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do NOT shitpost
When does it come out?
Ursula is my wife

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ITT: Those we couldn't save.
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is that semen on her hair?
Chelsea was the Best Girl at the end
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What were you expecting for the last episode
I wanted it to be like
>Where is Rem?
>Theater D starts playing
>Maximum despair cliffhanger
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Also REM is best girl
Yes I would have preferred that way
It should have ended with "Who is Rem?" and then Theater D starts playing. I agreee. MAXIMUM DESPAIR OVERLOAD!

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This is your Legendary Super Saiyan tonight.
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Launch could totally gun Chichi down.
Goku survived a shot, point blank from Bulma, to the face, cause he's a Saiyan.
Roshi and Krillin were spared when Launch sneezed back into good Launch,

Arale is for hugs.
I said something similar in the last thread. I think they are trollin

subs soon
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Post lewd
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these threads are fucked

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Chapters out

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The motherfucking flower better just be some ornamental or preservation technique, hope they don't ruin that shit with it being a soul catcher/reaper or some silly gimmick.
Shit man, is Naomi Misora all over again, but at least Krone could leave a game breaker clue for the kids.
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We will get a deredere Shiho in Final, mark my words. She'll be blushing and smiling and receiving hugs from Tsuneo while acting like a schoolgirl herself.
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>deleted again
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what on earth is going on recently
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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

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So in addition to the OVA bundled with the 13th Volume releasing April 4th, the 14th Volume of BnHA will have another OVA written by Hori packaged alongside it.

What was the 13th Volume OVA about, anyways? I understand that it was shown at a convention or something...
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it was about baconface getting raped by All Might (masked), completely humiliated and emasculated

he had to be saved by bakugo the bakuwinner and grapes
Another fucking OAD? When will they stop?
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Mineta has the best face

when will this alishafaggotry stop
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What is wrong with that? She is cool. No one really stand out in this anime besides the loli, fire spirit, Rose and Alisha to an extent.
More like, when will the show stop sucking Rose's cock, jesus.
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She will get married to Sorey in the anime cause UFO learned Waifu shilling from Nasu

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wtf can't animation studios even afford good pencils anymore?

the lines are all broken, they cant even draw thourougly. sasuga QUALITY
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this looks like someone put it through waifu2x
I hate this. O;9 was full of it too
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Am i the only one who fucking loves this art style?

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>Youjo Senki 10k
>KonoSuba2 7k
>Demi-chan 5k
>LWA 5k
>BanG Dream 4k
>ACCA 4k
>Gabriel Dropout 3k
>Marginal Kiss 3k
>Maidragon 2k
>Kuzu no Honkai 1k

Do you think the industry can survive long with these sales?
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Hopefully no.
>Kuzu no Honkai 1k
>only 1k
Keep telling yourself that.
They can jump to the fujo boat and sell get a shot at selling 65k

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Poor Krillin. Even his daughter is starting to bully him.
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Krillin's a jobber. He was a jobber from the start and will always remain one.

It's really annoying to watch them wave around other characters like they're going to matter again just to have them fail and have Goku save the day again. I mean I don't expect incredible writing, but Jesus.
they were right though
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What was the fucking point of this character again?
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To make cute noises
Chicken tenders
You're beyond help if you can't figure that out.

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Is there a character in existence that combines attractiveness, bishoujo and tomboyism better than Bellows? She's the complete package.
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Scavenge all day and belly dance all night
Well depending on your taste there's this beauty right here, who I though was best girl at all times.
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This is now Saaya thread

Relax and take it easy.
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Good morning, requesting please Orihime working as a teacher, climbing a tree, or wearing gym clothes and doing some stretches or push-ups. Anything else cute of her is good too, thank you.
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

Would love to see her wearing hoodie (with hood down), skirt, and preferably some pantyhose/thighhighs.

Or her as one of these various kinds of schoolgirls:

Or wearing cute plaid underwear.

Anything else cute is also fine, especially cute winter stuff.

Please and thank you!
I'd like to request Dolce dressed in Kat's outfit from Gravity Rush 2.
Another idea could be her looking sleepy while sitting at a desk.
Nevertheless though I'd love anything with her.
Hope you all had a great weekend.

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