuuta's cum dumpster when shinka is pregnant

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Do you think there would have been support enough for the Goldenbaum dynasty after Rhinehard's death, would it ever be possible for a movement led by an ancestor of Erwin Josef to reinstate the old monarchy and completely undo what Rhinehard spent his entire life doing while reviving the Goldenbaum name?
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An ancestor???

But yes, that's explicitly the reason why Yang and his friends supported democracy: Because even though they liked and trusted Reinhard, they couldn't trust anybody coming after Reinhard. Anyone could take power, anything could happen.
Only solution is to develop immortality and have Reinhard rule forever.
Now I want a LOGH sequel where a crazy scientist builds an android to keep Rhinehard's ideals alive

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What the fuck is this abomination?
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Best show of the season with best artstyle
Why is the word "Dry" in quotation marks?
A show better than LWA.

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Was it autism?
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S4 never
Oh yes, autism might be an overused word on this side, but he certainly had a severe case of autism.
Seeing Sousuke spill his spaghetti is the best.

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I want to see her get NTR'd.
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Fuck off faggot.
Just wait till the ending, she'll get NTR'd alright.
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Fuck off cunt

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No, sorry.
That's icky, OP.

/a/ has already accepted that Milly is vastly superior, right?
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Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but wasn't Lelouch's loser classmate pining over this girl like a puppy?

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>Akko is a dog
>Sucy is an ugly fume smoker
>Ursula is used goods

Diana wins again.
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Where's the LWA butt worship art? Do I have to pay someone to make fap material for me?
Witches are not for lewd.
Akko is a cute puppy and Ursula wears black lace panties, I see no problems there

Diana is still best though.

Why do people hate her so much?
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cos she literally has no personality and just exists for tits
OP as fuck and still manages to be horrible.
Made for breeding by black men.

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>Aliens all of a sudden
What was meant by this?
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It was symbolic of how we've been becoming detached from each-other through the use of the Internet

It was the represent how inhuman Lain was becoming

Aliens created the Internet

ayy lmao

It was to show how Lain's perceptions of the real world were becoming distorted through too much time inside on the net.

I dunno, choose one.
This fucking scene is the only time an anime has literally scared me.

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Izumi is such a fantastic girl. I'm glad she managed to make it through without dying - she threw up a lot of flags in that last episode, but she managed to pull through anyway.

I especially liked the ending, where everyone realized what a terrible character Mei was, so Sakakibara decided to hook up with Izumi. The last scene, where the two of them kissed on the ferris wheel, looking down at the town was really romantic. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who teared up a little bit.

Izumi simply gets things done. She's a girl who has the lives of all of her classmates riding on her shoulders. She carries that weight and won't let it break her. She values the lives of other people - she cares about what happens to them, and as they start dying, the knowledge that she's partially responsible starts to build up on her shoulders. But does she give up? No way. She just keeps going along, trying not to crack under the pressure.

This comes as a contrast to Mei, who, when Sakakibara talked to her, decided to talk back, dooming her classmates to a horrible death. She even knew who the extra was all along, but rather than say anything, she decided to let even more people die. In the end, the only reason she bothered to go stop the extra is because her classmates finally decided to kill her; she might not care if other people died, but once her life was in danger, then she'll do something about it. She's selfish and a sociopath.

Izumi however, didn't hesitate. She went to kill the extra when she (thought) she knew who it was. She wasn't going to let anybody else die. She's smart, beautiful, nice and mature. And to top it all off, she's a god damned hero.

She's a fantastic girl. And I for one am very glad that, rather than dying a senseless death in the last episode, she instead survived and hooked up with Sakakibara. She earned that little slice of happiness.
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haven't seen this pasta in a while
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Akazawa Izumi - 15.jpg
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I'm posting it every now and then.
The fuck?
Did you even watch the show? She died painfully, impaled by crystal shards

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