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Who is best girl?
Who is best boy?
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Objectively, best girl is Morgiana.
For best boy, it's debatable.
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>Objectively, best girl is Morgiana.
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No one gets off Yoshitoki Ōima's wild ride
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Seriously, what did she mean by this?
March was a bit annoying at times but damn that hit hard.

Seems this is getting an English release under "To Your Eternity" by Kodansha on a chapter basis.

I do like how the "sacrifice person just so the village can have some ease of mind" trope was subverted here and how that could possibly make me sympathize with the antagonists a bit but in the end they were they scum so welp.

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>has a huge harem of hot women who want his dick
>doesn't fuck any of them
>is generally a whiny bitch
>waaahhhh harem are shit MC never fucks his harem

>has a huge harem of women who want his dick
>actually gives them all the dick on a regular basis
>BTFOs people who try to stop him
>waaaahhh this is a wish fulfillment power fantasy

So which is it /a/?
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Aur's entire character is either "keikaku" or "sex"
So exactly what a harem MC should be?
Why do you care about what haters said?

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Post heartbreaking scenes
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why is this allowed.jpg
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heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time
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Kyouko is a good girl... she doesn't steal for food, because stealing is a sin and is therefore against God.
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If magical girl bodies have reduced sensitivity to pain, does that mean they also have reduced sensitivity to pleasure through sex?
Sex outside of marriage is a sin against G-d!
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How many times are you going to make the same exact thread?

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About time.
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I didn't think I would like this as much as I did. You?
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i only got to episode 15 or 16 something like that. It was too painful to watch. Main character kept being the biggest piece of shit and i couldnt stand it so i dropped it.
I knew I would love it but I didn't know that I would feel as bad as I did when it was over.
It pissed me off too, I've never seen a show with a MC so anti-hero. Also, the writing made it so the audience craved for something good to happen but they kept pushing the bowl away

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>not nominated 版
Who /stilllovesitandwaitpatientlyforspinoffLN/ here?
Also, Mitsuha a cute.
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b-but the japs don't care, a-academy awards suck anyways! lol overhyped garbage.
What are you doing?
It will be out next month (in Thai language). Can't wait to see how Taki took an interest in Mitsuha in detail.

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Tsutomu Nihei new series will start in March.
Doll land
On a freezing planet Aposimz begins the endless adventure and battle.
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Pic is from pilot version
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The oneshot got serialized? Nice.
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Oh wait a fucking moment. Wasn't Aposimz the last colony ship Sidonia had contact with?

Just how can Aoko even hope to compete against Scathach?
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Breeding with Sensei!
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Why would you ruin her fantastic body with a brat?
She already has kids, anon. Cu fucker her too.

Is Hand Shakers an art house anime?
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bigger eye cancer than K
K was kino.
At least they have the balls to try different things, without the eccentric art direction this shit would be as generic as it gets.

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>villain becomes the love interest
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I always like it when a female villain is turned good via dick power.
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Maou Hero baby photo.jpg
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>Hero becomes the Villain's love Interest
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But that's what made AgK shit.

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every single day.png
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I'm going to post this everyday until Trigger likes it.
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>trip fag
this meme needs to die
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>tfw the gun community is going full upotte

this was at SHOT show, the biggest gun convention in the US.
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bit late there, mate.

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>tfw you will never grow up in 90's Japan and participate in illegal street races with your dad's pristine AE86 with an aftermarket Toyota racing engine redlining at 11k rpm.
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nobody ever did, so dont feel bad.

How do you know?


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